5 best browsers for users that open lots of tabs [FRESH LIST]

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by Matthew Adams
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  • Opening lots of pages can consume your system resources as well as slowing down your browsing.
  • Using browsers with great tab management options and management extensions would help a lot.
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the best browser for lots of/multiple tabs
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Tabbed browsing enables users to open multiple webpages within a browser.

However, opening lots of page tabs consumes more system resources and can slow down browsing speed.

Using a browser that offers more optimization features would be a better idea.

The best browser for opening multiple pages so that users can organize their webpages should include numerous built-in tab management options and have lots of tab management extensions for users to organize pages more efficiently.

These are the best Windows browsers for opening lots of tabs without being a burden on your system’s resources.

What are the best browsers for multitab management that I can use?


Opera includes some advanced tab management options and features that users won’t find in most alternative browsers.

You can easily organize your tab groups according to their use, which will make navigating through your browsing history so much easier. It’s clean and simple.

The browser even allows you to choose specific icons for each workspace and if at any moment one of the workspaces becomes unnecessary you can simply delete it.

This browser includes a tab menu that displays recently closed pages, all open tabs, and expanded thumbnail previews of each selected page. Users can cycle through tabs with the browser’s Ctrl + Tab hotkey.

Opera also includes a Task Manager that shows users the level of system resource utilization for each tab and add-on, which is a good tab management feature.



Keep your work organized with Opera's amazing workspace option that allows you to manage your tabs and create distinct groups for them.

UR browser

UR is a new Chromium browser that’s similar to Chrome in terms of UI design and tab management.

The browser’s tab context menu includes exactly the same options as Chrome for pinning, duplicating, and bookmarking tabs, which are handy page options.

One of the best things about the UR browser, however, is that its users can tap into Chrome’s vast tab management extension repository. Thus, UR users can utilize all the best Chrome extensions for tab management.

Furthermore, we can’t skip on mentioning the main focus of UR Browser which is privacy.

But what makes the difference with UR Browser is that trackers and annoying cookies won’t bother you in any of them.

The built-in VPN will keep you anonymous, albeit you’ll sacrifice a bit of bandwidth speed when using it. Thanks to great built-in privacy features, page loading beats the competition without much of a fight.

There are no ads and other scripts loading in the background on webpages, which reduces the loading time substantially.



UR is a reliable browser with great design and tab management that allows you to organize all your tabs better and navigate easier through the Internet.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the browser of choice for many, but it lacks some of the built-in tab management features and options found in a few alternative browsers.

Nevertheless, Chrome’s great tab management extensions make up for that and ensure it remains among the best browsers for opening lots of pages.

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Extensions such as OneTab, TabsOutliner, Group Your Tabs, and The Great Suspender enable users to organize and temporarily suspend inactive Chrome tabs.

Using these extensions reduces the impact on your system resources. Thus, those extensions give Chrome’s tab management a notable boost.

Get Google Chrome


Mozilla Firefox is a more system resource efficient browser than Chrome when it comes to having multiple page tabs open. Mozilla claims Fox utilizes 30% less RAM than Chrome on Windows 10. Thus, Firefox is among the best browsers for PCs with lower system specifications.

Although Firefox has lost a few notable tab management features, such as Tab Groups (Panorama), it still includes some handy built-in tab management options. Mozilla users can pin tabs and send tabs to synced devices.

The browser includes a Ctrl+Tab key combination that enables users to switch between tabs. Users can configure the browser to show thumbnail previews for all opened tabs on the Windows taskbar.

There are also plenty of decent tab management add-ons for Firefox. The users can group and organize pages with Simple Tab Groups, OneTab, and Panorama Tab Groups.

Furthermore, users can also add tab sidebars to Mozilla with the Vertical Tabs Reloaded and Sidebar Tabs add-ons.

Get Mozilla Firefox


Vivaldi incorporates some of the best tab management options and features of any browser. For starters, its Tab Stacks feature enables users to group tabs together by dragging them over each other, which is an option more browsers really should include.

Users can view multiple pages in the same window with Vivaldi’s Tab Tiling. The browser displays thumbnail previews for tabs when users hover cursors over them.

Selecting the browser’s Hibernate Background Tabs option suspends pages to preserve RAM. Furthermore, Vivaldi users can search open tabs via the Quick Commands menu.

Vivaldi users don’t really need any tab management extensions. This browser is also a Chromium browser. Users can still add plenty of additional tab management add-ons to the browser from Chrome’s extension repository.

Get Vivaldi

These are five browsers with some great extensions and built-in options for tab management. Let us know in the comments section which one you liked.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in June 2019 and has been since revamped and updated in July 2020 for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.

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Editor's Note: This article was originally published in June 2019 and was revamped and updated in October 2020 for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.