LastPass does not recognize this device? Try these methods

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  • LastPass is a great tool, especially if you need a good and reliable password manager.
  • Despite being constantly updated by the developers, there are still occasional bugs and errors.
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how to fix LastPass does not recognize this device

Many users complained about constantly receiving the LastPass does not recognize this device or you are at a new location. Please check your email to grant access to your new device or location error.

It just seems that you first need to authorize the device when logging in from a new IP.

Things get complicated when you try to find that email you’re eagerly waiting for. You’ve probably looked everywhere, including spam. There’s literally no received email to help you follow any further instructions.

The even stranger thing is that others see this warning even though they’re at the same location, on the same computer. LastPass also shows ridiculous locations, and it continues to prompt users with such messages.

Are you in a dilemma about how to tackle this issue too? If you would like some help, see the easy solutions below.

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What can I do if LastPass does not recognize this device?

1. Check your security email addressSecurity check on LastPass does not recognize this device

Many users prefer to safeguard their account by adding a secondary security email address. Security notifications are directed there in case your primary account email address is compromised.

Therefore, if you have added a security email address to your account, you should better check that inbox first. If you don’t have such an email, all notifications should go to your primary address.

2. Add LastPass to your email filter’s whitelist

LastPass email filter whitelist

It often happens that emails are being blocked or sent to the Junk folder. Blame LastPass for their spammy looking content emails for as long as you’d like. This will serve you no good.

To ensure it doesn’t keep on happening to you, just add and as contacts. Also add them to your email’s filter whitelist. After that, prompt LastPass again to send you a new email.

Forgot your Windows 10 Admin password? Here’s what to do.

3. Try to disable email loop confirmation

LastPass email confirmation

  1. Go to My Vault > Account Settings > General (tab).
  2. Click Show Advanced > Security section.
  3. Disable the option that says Email Verification: Skip email verification of unknown devices and locations.
  4. In case of finding it already checked, uncheck it.
  5. Try again to log in.
  6. You might now see the same error, but go on and check it again.

Switching back and forth between the inbox and spam folders for hours is ridiculous. The email verification often delays, yet it does eventually arrive for some.

If you’re still in the unfortunate situation of not getting it, try to disable email loop confirmation when logging in from a new device or new location. Follow the path described above.

This clearly doesn’t address the fact that the Email Verification feature is broken. Call it a bug, a glitch, or just poor programming, this is a major problem against comfortably using LastPass.

Verifying the access to your LastPass account by clicking a verification link that is sent to your email address, should be a very easy step to do.

For any more questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to reach for the comments section below.

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