8 Best Email Finder Software [2022 Guide]

Perfect tools to boost reach and engagement

by Milan Stanojevic
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  • Email finder software, aka email extractor software, is incredibly useful when contacting someone.
  • We've compiled a list of the best services in the business, looked over their features, and considered the pros, cons, and pricing.
  • That way, you can make a more informed choice when deciding which one is perfect for you.
best email finder software for Windows

Email is still a crucial method of reaching and communicating in this day and age, even with the existence of social media and other newer forms of getting in touch. And an email finder software would provide you with the perfect start.

One simple email can open up a plethora of opportunities or even new business – small or big – as you quickly and easily email a contact with an inquiry, prospecting, sales, or other information. So, if you plan on using one, here are the best email finder software tools to use today!

What is the best email finding software?

GrowMeOrganic – Simply the best

GrowMeOrganic is an all-in-one sales prospecting and cold outreach platform. Unlike other tools, GrowMeOrganic offers unlimited credits on all its features. With GrowMeOrganic, you can find emails of your potential customers from platforms like Linkedin, Google My Business and a pre-built database of 575M+ verified professionals and over 30M+ Companies.

GrowMeOrganic provides a number of features that are quite beneficial for your email marketing services or campaigns. It can also be used to extract emails from LinkedIn and Business contacts. The perfect application that is most beneficial is used for marketing, business, and email automation. 

To prevent bounces, every email is SMTP validated. Real-time email id generation ensures the highest level of accuracy, up to 99%. Using this email lookup tool, you may search this database and discover and confirm your prospect’s contact details, such as email addresses, phone numbers, and other profile information

In order to personalize and schedule follow-ups, send cold email campaigns. The software is used by small, medium-sized, and large businesses.  GrowMeOrganic is great for specialized searches, and it also allows mass searches and bulk exports. Simply enter a company’s URL into the tool to start using, and it will return a list of emails that are associated with that business.

You can simplify your searches with the help of a Chrome extension. You can hunt up email addresses using GrowMeOrganic by entering a person’s full name and the URL or name of the organization where they are employed. Also, you can type the right keyword on the LinkedIn platform to get the contact detail of your prospect. Using the 14 days free trial period, you’ll get an entire overview of the dashboard of GrowMeOrganic.

The price range varies from Basic Starter pack, $39 per month, Intermediate and StartupGrowth pack, $79 per month (unlimited credits), Mega and expert Pro pack, $159 per month (unlimited credits).


If you’re looking for professional email finder software, GrowMeOrganic is the best choice.

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Hunter – Quick and straightforward

hunter email finder software

Hunter, previously Email Hunter, is a popular email finder software that lets you find and access a person’s email address in the simplest way possible.

This tool crawls the interwebs to find any information that is publicly available, whether they’re emails or other contact information, and stores it, then inspects domains of the identified target.

The finder then returns to the database and matches your search with the closest pattern to what is mostly used by the company and also undergoes the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol to verify that it is a legitimate email address.

Hunter also has a Chrome extension to help you find a specific email address and gives you a confidence score on the same, relating to the information that’s publicly available on the email of the domain you’re comparing with.

It shows the sources of the data that is available on the web and allows you to find another person from the same company with the strongest used pattern.

Features include an email verifier, bulk search, add-on for Google sheets, connection to apps such as Zapier, Hubspot, Zoho, and Pipe Drive, among other mail trackers which show who opens your emails, and 150 free trial credits for monthly searches.

It is fast, simple, easy to use, and good for domain-specific emails, but its free use is limited, and it is also not useful when searching for personal email addresses from providers like Gmail, Yahoo, and others.


Hunter is a complex email finder but it’s also one of the easiest ones to use. It’s also extremely fast and effective.

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LeadGibbon – Everything available in one click

LeadGibbon email finder software

This email finder software helps you find verified email addresses in just one click. The process is as simple as running lead searches directly from the Sales Navigator, which lets you search for title, industry, location, company size, or other categories.

Once you find what you need, click the LeadGibbon sidebar and generate verified email addresses.

You can export the data from your search to Google Sheets, complete with the person’s name, title, email, company, location, industry, and much more.

The search process is made possible owing to LeadGibbon’s extension and huge database, which produces the best match (displayed in green signifying a 99 percent probability of being correct), as well as a yellow check mark if it is 75 percent correct.

This software can extract an unlimited number of lead records through the Sales Navigator, so you have everything you need and more, plus send your emails right from the Sales Navigator in real-time.

LeadGibbon uses the default mail app and opens the compose window so you can send the emails to the verified addresses from the search process and get connected to your loads.

However, it is only available for Google Chrome, and it only identifies and provides business email addresses to users, so you cannot get personal email addresses.

The tool lets you save an unlimited number of leads, but the number of emails you can find is limited to your subscription plan, while the number of profiles you can visit daily on the Sales Navigator depends on your account type.


This awesome software is the best and easiest tool to use if you want to find all the needed e-mails.

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Snov.io – Provides every piece of information


Snov.io Email Finder is an awesome Chrome extension that you can use on any platform to increase your database and productivity. And once you register and install the extension, you will get access to all the Email Finder features

For instance, you can use it to get a list of emails by specifying a list of domains. You can upload a list of domains in a CSV file from your computer, and you’re good to go. Snov.io can process up to 20,000 company domains at one time.

You can even find emails by specifying specific search parameters of a company. You can also get complete information on a company, including its location, employee number, and many more.

Do you have a list of URLs of the social profiles of some people and want to get their emails? Snov.io will help you if you upload your CSV or TXT file with the list of links but make sure that the list is under 20.000 entries.

You can use Snov.io to get the emails in bulk if you upload a file with the person’s first name, last name, and domain or URL, or you can collect emails from multiple platforms by searching people by job titles, location, and skills.


Snov.io is one of the most versatile email finder software that you can use right now and you can use it on mostly any platform.

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Rapportive/Sales Navigator – Works flawlessly with Gmail

sales navigator

This is a little but powerful email finder software that works with Gmail and has a Chrome extension.

Once you install it, you can even open a compose window by typing the email in the To field, then send your email in real-time. The active email addresses linked to LinkedIn profiles will be displayed on the right side of the window.

Although this tool will not display suggested email addresses, it can give you hints on email addresses that are not exactly connected to social data, like [email protected], then try typing it into the To field in a new Gmail compose a message, and it may display the message to confirm it is role-based.

If it doesn’t show anything in the right column, it is most likely not valid.

The advantage of Rapportive is that if you know the person you want to reach is on LinkedIn, you can use it as a complementary tool. The downside is it only works with Gmail.

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Lusha – Helps increase engagement

email finder software

This email finder software is not just fast but also personal and gives you professional contact information at your fingertips.

Its Chrome extension enriches your profile with direct contacts such as phone numbers and emails, plus enriching your social network profiles. With Lusha, you can find the right candidates and reach out to them immediately.

It is an efficient way to connect as it saves you time and resources and increases engagement by giving you all the relevant info you need in just one click.

The most challenging engagements are outbound ones, as you need the right contact details and a relevant opening statement, but this tool helps you get productive fast.

It shows you your leads and candidates so you can know them and easily build rapport with them. You can also enrich your salesforce leads seamlessly by adding premium contact and company information from your salesforce account and convert leads much faster.

It also keeps your business profiles updated with verified information and contact details so you can focus on growing your business and customer base.

You also get direct access to contact information and reach the right contact on your first try – every time.

Lusha also reveals complete company profiles such as the logo, company overview, the number of employees, social media profiles, traffic ranking, and much more. Its integration with Zapier lets you empower over 750 different products instantly and automatically.

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FindThat.Email – Allows bulk searching


FindThat.Email is described as the yellow pages of email since it’s so simple to use. To find a specific email, you just need to enter that person’s full name and email domain, and you’re good to go.

This service has its own Chrome extension, and by using it, you can find emails from various social networks.

Another great feature is the bulk email finder, so you can search for email addresses using multiple names, companies, or domains. There’s also an email verifier feature available, so you’ll be sure that you’re finding the correct email every time.

It’s worth mentioning that this service fully works with over 500 online apps thanks to the Zapier. Overall, FindThat.Email is a great service, and you can try it out for free, but if you want to continue using it, you’ll need to purchase a subscription plan.


  • Easy to use
  • Bulk search
  • Chrome extension that works with social networks
  • Compatible with over 500 online apps

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GetEmail.io – Most extensive email finder

get email.io

Topping off our list of best email finders is a software tool that goes way beyond what a typical email extractor does, managing to obtain email addresses even when they aren’t apparently there.

While a lot of email extractors simply perform a type of site crawling to identify entities that they identify as email addresses, GetEmail learns company formats, allowing it to provide you with email addresses of users that aren’t displayed publicly.

The program is 100% web-based, so it can be accessed from anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection, and all identified email addresses will be delivered in the form of CSV files.

The main selling point of the tool is just how much time it can save you, and the fast result display time (mere seconds) is certainly a testimony to that.

If you take into consideration that this can be used by companies to email thousands of people at once, the time saved is huge.

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Did your favorite email finder software make it to the list? Let us know what you use by leaving a comment in the section below.

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