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Email is still a crucial method of reaching and communicating in this day and age, even with the existence of social media and other newer forms of getting in touch.

One simple email can expose you to a world of opportunities, or even new business – small or big – as you quickly and easily email a contact you intend to reach with whatever message it is be it for enquiry, prospecting, sales or other information.

It is also easy to use, and reaches the recipient faster and easily. Among the methods people use to find emails is either quick searches, or using an email finding program.

We checked out some of the best and popular email finder software used by individuals and business people, especially marketers, to finding a person’s email address, whether you met at a networking event with a potential business client or partner, or someone you’re interested in carrying on a conversation with and you forgot to get their contacts.

Here are top 4 email finder software you can use in 2018 to find almost anyone’s email address.

Here are the best email finding software for 2018


LeadGibbon (recommended)


leadgibbon email finder software

This email finder software helps you find verified email addresses in just one click. The process is as simple as running lead searches directly from the Sales Navigator, which lets you search for titles, industry, location, company size or other categories. Once you find what you need, click the LeadGibbon sidebar and generate verified email addresses.

You can export the data from your search to Google Sheets, complete with the person’s name, title, email, company, location, industry and much more.

The search process is made possible owing to LeadGibbon’s extension, and huge database, which produces the best match (displayed in green signifying 99 percent probability of being correct), as well as a yellow check mark if it is 75 percent correct.

This software can extract unlimited number of lead records through the Sales Navigator, so you have everything you need, and more, plus send your emails right from the Sales Navigator, in real time.

LeadGibbon uses the default mail app, and opens the compose window so you can send the emails to the verified addresses from the search process, and get connected to your loads.

However, it is only available for Google Chrome, and it only identifies and provides business email addresses to users, so you cannot get personal email addresses.

The tool lets you save an unlimited number of leads, but, the number of emails you can find is limited to your subscription plan, while the number of profiles you can visit daily on the Sales Navigator depends on your account type.

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email finder software

Hunter, previously Email Hunter, is a popular email finder software that lets you find and access a person’s email address in the simplest way possible.

This tool crawls the interwebs to find any information that is publicly available whether they’re emails or other contact information, and stores it, then inspects domains of the identified target.

The finder then returns to the database and matches your search with the closest pattern to what is mostly used by the company, and also undergoes the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol to verify that it is a legitimate email address.

Hunter also has a Chrome extension to help you find a specific email address, and gives you a confidence score on the same, relating to the information that’s publicly available on the email of the domain you’re comparing with.

It shows the sources of the data that is available in the web, and allows you to find another person from the same company with the strongest used pattern.

Features include an email verifier, bulk search, add-on for Google sheets, connection to apps such as Zapier, Hubspot, Zoho, and Pipe Drive among others, mail tracker that shows you who opens your emails, and 150 free trial credits for monthly searches.

It is fast, simple, easy to use, and good for domain-specific emails, but its free use is limited and it is also not useful when searching for personal email addresses from providers like Gmail, Yahoo, and others.

Get Hunter email finder

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Rapportive/Sales Navigator

email finder software

This is a little but powerful email finder software that works with Gmail and has a Chrome extension.

Once you install it, you can even open a compose window by typing the email in the To field, then send your email in real time. The active email addresses linked to LinkedIn profiles will be displayed on the right side of the window.

Although this tool will not display suggested email addresses, it can give you hints on email addresses that are not exactly connected to social data like info@domain.com, then try typing it into the To field in a new Gmail compose message, and it may display the message to confirm it is role-based. If it doesn’t show anything in the right column, it is most likely not valid.

The advantages of Rapportive is that if you know the person you want to reach is on LinkedIn, you can use it as a complementary tool. The downside is it only works with Gmail.

Get Rapportive email finder

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email finder software

This email finder software is not just fast, but also personal and gives you professional contact information at your fingertips.

Its Chrome extension enriches your profile with direct contacts such as phone numbers and emails, plus enriching your social network profiles.

With Lusha, you can find the right candidates and reach out to them immediately. It is an efficient way to connect as it saves you time and resources, and increases engagement, by giving you all the relevant info you need in just one click.

The most challenging engagements are outbound ones, as you need the right contact details and a relevant opening statement, but this tool helps you get productive fast. It shows you your leads and candidates so you can know them, and easily build rapport with them.

You can also enrich your salesforce leads seamlessly, by adding premium contact and company information from your salesforce account, and convert leads much faster.

It also keeps your business profiles updated with verified information and contact details so you can focus on growing your business and customer base. You also get direct access to contact information, and reach the right contact, on your first try – every time.

Lusha also reveals complete company profiles such as logo, company overview, and number of employees, social media profiles, traffic ranking, and much more. Its integration with Zapier lets you empower over 750 different products, instantly and automatically.

Get Lusha email finder

Did your favorite email finder software make the list? Let us know what you use by leaving a comment in the section below.



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