Best software to learn bass guitar [2020 Guide]

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Fancy yourself as an expert bass guitar player who can weave some serious magic with the strings? Or you have always wanted to strum your favorite songs on bass guitar but were clueless as to how and where to start?

Well, help of the digital kind is at hand and you can get along with your bass guitar lessons with almost as much ease as perhaps a real tutor guiding your way through the musical journey.

For there are myriad of apps that will let you pick up the requisite skills while allowing you to customize your lessons in almost any conceivable manner. What’s more, the apps will let you start from a complete novice with almost zero knowledge of bass guitars in the first place.


Here are some of the best tools for learning bass guitar


Rocksmith software learn bass guitar

Rocksmith can suffice to bass guitar players of all skill levels, be it a beginner or someone with fairly advanced skills who only needs to brush up his or her style a bit.

What strikes the most with Rocksmith is its fun approach to let users learn to play bass guitar. That is done using rhythm games which ultimately makes learning guitar so much enjoyable.

However, while users are almost guaranteed to learn the basics of bass guitar with Rocksmith, the app misses out on a few key aspects such as scales, time signatures and such. That notwithstanding, you can bet on becoming an expert bass guitar player with Rocksmith.

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Learn To Play Bass Guitar

Learn To Play Bass Guitar app

Learn To Play Bass Guitar is another great app to learn playing the bass guitar. With a rich repertoire of more than 275 videos, you can be sure to have the best possible help that you need to get along with your bass guitar lessons.

As the makers of the app have stated, it can also serve as a ‘Video Referencing Library’ as well, which means you can always come back to refresh your bass guitar skills whenever you want irrespective of your skill levels.

You can also jot down notes to refer to later on. The app also allows for searching using your notes or video titles as the keywords.

Download Learn To Play Bass Guitar from the Microsoft Store

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Bass Fretboard Addict

Bass Fretboard Addict app

If you wish to see yourself as a champion bass guitar player, you got to develop mastery over the bass fretboard. And the app Bass Fretboard Addict is an excellent means to achieve just that. It not only is suitable for advanced players who needs more practice but even novice players too can start off with the app.

In fact, makers of the app promises perceptible enhancements to your skills spending just 5 mins a day with the app followed by applying the knowledge to your bass guitar.

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How To Play The Bass Guitar

How To Play The Bass Guitar

With hundreds of videos lessons – 300+ to be precise – on offer, the How To Play The Bass Guitar app is another one to help get started with your bass guitar lessons. Similarly, experienced players of the instrument to have a lot to gain from the app.

The app also allows you to keep your notes, change titles or subtitles and so on to suit your convenience. The rich collection of videos can also serve as the perfect referencing library as well which you can came back to anytime you want and for any level of assistance that you might need.

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Bass Guitar Master Class

Bass Guitar Master Class

With 388 videos at disposal, the app can be the perfect launch pad if you are a complete novice. Or if you already have the preliminary skills and wish to get to the advanced stages, the Bass Guitar Master Class can be equally apt for that as well. It is suited for different playing styles and provides essential tips and tricks needed to mold any enthusiast into a master bass guitar player.

Download Bass Guitar Master Class

So there you have it, some of the best software on the Windows platform to help bring out the bass guitarist in you. Those have been thoughtfully designed and carefully crafted to suit the widest possible audience, be it a complete novice or with intermediate to advanced bass guitar skills.

Meanwhile, here are some additional resources that you might want to go through.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in April 2018 and has been since updated for freshness, and accuracy.