9 best music recognition software to install on your PC

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best music recognition software

Are you looking for music recognition software? We share the best tools you can use in 2020.

Every music lover likes to sing along to the lyrics of their favorite songs. Knowing the lyrics is one thing, but knowing who sang the song itself, is another.

Sometimes you want to save the track on a playlist, or even share it with your friends so they can also find it online or request for it on their favorite local radio station.

Sure you can type a few words on YouTube search, or Google search, but these bring up thousands, even millions of search results and sometimes the lyrics are similar to a different song, so you’d have to listen to each result to point out the specific on you wanted.

This is where music recognition software comes in – to help you know exactly who sang the song, even the year.

Here are the best music recognition software tools you can use that will take the hassle out of your online searches for both the artiste and/or lyrics.

Top 9 music recognition tools for Windows 10

1. Shazam

music recognition software

Shazam is one of the most popular music recognition software apps in the world, which is available for free download on your Windows device.

Its interface is user friendly, and has features such as auto-listen, which identifies the music for you, and continuous song recognition, which even recognizes songs and shows it hears from your TV.

Here are key features of the Shazam music recognition software:

  • Finding new music
  • Browsing music charts to see what other listeners are searching for
  • Listen to sample music
  • Watch music videos
  • Find other songs from the same artiste
  • Access daily music mixes, as well as videos
  • When offline, Shazam saves the music it picks up with its audio listening feature, then matches it for you
  • Gives detailed information
  • Tag as many songs as you like

Shazam, as mentioned, is very popular and users love its colorful and user-friendly, interactive interface (four panels), plus its ability to identify not just music, but also movies, and TV shows quickly and accurately.

One of its benefits is its full integration with social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as other channels such as Spotify and Pandora.

Download Shazam

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2. SoundHound

music recognition software
SoundHound is perhaps the biggest rival of Shazam in the music recognition software tools category.

SoundHound provides a full featured music recognition interface with its iconic big orange button, which lets you tag music by simply saying ‘Ok Hound’.

Another one of its unique features is supporting voice controls.

You can even as much as hum your favorite track and Sound Hound will try and identify it. This isn’t found with most other apps. But your humming needs to be accurate so that the app can guess the song correctly.

Here are cool features of the SoundHound app:

  • Use voice input to tag music and search for artiste info (no need to use your hands)
  • Play tagged songs
  • Play popular music mixes
  • Add tagged songs to your favorite playlist
  • Read the lyrics to a song
  • Know the albums to your favorite songs

It’s easy to see why SoundHound gives Shazam a run for its money. This tool is also available for free download.

Download SoundHound

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3. MusixMatch

music recognition software

Nothing makes singing along to a song better than having the actual lyrics.

The MusixMatch music recognition software tool was previously paired with Spotify. It’s because it has a huge catalog of music lyrics that makes it popular among users.

It is also compatible with most third party music player apps but doesn’t come with music charts.

Here’s what you can do wit the MusixMatch music recognition app:

  • Tagging lyrics
  • Saving and sharing lyrics with others
  • Browse lyrics to a song even when offline
  • Play music from your playlist or music library and see its lyrics in real-time through the app’s floating lyrics feature
  • Sync lyrics with the song from any point in the song as it plays

Download MusixMatch

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4. TrackID

music recognition software

You may not have heard about the TrackID music recognition software tool from Sony, but it’s definitely worth your attention. Compared to the others mentioned above, it has a surprisingly large following of users.

Here’s what makes TrackID special:

  • The Discover tab allows users to see what is trending and what’s hot in the music charts
  • The Live map shows tags from different people all over the world in real-time. You can also listen to songs as they come in but only for a few seconds.

TrackID, however, has limited tagging options, and doesn’t give links to music lyrics and videos, but it redirects you to find them by yourself on YouTube or a lyrics website.

Download TrackID

5. Audiggle

music recognition software

Audiggle is a new music recognition software tool that instantly lets you know the artist and song name of anything playing on your computer. So if you aren’t sure of what song, movie or TV show’s name, use this app.

Here’s what you can expect from Audiggle:

  • Audio recognition that recognizes a song you’ve heard but don’t know who sang it
  • Any Source feature which lets you identify any media be it a soundtrack, or a YouTube clip, or even your favorite Internet radio
  • Download feature lets you download a song from iTunes or Amazon using links provided
  • Lyrics library that lets you get the words to a song you’ve tracked
  • Multi Language feature lets you recognize music from all over the globe

Download Audiggle

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6. Midomi

music recognition software

Midomi is a web-based music recognition software platform, owned by the same company that owns SoundHound (mentioned above).

Midomi lets you identify your favorite songs by singing or humming into your microphone, then it gives back the information on the song. If you can’t hum or sing it, you can play the song’s audio clip to your microphone and it will recognize it.

Get Midomi

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7. Audio Tag

With Audio Tag, a web-based music recognition software tool, you need only upload an audio track or paste the URL of the audio clip and it will identify it for you.

The audio clip has to be between 15-45 seconds duration for it to begin identification of the same.

Get Audio Tag

8. Tunatic

music recognition software

The Tunatic music recognition software tool lets you identify music after you download and install it on your computer. All you need to do is play the song on your earphone on microphone then click Search.

You need to be online to connect to the Tunatic database, after which the tool shows you the song’s title and the artiste who sang it.

Tunatic supports both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Dowload Tunatic

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9. WatZatSong

music recognition software

Like its name suggests, the WatZatSong music recognition software tool lets you post an audio or music clip on its site, then other followers or user on the site chip in to help identify the song.

This means the tool is based on human knowledge, so you may not get the results as snappy as you would expect.

Get WatZatSong

Have you tried any of these music recognition software tools? Let us know your experience with these tools, or share which other ones you think are pretty cool to use too.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • You have to add the Google Search App to your device, which can be then activated from your home screen or by using your voice.

  • Google doesn’t currently recognize songs by humming. But you can use the Midomi service we mentioned above to detect songs by making humming noises.

  • Yes, Siri can identify songs. But it can’t be used on Windows machines.

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