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Being able to slow down music without necessarily impacting on the pitch by changing it is quite a useful thing, especially when you want to hear a certain riff within a song, the timing of a specific section of a piece of music, or just play along with a track at a slower pace.

Some media players like Windows Media Player and VLC player have this option, but some of the best software to slow down music also exist in the market to help you do this on your computer.

If you want to transcribe a song or play it yourself, you can use these tools, though they don’t do the transcribing for you, but their player programs are specially optimized for slowing down music for transcription, play-along practice, or speech transcription.

Here are some of the best software to slow down music in 2019.

Slow down audio with these tools


Transcribe (recommended)

Best software to slow down music

This tool helps people who want to work out a piece of music from a recording so as to transcribe it or play it themselves. It doesn’t transcribe in the actual sense but is optimized for transcription, with features not found on conventional music media players.

It can also be used for play-along practice as you can change pitch and speed, plus store and recall loops to practice all keys, plus you can slow down or speed up. Conventional media players are for those who want to listen to full tracks, so they’re inconvenient for transcribing, and this isn’t their original purpose.

Transcribe can also display videos if you’re working from video files. it doesn’t however take any interest in MIDI files as they have explicit info on the notes to be played and when, but there are programs that support this – neither is it an audio editor.

It can apply audio effects like speed or pitch change and EQ, plus you can save the modified audio under a new sound file if you so wish. It is available in Windows and other operating systems.

Other features include mono/karaoke effect, EQ filter, fine tuning, and transposition for those who playing transposing instruments, speed variable from one twentieth to double speed – but it is only available in English for now.

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Slow MP3

Best software to slow down music

This best software to slow down music lets you play your favorite tracks at a slower tempo so as to view used chords using a lightweight and easy to use app.

If you want to listen to your favorite songs, you can use a browser or find them on the internet or use a media players. Slow MP3 gives you the chance to play your music at different rates, while learning the chords used by the artiste.

It is so light, about 1MB of your space and uses limited system resources, so it will run regardless of your computer’s configuration. Once the main window is displayed, you can access all its features.

Playback buttons are visible, while volume sliders are available to adjust output decibels, and there’s a keyboard that highlights keys based on a sound. The limiting features of this tool keep it from being a pro software, as loading can only be done via the file menu, and there’s no drag and drop features.

Also, you can only load one song at a go as there’s no playlist to gain quick access to more audio files. However, one of its best features is the possibility to slow down playback speed which is great because turning on the transcribe option highlights notes so you can see the chords that were used.

You can also use a slider to transpose the playing audio file, but you can only enjoy its features while the song is loaded as there’s no function for exporting the song with the minor edits made.

Get Slow MP3



Best software to slow down music

This is another popular tool for slowing down music that also helps you choose the perfect pitch and learn to play by ear.

You can isolate or mute instruments or vocals, learn tricky solos, transcribe, practice tunes at slower tempos as its performance and audio quality are outstanding, and also perform if you like. It slows down your music without changing the pitch, while retaining amazing audio fidelity, so you can pick out each note to learn or play along with your favorite music by starting out slow, then gradually increasing the tempo.

You can tune your instrument or voice, and adjust the pitch up or down by two octaves, then fine tune by cents to match odd tuning, or transcribe in a different key. It also lets you play your music seamless from iTunes, import from Dropbox, and drag and drop songs, with playback and export audio from video files.

Anytune also lets you create marks for quick navigation or set reminders for upcoming projects, save multiple loops, create and share timed comments, pinpoint your instrument, and ultimately you’ll feel as if you’re playing with the band using the Anytune Pro+ in combination with an adapter and practicing in LiveMix of your song and instrument, or voice at your own pace and pitch.

Get Anytune



Best software to slow down music

This is another open source, best software to slow down music. It is a musician’s practice tool useful for slowing down music or speeding it up from an MP3 file or a CD.

Ordinarily, sound is distorted when the speed or tempos changes, but this tool corrects this so you can keep the original pitch. You can also change the pitch without affecting the tempo, play along with instruments without retuning your own, or slow down a high speed guitar solo on a CD you’re learning from.

Bestpractice was made to fill the gap in the market for programs that can do what it does, in addition to helping a musician play a solo they’re studying, transcribe music at a slow pace, tune a song to an instrument, sing along with a key changed to match your voice, learn a foreign language so you need to slow down the spoken examples, and just have fun with audio signal processing.

It is also a multilingual tool translated easily to almost any language.

Get Bestpractice



Best software to slow down music

This is a free and easy to use, ,multi-track audio editor and recorder that works with different operating systems including Windows, with a multi-lingual interface. It was developed by some volunteers and distributed under the GNU General Public License, so it is an open source software as its code is free for all to study or use.

There are other such programs available, but for slowing down music, Audacity tops the rest.

Features include live audio and computer playback recording, conversion of tapes and records into digital CDs or recordings, editing various sound file formats, cut/copy/splice or mix sounds, plus changing the speed or pitch of a recording.

Get Audacity

Did your best software to slow down music make the list? If not, tell us which one you use, or which one of these meets your needs by leaving a comment below.



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