3 best video editing software for beginners [2020 Guide]

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best video editing tools beginners
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Because they are so popular, individuals have access to countless video editing software on the market.

While having a large selection to choose from can be great, it can also be quite daunting, especially for those who have no experience in editing videos.

So, to help select from the hordes of software, we choose three Windows 10 video editing software that reign supreme in terms of functionality, features, and convenience.

The editing software you choose will most likely depend on your budget, how serious you are about editing, and the equipment you use.

What are the best video editing tools for beginners?

Adobe Premiere Elements

Adobe Premiere Elements is one of the most beloved video editing and video stabilization software on the market for nonprofessional consumers.

This is a great tool that allows you to create dynamic collages with your pictures and videos. With this software you can easily add any song to your videos.

Adobe Premiere Elements has the face detection feature and it allows you to center your videos around specific people. Thanks to the tagging system you can even sort videos by places, events, and albums in order to access them quickly.

Regarding the text, you can add videos inside your text. This great software has the ability of color adjustment and playback control, so you can easily speed up your videos or create slow-motion effects.

After you’re done editing your videos, you can easily burn them to a DVD or upload them directly to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo or your own website.

Adobe Premiere Elements

Adobe Premiere Elements

Adobe Premiere Elements is a great video editing software tool with plenty intuitive features for beginners.
Free trial Visit website

PowerDVD 20 Ultra

CyberLink PowerDirector logo

PowerDVD 20 Ultra software makes it easy for novices to learn video editing basics. It will teach you how to become a pro through unobtrusive and entertaining methods.

Part of the reason why this program is so easy for beginners is its unique ability to create express projects. In a way, you can see Express projects as an automatic editor.

In other words, all you have to do to create a professional level video is to open the Express Project option, then import your videos.

After you import your videos and move them to the specific order you want them in, the software will do the rest.

Once the video is finished rendering  you have the option to directly upload the video to popular social media and video websites such as Facebook, YouTube, Daily motion, etc.

Another special feature found in the Cyberlink software is its complete 360 degree editing capabilities. More and more videos are filmed in 360 degrees and now Cyberlink has the ability to edit these type of videos.

For 360-degree videos, you also have a wide range of tools you can use for transitions, animations, and more.

Most video editors only support videos with 60 frames per second or less. However, the PowerDVD 20 Ultra can import and edit videos up to 240 FPS.

Thus, slow motion footage from GoPro, sport cameras, etc can be edited with no trouble.

This video editor also supports the ultra-high definition 4k format. Other leading formats compatible with PowerDVD are XAVC-S, H.265, AVCHD, and 3D.

Audio and color editing is essential for any successful, attractive film. Thankfully, users of PowerDVD has access to both AudioDirector and Color Director.

As their names suggests, you will be able to fine tune your audio and color to perfectly complement your videos.

PowerDVD 20 Ultra

PowerDVD 20 Ultra

Compact, packed with features, and optimized for speed, you will find everything you need in PowerDVD 20 Ultra.
Free trial Visit website

Vegas Movie Studio 17 is a great video editing software that supports a wide range of features, including video stabilization.

This tool is perfect for both basic and advanced users due to its simple and advanced editing modes. It allows 3D editing and has 4K resolution, which should be more than enough for most users.

This editing software also supports the video stabilization feature, and advanced audio editing, so you can have full control over audio effects.

The tool supports a wide range of file formats: you can burn your videos right to DVD or Blu-ray discs. If you want, you can even preview your DVD movie and see how its menus work in action.

Vegas Movie Studio 17

Vegas Movie Studio 17

Vegas Movie Studio 17 is a professional video editing software with support video stabilization and many other advanced features.
Check price Visit website

These three Windows 10 video editing software are ideal for everyone, regardless of whether you are a hobbyist, aspiring filmmaker, or professional.

We want you to have the best products and recommendations available on the Internet. So, which video editing software have you decided on? Let us do know in the comments below.

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OK. Where do I begin. PowerDirector is rated #1 in the USA by several techie sites for its comprehensive capabilities as well as its rendering speed. This ‘review’ places it the the bottom of the pit and for beginners! Yowza! And the specifics of the software mentioned don’t do the software justice. Yuk! I’d say in all the software NLE reviews I’ve read in the last two months this is a 1 out of 10. Not something I would ever forward to any one. So delete this one and start from scratch with an eye for quality journalism! Sorry but this SUCKS. Sorry I wasted my time in reading it!