Mass Effect Andromeda Update 1.06 bugs: game freezes, crashes, sound cuts out, and more

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Mass Effect: Andromeda is a game that let many players down due to the plethora of issues affecting it. In order to improve the game’s quality and stability, Bioware recently rolled out a new patch.

Mass Effect: Andromeda Patch 1.06 brings enhanced performance and stability, and addressed a number of player-reported issues, including a bug that caused SAM to repeatedly tell Ryder they had received new email, among other issues.

At the same time, Mass Effect: Andromeda Update 1.06 also brings issues of its own, as gamers report. In this article, we’re going to list the most common ME:A Update 1.06 issues reported by gamers on EA’s official forum.

Mass Effect: Andromeda Patch 1.06 reported bugs

1. Mission Kadara causes the game to freeze and crash

Approaching Emergency SOS quest location on Kadara will cause the game to lock / freeze / crash. You can be on foot or in a vehicle. You can take any path towards the quest location. It is 100% reproducible. Patch 1.06

EA has officially acknowledged this problem and confirmed it would be addressed in an upcoming hotfix.

2. Game lags, stutters, pauses

Since patch 1.06 I’ve been have experianced a lot of instnaces in Single Player where the game will lag, freeze, pause or stutter for a few moments. It happens mostly when: 1. Driving the Nomad. 2. Entering new areas. 3. Evading (either on ground or in air). 4. When combat gets “hectic” (when lots of explosions, powers and combos are happening). I experianced very little (next to none) instances of this happening prior to Patch 1.06.

3. Players cannot leave H-047c

Cannot leave H-047c. Absolutely no way to get back on the ship. you get stuck in the nomad. you can’t leave it because of radiation, and you can’t select, scan, interact with anything from inside the rover.

If you’ve encountered the same problem,while in the Nomad, hold “T” if you’re on PC, or “Y” if you’re on the Xbox One. That is the “Extract to tempest” button while inside the Nomad.

4. Pathfinder Weapons Don’t Go Above Level V

The Deluxe Edition includes a set of Pathfinder weapons and we get upgrades every ‘tier’ until they reach level V. These should level up to X.

This problem should be solved in an upcoming hotfix.

5. Missing Ryder in memory
This issue has been plaguing gamers since March, and Patch 1.06 fails to fix it.

Yep Xbox One version and todays date is May 13th 2017 still not fixed people. I’m playing as a male character so my sister is missing from the scene. This didn’t happen the first time i played the story only since patch 1.06.

6. HUD issues in 21:9 aspect ratio

Patch 1.06 broke the HUD positioning in 21:9 aspect ratio in Multiplayer. It looks like it’s set to 16:9 instead (4,5,6,7 consumables + text log of who killed who)

Ea has officially acknowledged this problem and is working on a fix. No ETA has been given yet to avoid setting false expectations.

7. Weapon Mastery progress blocked after Patch 1.06

After the recent patch (1.06) progress towards Shotgun Mastery is no longer recorded. More specifically, defeating enemies with the M-23 Katana does not add any points towards its respective counter in the Prestige>Challenges>Weapons menu. After 3 consecutive successful extractions on Bronze, blasted through with the Katana in hand, the counter did not move by a single point.

8. Sound cuts out

Haven’t had issues since I’ve started playing the game 3 days ago on patch 1.05 for PC, updated patch 1.06 and within a couple minutes into gameplay (singleplayer) lost all sound until I fully exited the game and restarted it. Thought I’d mention it since it wasn’t an issue until the patch download.

These are the most common Mass Effect: Andromeda Patch 1.06 issues reported by gamers. If you’ve come across any solutions to fix the problems mentioned above, feel free to list the troubleshooting steps in the comment section below.