Microsoft adds more AI security protection for Azure clients

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  • Presently, Microsoft Azure is a top business cloud platform.
  • Microsoft signed a partnership with Abnormal Security to offer its AI-powered solution for the Azure Cloud clients.
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Microsoft adds more AI security protection for Azure cloud

Azure is the top cloud platform for businesses right now so keeping it secure to protect its clients is a priority for Microsoft.

To top that up, the Redmont giant will test a satellite base connection to download satellite data to the Azure Cloud for immediate processing.

Now, Microsoft is trying a different approach to improve on Azure client’s data security: a partnership with a security company.

The partnership with Abnormal Security brings AI security to Azure

Microsoft signed a partnership with Abnormal Security to deliver a security solution for enterprises that can be purchased directly from Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace.

Microsoft for Startups is committed to helping B2B startups use the Microsoft platform to scale their business quickly and deliver innovative AI-powered solutions to enterprise customers.

Abnormal has hit the ground running, seeing success with Fortune 1000 companies in a short time, and we’re looking forward to joining forces to further accelerate their security solution to our global customers

, said Jeffrey Ma, VP Microsoft for Startups.

The great advantage of the Abnormal Security platform is that it integrates directly into the enterprise’s environment immediately and doesn’t require configuration or setup.

The solution also offers a 90 days overview with the detection activity of the attacks just to have a report about it’s effectiveness.

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