Microsoft compiles and releases Windows 10 Build 15000

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Microsoft has chosen the most professional way to bid the year adieu: Compiling and completing Windows 10 Build 15000.

Microsoft has temporarily suspended the Windows Insider beta program during the holiday season but this was not going to stop them in any way from internally testing Windows 10-related work. In fact, because of diligent engineers, the Windows 10 build 15000 was released internally a few days ago.

Still, this does not mean the build released is in its finest form. As always, we are expecting some minor bugs and glitches because most testing engineers are on holiday. This is a prominent milestone set by the company after the previous big release, Build 10000, two years ago. So, apart from highlighting two years of dedication of the Windows team, the build does not bring anything revolutionary to the table.

The Windows Insider beta plan will be restarted in January, so it is going to be one hell of a one busy month for the company. As Microsoft’s team will be diligently working on perfecting Build 15000, adding major performance improvements and bug fixes. Speaking of next year, it is going to have some of the most exciting changes we have seen in a while, one of them being the completion of the Creators Update that Microsoft is all set to unveil in spring. Windows 10 Creators update’s final version is 1703 and will bring a series of improvements for smart phones and PCs.

Insiders can expect to see quite a few new additions in the coming months that might involve some UI improvements and enterprise features. Following that will be yet another major Windows 10 update.

Redstone 3 is expected to be a game changer and bring significant enhancements such as ARM64 emulation for x86 apps.

So, all in all, Build 15000 is a momentous landmark for the company, but there is a lot more to come our way in 2017.

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