Microsoft Defender ATP now catches Android malware

by Don Sharpe
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  • Microsoft Defender ATP for Android is now in public preview.
  • The tool provides Android device security services.
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Defender ATP for Android devices
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As a cross-platform solution, Microsoft Defender ATP is central to the security of Windows 10 and Office 365 apps and data. Now, Microsoft just announced the availability of an Android version of the tool in public preview.

Microsoft Defender ATP for Android

This tool must be doing a great job, at least from Microsoft’s perspective. That can explain why it keeps getting additional security roles and features.

For example, Microsoft recently added a new Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) scanner to Defender ATP. The tool should now be able to scan and thwart driver or firmware-level security threats in Windows 10.

In addition, the security feature now powers the new Safe Documents tool for scanning and detecting unsafe Office 365 documents.

And now it gets to scan and stop different types of cybersecurity issues that affect Android device users.

According to Microsoft, you’ll be able to view alerts and incidences on a single dashboard that the Android Microsoft Defender Security Center offers.

This feature comes at a time when more and more enterprises are letting their remote workforce access company IT systems via their mobile devices, including smartphones.

All events and alerts will be available through a single pane of glass in the Microsoft Defender Security Center, giving security teams a centralized view of threats on Android devices along with other platforms. These capabilities empower enterprises to enable strong security while ensuring their employees remain productive working on their Android devices.

The new Microsoft Defender ATP for Android offers the following features:

  • Online protection: Blocks unsafe online connections and stops phishing attacks via emails, text messages, or websites.
  • Anti-malware tool: Prevents potentially malicious apps from installing on your Android device.
  • Sensitive data protection: Blocks compromised devices from accessing sensitive data, such as Office 365 apps, assets, or files.

Let’s hope that Microsoft Defender ATP for Android arrives in general availability soon enough.

What do you think of the new security tool for Android? You can always share your opinion via the comments section below.