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  • Certificate error navigation blocked is a message that sometimes pops up in Microsoft Edge.
  • It might be a matter of adjusting some settings, and we'll walk you through the details in this article.
  • More guides and tutorials on this browser can be found in the Edge Hub on our website.
  • See the Browser Errors page, as well, where we cover a lot of similar topics related to all browsers.
Edge certificate error navigation blocked
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A lot of users reported that they get Certificate navigation blocked error message when using Microsoft Edge. This error prevents them from accessing any website.

Before moving on, we list here similar issues that users reported in other browsers or instances:

  • Certificate error navigation blocked (IE11) – Try changing your Internet Options and check if that helps.
  • Certificate error navigation blocked (Chrome, Firefox) – Check your antivirus settings and make sure that it does not interfere with your browser.
  • Certificate error navigation blocked (Gmail) – We advise you to remove any third-party applications that might interfere with your system.
  • Certificate error navigation blocked (No Continue option)
  • Certificate error navigation blocked on every website

Luckily, there are a few solutions that you can try to troubleshoot the issue, and some of them are not restricted to Microsoft Edge.

How can I fix Certificate error navigation blocked in MS Edge?

1. Switch temporarily to a different browser

Having frequent trouble with the default browser can be extremely unpleasant, which is why perhaps you should try an alternative solution.

We suggest using a browser that gets constant updates and that comes with less to zero error messages such as Opera.switch from edge to opera

Downloading Opera takes only a couple of minutes, and settings it up is extremely easy. Besides, you can switch to Opera from another browser in only a few steps.

Namely, in the Settings area, you can find a Synchronization option that allows you to import bookmarks, pages, and other data from your default browser.

Further on, you can customize the browser adding icons, sidebars, workspaces, and bookmarks for ease of access and a better-organized workflow.



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2. Check your antivirus software

Sometimes your antivirus can interfere with Microsoft Edge and cause the mentioned error to appear. So you might want to change its configuration and disable certain settings.

If that doesn’t work, you might want to consider disabling or removing your antivirus completely. However, we rather advise you to switch to a different antivirus solution that won’t interfere with other processes running on your PC.

On this note, we strongly recommend BullGuard, which is currently the best antivirus option for Windows 10 home users.fix certificate error in microsoft edge

The tool provides a triple-layer, real-time protection against all kinds of anomalies associated with malware, and scanning signatures. Any detected malware is quarantined and then neutralized before the infection can even begin.

In the latest tests, BullGuard had the lowest number of false detections of legit software (among the top antivirus programs).

This means that it easily recognizes trusted applications and sites, Edge included, and won’t interfere with the program.



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3. Remove Trusteer Rapportremove trusteer rapport

  1. Type Control Panel in the home screen search bar and select Programs and Features.
  2. Find Trusteer Rapport, right-click on it, and select Uninstall.

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Revo Uninstaller does exactly this – it scans for leftovers after the standard uninstalls and it also features a Forced Uninstall option to remove remnants of already uninstalled programs, if necessary.

You can download Revo using the option below and set it up in just a few steps. Upon opening the app, you will see all installed applications on your PC in one single pane.

From there, you can easily search for the desired program using the search bar at the top and choose to remove it.

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Few users are also suggesting to disable Entrust certificate so you might want to try that as well. If Entrust certificate isn’t causing this problem, you might want to disable a different certificate.

You really need Trusteer Rapport but it’s not working? Here’s how to fix it.

4. Make sure that your date and time are correct

  1. Click the clock in the bottom right corner.
  2. Click Adjust date/time.Certificate error navigation blocked IE11
  3. Check if your date and time are correct.
  4. If the date or time isn’t correct, turn off Set time automatically option and turn it back on.
    Certificate error navigation blocked Chrome
  5. Alternatively, you can click the Change button and set the time and date manually.

After setting the correct time and date, the issue with certificate navigation blocked in Edge should be fixed.

5. Change the Security level

  1. Press Windows Key + S and enter internet options. Select Internet Options from the menu.
    Certificate error navigation blocked Chrome
  2. Go to the Security tab and click Trusted sites. Lower the Security level for this zone to Medium-low.
    Certificate error navigation blocked Gmail
  3. Click Apply and OK to save changes.
  4. Restart your browser and check if the issue is resolved.

Users are also suggesting to change ActiveX controls. To do that, open Internet Options and go to the Security tab. Now you need to do the following:

  1. Click the Custom level button.
    Certificate error navigation blocked no continue option
  2. Locate Download unsigned ActiveX controls and set it to Enable (not secure) or to Prompt.
    Certificate error navigation blocked Gmail
  3. Click OK to save changes.

Keep in mind that changing ActiveX settings can cause security issues, therefore use extra caution if you decide to change ActiveX settings.

6. Disable certificate address mismatch warnings

  1. Open Internet Options.
  2. Navigate to the Advanced tab. Disable Warn about certificates address mismatch option and click Apply and OK.
    Certificate error navigation blocked Firefox

After doing that, your security settings will be changed and the issue should be resolved.

7. Use Command Prompt

  1. Press Windows Key + I and choose Command Prompt (Admin) from the menu.
  2. If Command Prompt isn’t available, you can also use Powershell (Admin).
    Certificate error navigation blocked no continue option
  3. When Command Prompt opens, run the following command and hit Enter: certutil -setreg chainEnableWeakSignatureFlags 8
    Certificate error navigation blocked on every website

After the command is performed, restart your PC and check if your problem is resolved.

8. Create a new user profile

  1. Press Windows Key + I to open the Settings app.
  2. Now go to the Accounts section.
    Certificate error navigation blocked IE11
  3. From the menu on the left select Family & other people. Now in the right pane click Add someone else to this PC.
    Certificate error navigation blocked Gmail
  4. Choose I don’t have this person’s sign-in information.
    Certificate error navigation blocked no continue option
  5. Select Add a user without a Microsoft account option.
    Certificate error navigation blocked on every website
  6. Enter the desired user name and click Next to proceed.
    Certificate error navigation blocked IE11

After switching to a new user account, check if the issue still persists. If not, you might have to move all your personal files to a new account and start using it instead of your main account.

As you have seen, the Certificate navigation blocked error in Microsoft Edge can be fixed in most cases using the first recommended solutions, but if that doesn’t work, try going through each of the other solutions.

We’d like to hear which one worked for you, so feel free to use the comments section to drop us line.

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