Windows 10 suddenly loses WiFi connection

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sudden loss WiFi connection Windows 10
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In the preview versions of Windows 10, there have been countless reports with regards to problems with the WiFi connectivity. Microsoft has now issued an important update that could take care of certain issues.

no wifi networks found windows 10
If you have installed the Windows 10 Insider Preview operating system on your machine, it probably happened for you to experience a sudden loss of Wi-Fi connectivity. Luckily, Microsoft has come up with a nice update that should take care of some of these problems.

Wi-Fi connectivity lost? Don’t panic

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Unstable, untested, or old device network card drivers could cause Windows 10 to suddenly lose WiFi connection. Naturally, updating the device’s driver is the way to go.

Considering that Windows 10 receives numerous updates, this process should be repeated constantly. Also, not only your WiFi should receive updated drivers. Others such as the graphics card, printer, or webcam should have their drivers maintained properly.

Automate all of these tedious tasks with DriverFix. It will scan your entire system and find the latest compatible drivers for all your devices. Then, you can run it at regular intervals.



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It’s not always the case that the drivers are causing the issue. Code bugs in Windows could also be the main culprit. In these cases, a Windows 10 update should fix things.

In its KB3069068 update file, the company describes a patch that solves these kinds of problems. Here’s what Microsoft labels as the symptom for the drop of WiFi:

The Windows Connection Manager service (WCMsvc) may stop responding in Windows 10 Insider Preview, resulting in an unexpected loss of Wi-Fi connectivity.

As a prerequisite needed to apply this update, you must be running the latest Windows 10 Insider Preview Build versions for it to take place. So that’s about it, as Microsoft hasn’t disclosed other details regarding this update. Just make sure to run the Windows Update and you should be good to go.

If this hasn’t solved your Windows 10 losing Wifi connection problem that you are experiencing, then leave your comment below. We have written extensively about Wi-Fi problems in the past. Maybe the following troubleshooting guides can help you fix your Wi-Fi

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I too have a relatively new (9months old) HP 15 laptop which the wifi keeps dropping out. In Device Manager the driver is missing but when I try to install it says I have the best driver, but it is still missing. When I change to my alternative wifi band, sometimes the original one starts up, or I can stay on this alternative band or the whole lot dies . The HP helpdesk have got me to reload wifi drivers, update these drivers, update BIOS, but still the wifi keeps dropping out randomly. Now they say to reload the whole operating system with the service recovery disc (not supplied). I have already reloaded the operating system once to no avail. At the point of returning it to the shop.

Hi, I’ve actually formatted my HD and installed Win 10 fully, but the network I used to connect to is missing. Driver Talent didn’t do much, there’s no internet, but it did say my wifi driver is up to date. The network is visible when I run Ubuntu, so the problem is obviously Windows 10.
Im on a laptop: HP 17-J100ED (HP Envy) i7-4700MQ, 8gb RAM, running Windows 10 Home-64 bit.
My wifi adapter is a Ralink RT3290 802.11bgn. I don’t have access to the router, since it’s shared and not mine.
Ive tried various methods already, reinstalling the driver, command line solutions.
I hope you can help me fix this. Thanks in advance for your attention.

I have upgraded to Windows 10, four times from Windows 7. The same problem is always there, which is that LAN and WiFi will not connect to the Internet. The latest upgrade is with Version 1511.10586. I have tried every solution that I can find on the internet, without any success. I have tried new Wireless Adapter Cards, new USB wifi adapters, I have downloaded and installed the latest LAN Driver for my Asus MB. Three times I have gone back to Windows 7, and all works without any problem. It is so frustrating that Microsoft, do not seem to have the answer. Would greatly appreciate any help.

same damn issue with me ive tried EVERYTHING and i still cant get my wifi to work. It wont turn on, wont find connection or anything. PLEASE HELP

WiFi will not work on My Windows 10 neither will the Ethernet cable connection, so it is impossible to connect to the Internet. Since these Windows 10 install, was made, Microsoft have put out over 1Gb of updates, like Bug Fixs etc, Unfortunately they wont allow you to download them, on a another computer, say to a USB Flash Drive. The only way you can get them, is by connecting the computer that needs them, to the Internet, which we cannot do. How stupid is that? I have searched all over the net for a solution, all solutions that I have found, just will NOT work. If you find something, please let me know. Best of Luck.

What’s the link to these files you say they have for us to download? So I can see if this helps me because my Ethernet thankfully works if I plug it directly from my modem. I’m about to freaking rollback to win7, best version of Windows after XP. Win10 is pretty quick but too many issues too soon.

Hi Chino, If you can connect with the Ethernet Cable, all that you should need to do is to Click on “Windows Update” and you should be able to download all the updates, there is something like 1 Gb. Hope this helps. I agree with every word you say.

Just wrote a huge rant which has now disappeared, a bit like the wifi. Pissed off beyond belief. 3 hours wasted with various remote sessions only to drop off later. Works with lan cable but that is not the point. Sort the bloody thing out Microsoft. Think I will go back to windows 7

Well, this unfortunately didn’t work for me. Since my update from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 on my HP pavilion laptop I have been having problems with WiFi connectivity. Then about few weeks back the WiFi symbol just disappeared. I have tried the above and also every other solution on the net to no avail. The VPN software reg delete in command prompt, the WiFi power management settings change, the driver download from Intel and HP sites, driver booster software download…..literally everything tried but WiFi just won’t come. WiFi settings don’t even appear in Network and Internet, wireless connections show only Bluetooth. Network adapter drivers are shown as working well. The only thing left to do is to reinstall Windows 10 from sratch. If someone could suggest something else would be great.

I’m experiencing this exact issue. It’s more than a little frustrating. After trying all the suggested fixes, the reg/del command, driver boost, settings, my wifi and network connection finally gave out. It’s been 4 to 5 weeks and no solid solutions.

MY connectivity is shoddy at best now. Ever minute or so I loose connection even though it states that I still have a connection. I’ve tried the troubleshooter when I get and error notification and that helps….for 15 seconds or so If I’m lucky. I’ve got all the latest updates and it’s still shoddy. Help?