Minecraft not installing on Windows 11? Apply these fixes

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  • If Minecraft is not installing on Windows 11, you need to start by rebooting your computer.
  • Another option is to run the game installer in administrator mode.
  • There is a way to play Minecraft for free, but it is a web version and lacks the modern advantages.
minecraft-not-launching minecraft not installing windows 11

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Minecraft is a game that we are all familiar with and have all played at some point in our lives. We definitely don’t want to cease the tradition here, thus we will show you what to do if Minecraft is not installing on Windows 11.

If you are unfamiliar with the term, it is the original survival game that pioneered the survival genre and has been a popular choice among players ever since its release in November 2011.

Exploration, crafting, building structures, fighting monsters, survival, and many other activities are available to you in this game, whether you play with friends or by yourself.

Whether you’re trying to install Minecraft on your Windows 11 computer or re-download the game after updating your PC, you may have run into the Minecraft installer not working error.

That being the case, we will walk you through many strategies that you may employ to quickly and effectively get rid of this error and enjoy the game again. But first, let’s see what the Minecraft Launcher’s role is. Follow along!

What does the Minecraft Launcher do?

In essence, Minecraft Launcher is a one-stop shop for all of the several Minecraft versions that are currently accessible to Windows users.

Previously, Windows 10 and 11 users had to access different iterations of the operating system on their own. It is worth noting that Minecraft: Education Edition will not be accessible through the Minecraft Launcher.

dungeons minecraft not installing windows 11

Using the left panel of the Minecraft Launcher, you can pick between the following editions of the game: Bedrock Edition, Java Edition, and Minecraft Dungeons.

Users who are bewildered by the several versions of the software will find this to be a welcome relief. The Xbox Game Pass for new gamers, in particular, provides a high level of comfort.

As a result, you will not be burdened with the task of determining which version to purchase or with the ramifications of making the wrong choice. You will have access to all of the titles in this package if you subscribe to the Xbox Game Pass, which includes all three editions (Bedrock, Java, and Dungeons).

Please keep in mind that if you do not have an Xbox Game Pass, you will be required to purchase the individual programs separately as well. You’d have to choose which edition you want to play, or you could buy both if you wanted to.

What can I do if Minecraft is not installing on Windows 11?

1. Restart your computer

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As a first solution, it is recommended that you restart your computer and then attempt to open Minecraft once more if you are experiencing difficulties running the Minecraft launcher. After your computer has booted up, try launching the Minecraft launcher again to verify if it is still functional.

Asking a computer guru how to fix an issue you’re having with your Windows computer is a good way to start because they’ll most likely ask whether you’ve tried rebooting your machine first.

Despite the fact that it may appear to be a glib answer, restarting a computer can effectively handle a multitude of issues in many situations and situations.

Keep in mind that this approach is not limited to Windows-based computers, but is applicable to a wide range of computing devices, including smartphones and tablets. Try resetting your wifi network, Android phone, and any other devices you have, including software on your computer or laptop.

2. Run in administrator mode

  1. Press Windows + S to then search Minecraft installer. installer-mine minecraft not installing windows 11
  2. Next, right-click on it and choose Run as administrator. That’s it! The installation process should be going smoothly now.

3. Use Task Manager

  1. Press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC in order to open Task Manager, then navigate to the Details tab.details minecraft not installing windows 11
  2. Now look for the Minecraft.exe process, click on it, and choose End task.end-task-anything minecraft not installing windows 11

4. Allow Minecraft Installer through Firewall

  1. Press the Windows key + I to open the Settings app, and click on Privacy & security from the left menu followed by Windows Security from the right one.windows-security-choice minecraft not installing windows 11
  2. Now click on Firewall & network protection.firewall-and minecraft not installing windows 11
  3. Look for the Allow an app through firewall option and click on it.allow-app minecraft not installing windows 11
  4. If you see that Minecraft is not ticked, it means it doesn’t have access. Click on Change settings in order to give it access.change-settings minecraft not installing windows 11
  5. Now check the box for Public and Private next to Minecraft and click on OK.private-public minecraft not installing windows 11

5. Disable the antivirus

  1. Click on the expand arrow from your taskbar then right-click on the antivirus icon. Now choose Avast shields control followed by Disable for 10 minutes.
    disable-antivirus-icon xbox controller not recognized windows 11
  2. If you have other antivirus programs installed, you can disable the app temporarily following the same steps as above, or similar steps.
    avira-disable-icon xbox controller not recognized windows 11

The likelihood that your antivirus application was the source of the problem is high if the problem no longer occurs. In order to secure your computer, you should consider using another antivirus product that is compatible with Windows 11.

Alternatively, we recommend that you use professional antivirus software such as ESET to protect your computer at all costs.

Can I play Minecraft for free?

There’s good news and bad news if you want to play it for free, depending on your preferences. You will not be able to enjoy the modern experience because you’re only allowed to access the original, classic version of Minecraft Creative mode when you play it in your browser for free.

This is an old game by the standards of modern gaming history, but if you’re seeking for a free way to play Minecraft, this is the closest thing you’ll find.

eroding minecraft not installing windows 11

There are some restrictions though: aside from the usual limitations of playing something in your browser, there are all of the more archaic aspects of the older mode, such as no mobs, very few blocks, and the original bugs that have been preserved because you are playing the game as it was in 2009.

You will have to accept the fact that you will ultimately have to say goodbye to your blocky world if you choose to play Minecraft for free because there is currently no option for you to save your game in the browser that we have discovered.

Note that you may, on the other hand, leave the tab open indefinitely to prevent it from escaping into the ether altogether.

The fact that Classic Minecraft is the original version of Mojang’s phenomenally successful game means that you won’t have much to lose: there are only 32 different types of blocks (with the majority of them being dyed wool), and you can build whatever you desire because it only has a creative mode.

For more information and potential solutions, take a look at our post on Minecraft not working in Windows 11 and see how you can fix various issues in no time.

Alternatively, if you feel like you haven’t installed Minecraft as you should have, you can learn how to download and install Minecraft on Windows 11 by following the link attached.

Another important step for gamers is updating their games, thus you need to check out how to update Minecraft.

Was this guide helpful? Don’t hesitate to tell us by leaving a comment in the section below. Thanks for reading!

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