Cyber Monday Mouse Deals From Cheap to High-end Devices

There are plenty of mouse types available on the market each suitable for different user categories.

Check out the lists below and take advantage of the best mouse models you can get at the moment.

What is the cheapest and best mouse?


USB-C is nowadays an industry standard. If you want to avoid cable clutter and use the newest technologies, you can rely on USB-C to deliver a latency-free connection. Upgrade your mouse to a USB-C one and forget about connectivity issues.


Not many remember trackball mice. If you haven’t seen or used one at least once in your life, then you’re missing on an old-school experience. But also a new one, as many manufacturers updated and added new ways to use a trackball on a mouse.


Those who rely on their mouse for work and specialized activities need an ergonomic device with high accuracy and very low latency. These mice are usually pretty expensive, but now is the perfect time to get one, as we’ve gathered the best deals on the market to help you get the best possible quality and save a few bucks in the process.


A wireless mouse can be a lifesaver, especially if you’re tired of cables hanging on your desk. Plugging it in and out every time you want to move it to another device can also be a headache. That’s why we’ve decided to bring you the best deals that you can grab today on wireless mice.

Windows 10 Mouse

One of the most important components of a Windows 10 computer, is the mouse, agreed? Most folks tend to use a mouse with a laptop because let’s face it, touchpads are terrible, even when they’re good. There may never come a day when a touchpad will walk rings around a mouse, similar to how an onscreen keyboard is inferior to a hardware keyboard.

Bluetooth Mouse

A Bluetooth mouse allows you to break free from the shackles of wires. Depending on the use, one can find a variety of Bluetooth mice on the market. With so many options around, what’s best is purely subjective and entirely depends on the user requirements. If you are a professional designer, you may need an ergonomic mouse with 3D controls or some gesture-based inputs.


Speed, responsiveness, and accuracy are the key characteristics of these mice. Furthermore, RGB lighting and ergonomics are also some key characteristics that separate gaming mice from other ones on the market. If you’re a dedicated gamer, then these are the deals that you definitely need to check out.

Gaming Mice

You can’t be a PC gamer without having the perfect gaming mouse to play all your favorite games. There are a lot of tech specifications that go into gaming mice, and you should pick the ideal one for your own needs and preferences.

Left Handed Gaming Mice

PC gamers have their weapon of choice in the form of the almighty mouse. No other peripheral is as important, but left-handed gamers will have problems finding the ideal mouse. Almost all gaming mice models are ergonomically designed for right-handed people. Using them with your left hand is awkward at best and infuriating at worst. Quite few gaming mice cater to lefties but worry not. Some of them are world-beaters.


If your fingers get numb and you’re experiencing wrist pain after spending many hours in front of your computer, it’s time to take better care of your health and switch to an ergonomic mouse. There are multiple good options on the market, so choose the one that best suits your budget and needs.

Ergonomic Mouse

As many of us spend hours upon hours using PCs at home or at work, clicking, scrolling, and moving the mouse pointer can really be hard on your hands and wrists. Now, the industry evolved and nowadays we can find a lot of ergonomic mice that make prolonged usage so much easier.

Vertical Mouse

Did you know that the mouse you’re using may be causing you more harm than good? Using a basic computer mouse for extended periods of time can increase the risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome. In case you’re experiencing pain in your mouse hand or maybe you just want to plan ahead, we recommend investing in a vertical ergonomic mouse.


When we’re talking about good-quality mice, the manufacturer is definitely an important thing to take into consideration.

Some manufacturers are well-known for their build quality, others for their gaming mice, and others for their great prices. Check them all out and choose the one that best fits your requirements.

Best Razer Mice

Razer is the name that needs no introduction if you’re into technology and gaming. Enthusiasts will be ecstatic to know that Razer just launched their best Christmas deals for the coolest T-shirts, hoodies, jackets, and backpacks among others. Check out their killer offers.

Best Zowie Mice

When it comes to finding a mouse shape that truly fits your hand, the Zowie team at BenQ have made it their mission to help you find the right fit. Therefore, with Zowie, there’s actually no “best” mouse on the market since the best Zowie mouse will be the one that feels the most comfortable to you.

Mouse pads

Sometimes, your mouse pad can be as important as your mouse. That’s especially true in the case of gamers. That awesome mouse you just bought on Christmas needs a mouse pad upgrade. It’s time to replace your old mouse pad with these ones.

The quality of your mouse can heavily impact how you interact with your PC. A good one can increase your productivity and precision significantly, while one that’s not so good can only give you headaches.

Check out all the deals we found and choose the one that suits you best. Let us know which one you ordered and why.