How to fix Netflix error M7121-1331-P7

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  • Encountering the error m7121-1331-p7 on Netflix is not a good sight for your plans to relax in front of the TV.
  • To resolve this issue, start by updating and then resetting your Netflix application.
  • For more easy-to-follow Netflix information, check out our detailed Netflix Section.
  • If you want to see a bigger selection of Netflix errors and their solutions, bookmark our extensive Netflix Errors Hub.
Netflix error M7121-1331-P7
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Error M7121-1331-P7 arises for some users when they try to stream Netflix videos. When that error occurs, users can’t watch Netflix movies.

The error typically arises for users utilizing browsers (often Chrome) for Netflix video streams. Thus, it is often a browser issue.

How can I fix Netflix error M7121-1331-P7?

1. Is Netflix down?

First, check if Netflix is down. To check if Flix might be down, open Downdetector in a browser. The Downdetector page for Netflix will tell you if there’s a general server issue. If there is, wait for a few days.

The Downdetector page netflix error m7121-1331-p7

2. Open Netflix with a supported browser

Browser logos netflix error m7121-1331-p7

Make sure you’re utilizing Flix with a supported browser. Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Safari are Netflix’s supported browsers.

If you’re utilizing an unsupported browser for Netflix, you’ll need to switch to a supported one.

Even if the error arises in a Netflix supported browser, try utilizing an alternative one. Netflix might stream videos just fine in a new, freshly installed browser.

3. Update your browser

Google Chrome

In addition, make sure your web browser is the latest version.

  1. To check for Chrome updates, press the Customize Google Chrome button.
  2. Select Help to expand a submenu.
  3. Click About Google Chrome to check for updates.
  4. If Chrome gets updated, click the Relaunch button.
    Relaunch button netflix error m7121-1331-p7


  1. Click Firefox’s Open menu button.
  2. Click Help to open the menu shown directly below.
    The Help menu netflix error m7121-1331-p7
  3. Select About Firefox to open the About Mozilla Firefox window.
  4. Restart Firefox if the browser updates.


  1. To check for Opera updates, click the O Menu button at the top left of that browser.
  2. Select the Update and Recovery option.
  3. Click Relaunch now if Opera gets updated.

The Update and Recovery tab netflix error m7121-1331-p7

4. Disable all Chrome extensions by resetting the browser

Google Chrome users might need to disable all their extensions to fix M7121-1331-P7, which a browser reset will do.

  1. Click the Customize and control Google Chrome button.
  2. Then click Settings to open that tab.
  3. Click Advanced to expand Settings.
  4. Scroll down to the Reset and clean up options shown directly below.
    Restore settings option netflix error m7121-1331-p7
  5. Click Restore settings to their original defaults to open the Reset settings dialog box.
  6. Click Reset settings again to give confirmation.
  7. If that resolves the issue, try enabling your extensions one by one until the error returns. Then remove the most recently enabled extension that generates the error.

5. Reinstall Browser

Try reinstalling the browser error M7121-1331-P7 arises for.

  1. First, you’ll need to open Run by pressing the Windows key + R keyboard shortcut.
  2. To open Programs and Features, enter appwiz.cpl in Run’s text box. Click the OK button.
    Programs and Features applet netflix error m7121-1331-p7
  3. Select the browser you need to uninstall.
  4. Click the Uninstall option and Yes for any confirmation prompts that might pop up.
  5. Restart Windows before reinstalling the browser.
  6. Open the website for the browser you need to reinstall.
    • Then click the download button there to get the installer for the latest version of the browser.
  7. Reinstall the browser with its installer.

So, those are a few probable fixes for Netflix error M7121-1331-P7. If you need further fixes, however, click Start Live Chat on the Netflix Help Center page. Then you can discuss Netflix error M7121-1331-P7 with a support agent.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The most common reason for Netflix not working on Chrome is an excess of cached files in your browser. To fix it, clear the Google Chrome caches and try accessing Netflix again. Additionally, you could try using a different browser for streaming Netflix.

  • Yes, the Netflix Party app is completely safe to use. This app simply creates a bridge between your friends and you, offering you the possibility to watch the same show by synchronizing the stream for everybody included in the session.

  • Yes, Netflix works well with VPNs as long as they don’t limit your bandwidth since they also allow access to foreign countries’ catalogs.

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