Netflix full screen not working [FIX]

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Any movie or documentary is always worth watching on big screen or via full screen mode. But what do you do when you get a Netflix full screen not working problem?

Usually, when you cannot turn on full screen mode on your PC or device, it indicates that information on your browser needs a refresh.

We did the homework for you and here are solutions you can take if you’re using Windows to fix Netflix full screen not working issue.

How to fix Netflix full screen issues

Solution 1: Troubleshoot browser

There are three steps to executing this so you can resolve the Netflix full screen not working problem:

  1. Clear cookies
  2. Restart browser
  3. Try a different browser

Clear cookies

Clearing cookies helps resolve any outdated or corrupted settings on your browser’s cookie file. Follow the steps below to do this:

  • Go to to clear the Netflix cookie
  • You will be signed out of your account and redirected to the home page
  • Sign in again

Netflix full screen not working

  • Try playing your show or movie in full screen mode

Does this help resolve the Netflix full screen not working problem? If not, restart your browser.

Restart your browser

Restarting your browser can sometimes help clear the full screen mode issue. Quit your browser, exit, then restart it and play your show or movie.

Try a different browser

Netflix supports Opera (version 33 or later), Chrome (Version 37 or later), Internet Explorer (11 or later) and Firefox (version 47 or later), and Microsoft Edge (for Windows 10). Other requirements include resolution of between 720p to 1080p based on the browser.

For Microsoft Edge, streaming resolution is up to 4K, which requires an HDCP 2.2 compliant connection to a 4K capable display.

Ensure your computer is compatible with Netflix requirements so as to prevent such errors as the Netflix full screen not working. If not sure, check with your device’s manufacturer.

Update to a browser that supports HTML5 player and ensure your computer meets the compatibility requirements for Netflix web player.

Solution 2: Uninstall and reinstall Silverlight plugin

The Silverlight plugin is a browser plugin lets you watch shows and/or movies on your computer.

If you experience the Netflix full screen not working problem, you may have an outdated version of the Silverlight plugin, or it may be corrupted.

In this case, uninstall and then reinstall the Silverlight plugin using the steps below:

  • Quit and exit any or all open browser windows
  • On the lower right side of your screen, select Settings
  • Select Control Panel
  • Go to Programs
  • Select Uninstall a program
  • Find and select Microsoft Silverlight
  • Select Uninstall

How to install the most recent version of Silverlight plugin

  • Go to com
  • Select and play any movie or show title
  • Select Install Now
  • Select Save File. If you cannot locate the file, check Downloads folder for exe file
  • Select Run
  • Select Install Now
  • Click Close
  • Reopen your browser
  • Launch Netflix again

Do you have any other issues or either of these solutions helped fix the Netflix full screen not working problem? Let us know in the comments section below.



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