OGG playback issues are the norm on Windows 10 May Update

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According to some Reddit users, Windows 10 v1903 caused problems for .ogg extension files. In other words, they can’t play .ogg files on their computers after installing the latest updates.

Here’s how one user describes this annoying issue:

Any .ogg file takes up to minute to move/delete, as if it cannot be parsed properly; Letting it play in Groove/any other compatible player only works as long as you don’t look at the metadata, then it hangs. However, latest VLC version, 3.0.6, hangs at opening OGG files now (here is a report of it happening on 1H19 Win10 build with VLC 3.0.4).

This user says that the .ogg files have been broken, and none of these problems appeared in the previous Windows 10 version.

User cannot even move, delete or analyze .ogg files properly, and playing thesem is extremely difficult.

Another user reports that he tested an .ogg file without any problems, both in Groove and VLC Media Player:

I grabbed a test ogg file and couldn’t reproduce it. Tested with Groove player and VLC (the desktop version). Also right clicked and viewed metadata in explorer without issue. Maybe it is a character set issue….

But this method didn’t work for the OP, as he later stated:

VLC opened it… after significant delay (and it had orange seeking bar during it). Some setting is definitely not right now.

So, the issue might be with some settings that the OP has on his Windows 10 PC. Apparently, there is no fix for this problem just yet.

Have you encounter similar problems? Let us know in the comment section below.



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