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Microsoft Excel is undoubtedly one of the best spreadsheet applications for Windows. However, in earlier versions of Excel up to 2010 you can’t automatically open new workbooks in multiple windows. When you select File > New > Blank workbook in Excel 2010, workbooks open in the same window. In addition, saved spreadsheets also open in the same Excel window. This is not ideal as you can’t compare spreadsheets in multiple windows. There are, however, a few workarounds that enable you to open multiple Excel windows at the same time.

Opening Multiple Windows from the Excel Jump List

  • First, you can open multiple Excel windows from the software’s Jump List in Windows 10. To do so, open Excel and right-click its taskbar icon as below.


  • The Jump List includes a Microsoft Excel option on it. In the example above, it’s Microsoft Excel 2010 Starter.
  • Click Microsoft Excel to open a new, separate Excel spreadsheet window.
  • Now you have opened a second Excel window, click File > Open to open a worksheet in it as shown below.


  • Alternatively, you can also hold the Shift key and left-click the Excel taskbar icon to open multiple spreadsheet windows.

Open Multiple Excel Windows from the Start menu

  • Or you can open multiple Excel spreadsheet windows from the Start menu. Click the Start button to open that menu.
  • Then scroll to the folder that includes Excel on your Start menu.
  • Select to open Excel from there.
  • Each time you open Excel from the Start menu, a separate application window opens. As such, you can now open multiple spreadsheets in each separate window.

Open new Excel Windows with the Middle Mouse Button

If you have a mouse with middle button or scroll wheel, you can open multiple Excel windows with that. Open Excel and then select its taskbar icon with the middle mouse button. That will open a new Excel window for you to open a spreadsheet in.

Get Snapping!

Now you can open Excel spreadsheets in multiple windows at the same time, you can make the most of Windows 10 Snap Assist. Snap Assist enables you to open multiple windows neatly on the left and right of the desktop.

  • Select one Excel spreadsheet window and click its Restore Down button.
  • Then move the window to the far right or left side of desktop. That snaps the window to one-half of the desktop as shown below.


  • Next, select one of the spreadsheet thumbnails to open another Excel window on the other side of the desktop as in the snapshot below.


  • Or you could drag a spreadsheet window to the top left, right or bottom corners of the desktop to arrange up to four spreadsheets as below.


So you can still open spreadsheets in multiple windows with earlier versions of Excel. The separate windows are better for comparing and analyzing alternative spreadsheets and copying numerical values from one sheet to another.


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