How to Open Works Files on Windows 10 PCs

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Key notes

  • Works files are common file types you can view in spreadsheets, mostly used to arrange data in rows and columns.
  • If you need to manage Works files in your daily activity, the best method would be to use dedicated software.
  • You can find multiple programs that support WKS files and provide qualitative data managing instruments.
  • In this guide, you will find out how to open and manage Works files easily with the right tools.

Are you having issues opening your Works files, aka .WKS files? This article will guide you on some of the applications which can help you view this file format.

Works file is a spreadsheet file that contains data information arranged in rows and columns. The file may also store charts, graphs, formulas, and other information. WKS files store data in a grid of cells and are generally open with database spreadsheet applications.

In the past, you could open WKS files easily using Microsoft Works, the productivity app suite that was replaced by the well-known Microsoft Office.

You can still open these files even if Microsoft stopped developing the Works app, using the Office suite. More exactly, you’re able to access WKS files with Microsoft Excel 2003 or earlier versions.

Therefore, we selected the most practical tools for managing Works files without running into errors or incompatibility issues.

Open Works files with these software solutions

Microsoft Excel

We start this list with the best software to open .wks file in absolute: Microsoft Excel. It is the most popularly used software for opening works files in Windows 10 computers. With MS Excel, you can easily organize, analyze and modify data.

Excel enables access to over 100 offline templates and thousands of online templates within the user interface. Also, this application gives you a worksheet which is a grid of cells that can be formatted in different ways.

The software has advanced features such as sorting data and making simple formulas. You can also use sparklines to detect trends in your data.

In addition, MS Excel supports over 80 formats such as XML, CSV, and (WKS) works files. Users can view, modify, and open works files with the program possessing numerous formatting tools. Excel also provides bar charts, scatter plots, and other analysis tools for managing database spreadsheets.

You can also use different options of mathematical analysis which enables you to manipulate data in groups rather than individually.

In addition, you can collaborate with others on the same spreadsheet and connect with different analyses or data made by your colleagues.

Concluding here, using this famous spreadsheet application to open and edit WKS files is very suitable and effective for your projects.

Get Microsoft Excel

Corel Quattro Pro

Corel Quattro Pro is a similar spreadsheet application to MS Excel developed by Corel Corporation. One major feature of Quatro Pro is its simplicity. Users can easily write formulas used in cells and there are several formatting options such as fonts, color, border, size, and charts.

Also, Quattro Pro supports many files and can be used to access WKS files. With this tool, you can quickly open, modify and save WKS files. Hence, you can open works files on Windows 10 computers by using Quattro Pro.

Quattro Pro also gives excellent features which makes it an ideal spreadsheet application. Although this tool must be downloaded as part of the Corel WordPerfect Office, you get to open works files as well as other files format with this tool.

More so, you benefit from extensive features that can increase the productivity level and generate better results with detailed analysis or reports.

For example, it include practical features like reveal codecs in a separate window, metadata removal, Bates numbering or even an eBook Publisher.

If we are talking about compatibility, this software ensure MS Office support for any file formats, such as Excel files or Word files format. Yet, it’s possible to save them in WordPefect Office app right away.

Additionally, there is more support for other file formats like PDFs that offers essential features, including PDF forms or PDF import and export options.

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Apache OpenOffice

Apache OpenOffice is a popularly used office suite utilized by Windows users as an alternative to Microsoft Office suite. The OpenOffice suite offers similar programs to Microsoft Office such as; “Writer” for word processing, “Impress” for making presentations, and “Calc” for spreadsheet functions.

In addition, this software supports a wide range of files and supports WKS file format. Using this office suite, you can easily open works files on Windows 10 computers.

Meanwhile, the function buttons are similar to Microsoft Office; hence, this makes the program easy to use as users don’t need to start adjusting to new methods.

Furthermore, Apache OpenOffice is an excellent suite that is available for free and serves as a free alternative to the popular Microsoft Office suite.

This efficient software offers an intuitive platform and in case you’re familiar with office or spreadsheet files, you can use it right away.

Get Apache OpenOffice


This spreadsheet application is an open-source program for managing and creating spreadsheets. Gnumeric is free to use and has similar functions to other premium spreadsheet applications such as Microsoft Excel.

One intriguing feature of Gnumeric is that it supports various types of data file formats. The program supports CSV, WK1 and WKS file formats.

With Gnumeric, you can easily edit, format, and open works files on Windows 10 PC according to your preference. You can as well convert WKS files to other popular file formats such as XML file format used by Microsoft Excel.

In addition, Gnumeric also gives an added advantage to you as it utilizes fewer computer resources when compared to other alternatives.

At the same time, it offers similar features found in MS Excel and employs a similar interface which makes it easy for beginners to adapt. Meanwhile, this tool is available for free; hence, it is recommended as a handy program to open works files in Windows 10.

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Conclusively, MS Excel is the best application to use if you want to open files on Windows 10 computers; it gives the best analysis and data organization tools.

The industry-standard program is what we recommend for opening works file format, but for readers who want a free alternative, Apache OpenOffice is a good alternative to Microsoft Excel.

Even more, we have a detailed guide on how to open DPP files, so make sure to take a closer look and find out more about DrawPlus software.

However, other tools we mentioned above can also open works files in Windows 10. If you know of any software that we didn’t mention above, feel free to tell us by commenting below.

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