Opera and Opera GX aren’t blocking Youtube ads anymore

by Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
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  • Opera is a popular web browser, favored by millions of users worldwide.
  • The ad-blocker on Opera and Opera GX won't effectively block ads on Youtube.
  • Users are enraged that a fix hasn't yet been devised, as this issue is not recent.
  • Installing a simple ad-block addon or using a different browser should fix this.
Opera ad-block doesn't work on Youtube

Although some people don’t really have a problem with random ads going off while they’re watching videos on Youtube, most just hate the idea of it.

Nothing simpler than using a block extension or just enabling the ad-block option built-in the browser you are using, in order to bypass the constant stream of commercials.

Opera and Opera GX ad-blockers, not working on YouTube

Users have taken to discussing this recurring issue on the Opera forum. Many of the complaints are centered around the fact that, because it’s been happening for so long, they expected it to be fixed already.

Neither Opera nor Opera GX are blocking the ads on YouTube properly! I just don’t understand that they can’t fix it for so long, although there was no problem before.

Weird behavior for the built-in ad-blocker

The ad-blocking software seems to have a mind of its own and displays some pretty erratic patterns when trying to do its job.

It blocks one ad, then allows other nine or ten ads to play, or it loads the ad and it skips it in a split-second. Another example is the ad doesn’t start playing, users are just left with a white screen.

Some users were starting to wonder if this issue was caused by Youtube itself, instead of the Opera ad-blocker. But that would be far-fetched, considering the fact the the other browsers are doing fine at this chapter.

One of the more technically gifted users on Reddit mentioned in a post that the ad-blocking system that Opera uses is more generic and won’t work with YouTube’s Polymer framework script.

Opera Adblocker is just a generic ad blocker. YouTube’s video based ads is integrated within YouTube’s Polymer framework script itself. So, the script can not be simply blocked. Otherwise, it’ll break YouTube site entirely.

For YouTube video based ads, I use my own UserScript to block it. Use it with TamperMonkey browser addon. Note: it’s designed specifically for blockng video based ads. For normal HTML based ads, use generic adblockers.

How can I block the ads on YouTube?

The easiest way to get rid of these pesky ads is to simply install one of the popular ad-blocking add-ons, available for every browser. Once you enable the extension on your browser, the nightmare will be officially over.

The first example that comes to mind is easy to find on the Opera Addons page. uBlock Origin is a fast ad-blocker that can load and enforce thousands more filters than other popular blockers out there.

Have you also encountered such issues while using the Opera or Opera GX browsers? If so, tells us how you handled the situation in the comments section below.

Update: Opera reacted on our post and it came with the following response:

Opera uses publicly available block lists to block ads. Although the authors of these lists work tirelessly to make sure the lists block all known ads, they will inevitably sometimes be behind.

They also added that YouTube is testing a new type of ads, which circumvents the rules from Opera’s lists.

However, the giant seems to be rolling the new ads gradually so not all of you will experience them. The parameters for testing are yet unknown to Opera.

The bottom line is that if you get the old commercials, Opera will block them, but if you get the new ones, well, they are working for a way to block them also in the future.

Even more, the officials added that other ad blockers were also affected, so it’s not only an issue for this specific browser.

As soon as more information is revealed about how these ads work, they will be blocked too, either by the public lists Opera uses or by custom rules introduced for this purpose.

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