Opera browser now integrated with their own streaming service Loomi

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  • The latest version of the Opera software comes with a new online streaming service, Loomi.
  • The streaming service is available in the beta version and can only be used in Poland. 
  • Content on the platform is limited to a number of movies, but this will improve with time.
loomi by opera

Opera Software today announced that the newest version of its web browser, Opera 82.0.4227.33, is now available for download. This version brings Loomi Opera’s new online streaming service to all users.

Currently, in beta, Loomi is not yet available to those who reside outside of Poland. However, Opera Software has stated that those who want to use Loomi can expect it to come to their country “soon”.

A closer look

Loomi is a streaming service that’s available as a standalone product, where users can play movies and TV shows, or it’s able to be integrated into the Opera web browser.

The site has been designed to be as engaging and interactive as possible. It is available in English and Polish.

Loomi does not operate on a subscription basis, making it quite different from most streaming services available today. The platform offers customers a selection of free movies that they can watch without ever leaving their living room.

The free selection of movies is powered by advertisements. Make an account to watch movies without Ads or sign in with an Opera account if you have one.

Finding content easily

The Loomi search engine, supported by Opera Software, will launch with new options for finding content. Opera users can use the regular search, or they can filter search results using mood, interest, characters, cast, story, and other parameters. This was the most popular feature in the beta version of Opera.

When viewers watch a movie on the platform, they can share reactions with others as they watch.

Limited content

The selection of content available on Loomi is currently limited, but as with any new service or product, that should prove to be temporary.

When you search on the advanced movie page, you’ll see 944 listed. You’ll also see movies from 2021, but you can also opt to view older movies.

The latest version of Opera includes a new L-icon in the sidebar in Poland. You can click on the icon to display Loomi in the sidebar, just like you can with messengers, for instance.

​​​​The inclusion of Loomi in the Opera web browser may help increase the service’s visibility, as more users may be prompted to try it out. Opera Software can now earn more money by offering its software through new channels.

What do you think about Opera integrating with Loomi? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.