5 Best Speed Boosters to Increase Your Download Speed in Opera

Speed boosters essentially are a combination of software and add-on

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  • All thanks to an efficient native download manager and the Turbo Download Manager extension, Opera lets you download files much faster than the other browsers in the market.
  • While Opera is among the best when it's about privacy and user experience, the download speeds can be sloppy at times. 
  • In such a case, you can use a speed booster to increase the download speed and manage the downloads. 
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Looking for the best download speed booster to speed up your downloads in the Opera browser? Then look no more.

Opera boasts an advanced system that helps you to accelerate the browsing sessions and downloads, making it an overall fun experience.

However, if you experience slow download speed on Opera, you can use a download speed booster, which is essentially a combination of software and add-on.

But, if it’s a persistent issue, you can refer to our detailed guide on how to fix Opera’s slow download speed & make it faster.

Does Opera have a download manager?

Yes, Opera comes with a built-in download manager that allows you to access your downloads easily as shown below:

  1. Open Opera and on the sidebar, click on the Downloads icon. opera downloads icon
  2. This will open the Download manager in a new tab.
  3. Here, look for your downloaded file and click on Open to open the file. opera download manager
  4. Or, you can click on the three dots next to it and select your option to manage your downloaded file. Opera download options

But, if you want to increase the download speed in Opera, enabling the Turbo mode (in version 59 and below) or the hardware acceleration may help you achieve the speed.

You can also use the Opera Turbo download manager extension that helps increase your file download speed.

It can also grab video, audio, and image sources from web pages with the help of a built-in tool that uses an internal HTML spider.

Alternatively, you can use a download speed booster that is nothing but a download manager software that works for browsers in association with an extension.

While a download manager offers advanced functions, it can also speed up your browser considerably, helping you achieve your goals.

Below we have listed some of our picks of the best download speed boosters for Opera.

Where is Opera Turbo Mode?

Opera Turbo Mode was a built-in speed booster feature that was removed as of version 59.

It used Opera’s own servers to compress images and help them load faster in the web browser, thus making the web pages load faster.

The Turbo Mode was later replaced with hardware acceleration, and while it’s not the same as the original feature, the function does offer a superior browsing experience in different situations.

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What are the best download speed boosters for Opera?

JDownloader – Set bandwidth limitations

best download speed booster for opera

Available as an Opera add-on, it offers integration with the JDownloader software which is a free and open-source download manager.

It offers more than 300 plugins making the extensions feature-packed and even more powerful.

The scheduler is one of the plugins that help you to schedule your downloads, for example, downloading large files at night when you get the best speed.

Moreover, it supports downloading videos from platforms like YouTube or Vimeo, facilitates multiple file downloads, and more.

Best of all, you can leverage all these features and more for free and without any annoying ads.

Among its other major features are:

  • Faster downloads
  • Option to start, stop or pause downloads
  • Freedom to set bandwidth limitations
  • Extract archives automatically
  • Saves time with an easy-to-extend framework

Get JDownloader

Internet Download Manager – Continue surfing as you download

opera download speed booster

With the Internet Download Manager (IDM) add-on for your Opera browser, no more waiting for the downloads to get over.

The extension accelerates downloads throughout using its powerful download engine and a dynamic file segmentation technology.

Moreover, it also allows you to continue surfing as you download files using the IDM integration module extension simultaneously.

The extension processes audio and video content, and supports proxy servers, FTP and HTTP protocols, firewalls, and more.

Besides, apart from Opera, it also integrates seamlessly with Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, and all other popular browsers.

Some of its other important features include:

  • Repairs damaged download files
  • Option to resume broken downloads
  • The Download with IDM button to download files in a single click
  • Auto connects to download files and disconnects automatically when done
  • Ability to organize downloads automatically

Get Internet Download Manager

Free Download Manager – Faster downloads with BitTorrent Manager

opera download speed booster

When looking for the best download speed booster for Opera, there could be no better choice than the Free Download Manager.

It not just accelerates the browser speed but also helps you to organize your downloads on all platforms including Windows, macOS, Android, and Linux.

The extension breaks the files into several parts and downloads them concurrently. This helps you to download files at maximum speed even with slower network connections.

What’s more? It also allows you to organize downloaded files by their type, and save them in your chosen folders.

You can also start and pause downloads with a smart scheduler, as you also perform other actions simultaneously like launch applications, connect to the network, etc.

Here are some of its other key features:

  • Download files using BitTorrent
  • Preview of audio/video files before download
  • Convert file format after download
  • Resume interrupted downloads
  • Adjust traffic usage modes

Get Free Download Manager

Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) – Preview the ongoing download content

opera download speed booster

The next in the line would be the Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) by Speedbit which boosts the download speed in just one click.

What’s interesting is, that you can even watch a preview of the video files you are downloading or check the content as soon as the download kicks off.

Moreover, with the DPA Link Checker, you can view the file info before you download and hence, can be sure if the files you are downloading are valid.

As a matter of fact, DAP is available in over 48 languages already and more languages will be introduced soon.

Best of all, you can also download videos and convert them for free from video-sharing platforms like YouTube, and more.

Some of its other significant features are:

  • Download files securely
  • Fast and simple downloads from hosting sites
  • Detailed view of your download history
  • File shredder, ZIP preview, trace cleaner
  • Download MP3 files, convert from video to MP3

Get Download Accelerator Plus

Flashget Download Manager – Faster downloads for free

opera download speed booster

With its ability to accelerate download speed, FlashGet download manager is another great addition to the list.

It supports HTTP, FTP, BT, and eMule protocols and also facilitates downloading videos from YouTube as a bonus.

The integration is seamless between protocols and it does not need you to switch the downloads manually.

A stable download manager, it offers a 100% clean service with no spyware and adware attached.

Available for free, the extension splits files into parts for faster downloads and parallel multipoint transfers using the Multi-server Hyper-threading Transportation (MHT) technique.

Below are some of its other major features:

  • Connects to antivirus automatically
  • Uses up the lowest system resources
  • Automatic downloads with the One Touch technique
  • Smart file management
  • Protects your hard disk with advanced technique

Get FlashGet Download Manager

How do I speed up my Opera browser?

Opera is known for its unique features like the built-in VPN, ad-blocker, battery saver mode, pop-out videos, and much more.

However, considering it’s based on the Chromium engine, you may not get the desired speed from Opera.

While you could increase the Opera download speed previously using the Turbo Mode, the hardware acceleration feature in the current version does a pretty good job.

How to boost download speed on Opera?

Since the Opera Turbo feature does not exist in version 59 and up, you can enable the hardware acceleration feature, which is the same as the Turbo mode:

  1. Launch the Opera browser, and click on the located gear icon (Settings) on the sidebar. opera settings
  2. Next, select Browser on the left. Opera browser settings
  3. Now, travel to the right, scroll down to the System section and turn on Use hardware acceleration when available.
  4. Press the Relaunch button to restart Opera and it should speed up now. turn on Use hardware acceleration when availabl

Apart from enabling the hardware acceleration feature, here are some of the other most effective methods you can use to speed up Opera Web Browser:

  • Disable any unnecessary features like integrated messages, pinboards, etc.
  • Delete all bookmarks
  • Use an ad blocker to block annoying pop-ups
  • Clear browser history, cookies, and cache
  • Disable extensions that you are not using currently
  • Stop using the built-in Opera VPN
  • Close any additional tabs that are not in use

Download managers are a great way to speed up your internet as well as browsers with other advanced features like retrieving files, pause and resume downloads, etc.

So, if you are looking for the best download speed boosters for Opera, our above recommendations make it a breeze to pick the right one.

But, if you are looking for the best overall browser download managers to speed up your downloads, then you can refer to our recommendations in this detailed post.

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