How to fix ‘Other people might see info you send’ alerts

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other people might see info you send

Wireless networks are convenient, but they aren’t always safe, and sometimes you might get Other people might be able to see info you send over this network while trying to connect to a wireless network. This warning message can be alarming, but there’s a way to protect your PC.

Other people might be able to see info you send over this network message, how to deal with it?

  1. Use a VPN
  2. Turn off network discovery and file sharing
  3. Make sure that your firewall is running
  4. Use HTTPS connection
  5. Use two-factor authentication
  6. Change your Wi-Fi network settings

Solution 1 – Use a VPN

cyberghost other people might see info you send


This message usually appears when you’re trying to access a public or unsecured wireless network. Basically, whenever you try to access a wireless network that isn’t password protected, you’ll encounter Other people might be able to see info you send over this network message. This is just a safety warning that will inform you that the network you’re trying to connect isn’t secured.

By using an unsecured wireless network, any user with the right tools connected to the same network can view the data that you’re sending. This can be a big problem if you’re logging in to your banking account or visiting social media websites. Since these types of networks don’t use any form of encryption, your data can be easily intercepted and read by malicious users.

To fix this problem, it’s advised to use a VPN whenever you connect to a public network. In case you don’t know how VPN works, it will connect you to the remote server and route all your online traffic to it. By doing so, you’ll get a new IP address and the server will encrypt all your data making it impossible for third-parties to read. VPNs are so effective that they will also protect your data and browsing history even from your ISP.

There are many great VPN tools on the market, but if you’re looking for a solid VPN, we advise that you check out Cyberghost VPN. Once you install a VPN, you just need to start it and select the server that you want to connect to, and that’s it. All your traffic will be routed through that server and encrypted by AES 256-bit encryption.

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Solution 2 – Turn off network discovery and file sharing

If you have to connect to an unsecured network, you can disable a couple of features in order to prevent other users from seeing your PC. These features should be disabled by default, but you can double-check them just to be sure. To do that, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Settings app. To do that quickly, you can use Windows Key + I shortcut.
  2. Navigate to the Network & Internet section once the Setting app opens.
    network and internet other people might see your info
  3. Scroll down to the Change your network settings section in the right pane and choose Sharing options from the list.
    sharing options other people might see
  4. Expand Guest or Public section and make sure that Turn off network discovery and Turn off file and printer sharing features are selected. If not, select them and click Save changes.
    network discovery settings other people might see your info

These settings should be disabled by default, but if they aren’t, be sure to change them accordingly in order to protect your PC.

Solution 3 – Make sure that your firewall is running

If you’re on an unsecured network and getting Other people might be able to see info you send over this network message, it’s crucial that you keep your firewall running. This is important because the firewall will prevent unauthorized applications from sending/receiving data and thus keep your PC safe.

If you don’t remember disabling your firewall manually, then it should be running in the background, but you can always double-check it by doing the following:

  1. Press Windows Key + S and enter firewall. Select Windows Defender Firewall from the list of results.
    firewall search other people might see
  2. Windows Firewall window will appear. In the left pane select Turn Windows Firewall on or off.
    turn firewall on or off other people might see
  3. Make sure that Turn on Windows is selected for both Public network and Private network profiles. After doing that, click OK to save changes.

After making these changes, your Windows Firewall will be enabled and running. It’s worth mentioning that many third-party antivirus tools have a built-in firewall, so if you’re using good antivirus software, it’s rather likely that its firewall is protecting your system.

If you’re looking for a reliable antivirus that has its own firewall, we strongly suggest that you check out Bitdefender.


Solution 4 – Use HTTPS connection

https everywhere other people might see info you send

In case you don’t know, there are two types of connections, HTTP and HTTPS, and many websites are using the less secure, unencrypted HTTP connection. Since the HTTP connection isn’t encrypted, all the data that you send can be intercepted by a malicious user on the same unsecured network.

Fortunately, all major websites are using HTTPS standard that is encrypted thus making the communication between your PC and website secure and encrypted. To see if you’re using an HTTPS connection, just look at the current URL, and you should see https before the website name. Also, there will be a little lock icon with the certificate information.

https icon other people might see

If the website you’re using isn’t using the HTTPS connection, you can try changing the HTTP to HTTPS in the URL, but that won’t always work. A better solution would be to use the HTTPS Everywhere extension. This extension is available for all major browser and it should force every website that you visit to use the HTTPS connection, if the website supports it, so be sure to try it out.

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