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“This page is trying to load scripts from unauthenticated sources” is an error message that Google Chrome occasionally displays when users open HTTPS:// web pages. A shield icon at the far right of the URL bar highlights that the browser has detected insecure scripts on the web page. Chrome has detected content from insecure channels, and it blocks certain content from loading on the page to protect your info.

The unauthenticated sources error is usually due to mixed page content. This means that the website uses HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) image, script, video and other content on HTTPS pages. The developer has permitted the website to use both HTTP and HTTPS. Thus, unauthenticated sources script issues are something for website developers to fix.

Allow Mixed Content in Chrome

If a website opens with a shield alert, you can still bypass it. Then the website page will fully open with the insecure scripts included. It’s usually OK to open SSL protected pages that include insecure content. However, it’s best not to allow mixed content on e-commerce pages that might request credit card details.

To allow for mixed content and override the alert, click the shield icon at the far right of the URL bar. That will open a dialog box that includes a Load unsafe script option. Select Load unsafe script if you trust the page’s content. Chrome will refresh the page so that it includes all the content.

Block Web Content in Chrome

Blocking web content is a potential fix for the unauthenticated sources error. Google Chrome includes settings that you can configure to block content for all websites, which will reduce the amount of mixed content on HTTPS:// pages. This is how you can configure those settings in Chrome.

  • Press the Customize Google Chrome button at the far right of the URL toolbar.
  • Click Settings to open further options.
  • Click Advanced to expand the Settings page.
  • Select Content Settings to open a list of page content.

  • Now you can select to block JavaScript, Flash, Images, etc. Each page element has its own configuration option that you can adjust to block the content with.

Fix Scripts on Your Website With Chrome’s Console Developer Tool

Chrome includes numerous tools that web developers can fix issues on their sites with. To fix the unauthenticated sources issue, developers need to find unsecured scripts and blocked content on their websites with Console. You can open Console in Chrome as follows.

  • Click Customize Google Chrome to open the browser’s main menu.
  • Select More tools on the menu that opens.
  • Select Developer tools to open the panel shown in the snapshot below.

  • Now you can click Console at the top of the panel.
  • Next, open the website page that you need to fix. Console will now display the open page’s blocked content and insecure scripts so that developers can fix their pages as required.

Overall, there’s not a huge amount Chrome users can do to fix the unauthenticated sources issue. However, web developers can resolve the error by not using HTTP:// on websites.



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