6 best eCommerce platforms for startups [Host Included]

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automated eCommerce tools

E-commerce, which is a shortened tag for electronic commerce, has taken over the global market, as virtually all types of products and services are advertised/marketed and purchased online.

Recent developments have furthered strengthened this position, as every key aspect of eCommerce, including marketing, purchasing, payments, and even delivery, have been automated.

With the advent of eCommerce, anyone from anywhere can purchase anything from any location. This has bridged the distance between countries, and the Internet now serves as the ultimate hub for the global market.

However, prominent eCommerce service providers often find themselves overwhelmed by the number of orders, sales, and payments they have to process on a daily basis.

Hence, to manage this situation and maintain efficiency, automation becomes essential.

This article brings you six of the best-automated eCommerce software on the market.

What are the top-rated eCommerce platforms?


BigCommerce is, without doubt, one of the most popular eCommerce service providers in the world. And it doubles as one of the best-automated eCommerce software.

In short, BigCommercer provides all the necessary tools that your online shop would need in order to drive more traffic, convert customers into sales, and manage the store.

Some of the key features of BigCommerce include site builder, marketing tools, product pages, process orders, optimization for mobile, social media tools & more.

Interestingly, most of the above-outlined features are streamlined and aptly automated, providing you with a seamless flow of transactions, from orders to purchase to payment.

BigCommerce offers an initial 15-day free trial to new subscribers, after which they can subscribe to one of the available paid plans: Standard, Plus, Pro, and Enterprise.



With BigCommerce you have online store set-up, marketing, purchase, and payment facilitation, all automated!

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Mobirise is a renowned site-building software, whose functions can be modified to design an eCommerce/online shopping site for your products/services.

It hosts a user-friendly interface that uses a simple “drag & drop” feature to create websites, without any form of coding. As such, you can easily adapt this software to create an eCommerce site. However, this automated eCommerce software is compatible with Windows desktop devices, and cannot be used on mobile platforms.

Basically, Mobirise is a mobile-friendly desktop app that can help you build a promotional, marketing, or shopping site, where you can promote, market, and sell your products.

This is done by adding designated “Buy Now” (online purchase) links and “Add to cart” (product order) links to your website. With this, orders and purchases are automatically processed as appropriate.

Also, there are designated eCommerce website building features like “CommerceM4” and “Paypal Cart”. The PayPal Cart facilitates receipts on purchased products via PayPal. These features make Mobirise ideal for designing eCommerce websites or online stores.

Some of the basic features of Mobirise include Unlimited web blocks, eCommerce links, Templates (Bootstrap builder), Code editor, Paypal Cart, Contact forms, Social Buttons, Content slider, Video background, and more.

Mobirise’s pricing plans are product-specific i.e. each product/feature has its specific pricing plan. 



User-friendly website builder software for your online shop, with all the essential optimization tools.

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WebSite X5

WebSite X5, just like Mobirise, is a website/online store builder that allows business owners (especially those with no coding skill) to create online shopping stores, where they can advertise and sell their products. It is equipped with hundreds of templates, to create websites that best suit your desires, or you can do away with the templates and create a site from scratch.

In addition, this automated eCommerce software hosts tons of features, which are all essential for creating websites. However, only a handful of these features are specific to eCommerce website designing/building. The eCommerce features are what qualify WebSite X5 as an automated eCommerce software.

WebSite X5 e-commerce-related features include Automatic order processing, Amazon Pay, Customer registration, Discount management, Payment gateways (PayPal, credit cards etc.), Advertising messages, Customer accounts, and more. These features not only enable you to create an e-commerce site but also automate the “purchase” and “payment” processes.

Other features of this automated e-commerce software include templates, DPR-compliant security system, customer accounts, contact forms, graphic editor, multilingual support, control panel, mobile apps (Android and iOS), and more.

WebSite X5 is available in three editions – WebSite X5 Start, WebSite X5 Evolution, and Website X5 Professional. 

Website X5

Website X5

Accessible and affordable website builder for beginners, professionals and successful businesses.

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Corel is one of the leading global digital service providers in the world. It is especially known for its graphic design products, which make it stand out as one of the most used software in the world. This software hosts an inbuilt website creator, which can be employed to create simple e-commerce/online shopping sites.

This software offers a variety of products, among which are CorelDraw GraphicsSuite, PaintShop Pro, Painter, ParticleShop, and more. Of these features, CorelDraw GraphicsSuite is the most significant, as it is the product that houses “Corel Website builder”.

Some of the key features of CorelDraw GraphicsSuite include Content Organizer, SDK automation support, 4K display, Project timer, Barcode generator, Royalty-free pictures, Page layout tools, Templates, Pontilizers, and more.

Furthermore, Corel recently added a third-party eCommerce service to its platform; which is the product of a partnership between Corel and Cleverbridge – a prominent eCommerce service provider. The main objective of this partnership is to afford Corel users the opportunity to purchase desired products and services online, directly from Corel’s platform.

Corel offers product-specific pricing. And the main product in this regard is CorelDraw GraphicsSuite. The Graphics Suite product is available at a rate $198 per year or a one-time purchase for $635.

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shopify best automated ecommerce software

Shopify is one of the most prominent automated eCommerce software in the market. In fact, it is rated as the best eCommerce solution by many websites. And with over 500,000 users across the globe, it has one of the largest client-base in the industry.

Besides that, Shopify basically serves as an eCommerce website builder and a shopping cart software, which provides users with a near-perfect online shopping experience, as everything is automated, ranging from placing orders to making/receiving payments.

Key features of Shopify include: Website builder, Online store, Multiple payment gateways, Custom branding, Templates, Sales Channels, Customer profiles/accounts, In-depth analytics & reports, Round-the-clock customer support, Shopping cart, Manual order creation, and Abandoned cart recovery.

Other features include multilingual support, personalized domain name, dropshipping, search engine optimization (SEO), customer profiles/accounts, mobile support (Shopify mobile), and more.

Shopify automated eCommerce software offers four major subscription plans to its users. There is an initial 14-day free trial before a full subscription.

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woocommerce best automated ecommerce software

WooCommerce is a popular eCommerce solution, which is known for its ability to convert WordPress sites into durable online stores. It is basically a WordPress plugin that can be used to design an eCommerce website or online shopping hub from scratch.

Key features of WooCommerce include pre-installed payment gateways, WordPress integrations, auto-taxes, cart behavior, free shipping, inventory/store manager, default currency setting, cart calculator, reports, flexible shipping, tax calculator, SEO, 24/7 customer support, unlimited extensions, and more.

WooCommerce is available for free, albeit with restricted access and limited features. To unlock the full features, subscribers are required to upgrade to a paid plan and pay add-ons on certain extensions.

There is also a 30-day refund policy for subscriptions canceled within a period of one month (after payment).

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The advent of automated eCommerce software has greatly improved business conduct within the global cyber-space. Online store owners now spend less time, less effort, and less money to process purchases, payments, and product/service deliveries.

While there are many automated eCommerce software in the market, we have listed six of the best for you, to better inform your decisions on which one to adopt for your online stores.

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