Use Dropbox to keep and share Pastelink files

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Radu Tyrsina
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  • Pastelink is a web app that you can use to create and anonymously publish read-only or editable texts with hyperlinks enabled. 
  • You can use a cloud file-sharing app like Dropbox to share your Pastelink text with other people or just to safe-keep it for your personal use.
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share pastelink with dropbox
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Pastelink is a web service that allows you to anonymously publish text with hyperlinks enabled. You can also create your own files containing ideas, bookmarks, conversations, and then publish it in the form of a shareable hyperlink.

Further on, you can save the respective hyperlink in your Dropbox account, for instance, to access it across multiple devices and further edit it anytime you want.

If you are familiar with Google Keep or Microsoft’s OneNote, you’ll have no problem using Pastelink. Unlike the two mentioned note-taking tools, Patelink is only available as a web app.

How to use Dropbox to share Pastelink files?

1. Create a Pastelink file

  1. Go to to start creating a file. You don’t have to subscribe.
  2. Click on Start Now.
  3. At this point, a blank page will open where you can start writing whatever you want.
    • Use the few instructions on the right side of the file to insert hyperlinks to various webpages that are of interest to you.
    • You can choose if the respective hyperlink is active or not for anyone to open.create pastelink file
  4. Next, select privacy settings. You have several available filters. Then press Publish.
  • Visibility: controls if search engines can see your file or if a password is needed to access.
  • Link Options: links can be displayed as they are written or they can be shown as an array of numbers or references.
  • Referrer Info: prevents the destination websites from seeing where the visits came from.
  • Passcode: allows visibility and later edits.
  • More options: create a custom URL to keep the file easily traceable.

how to create patelink files

save pastelink file

2. Share the Pastelink files with Dropbox

  1. Open Dropbox and log into your Dropbox account.
  2. From the Dropbox menu go to the Files section.
  3. Under Create new file you have the option to paste a link for web content. Paste here the URL of your Pastelink file. copy pastelink in dropbox
  4. Add a name to your file (it will have the .web extension added by default) and then click on Save shortcut.
  5. Click on the Share box and from here you can either share using Dropbox or connect other apps such as Gmail, Slack, WhatsApp, where the link is copied automatically and you only have to add some text.

Note that the files you create using Pastelink are editable by anyone if you don’t set a passcode; alternatively, if you set a passcode, make sure to keep it at hand for whenever you want to modify your file.

Passcodes are not replaceable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Open Dropbox, then Files. Hover over the file or folder you’d like to share, click Share, then Share with Dropbox.

  • In your Dropbox account, find the file you want to share click on the Share box. Create a link then copy the link, and paste it into an email, message, or wherever you want people to access it.

  • Sign in to your Dropbox account and find the file you want to share. Click the Share button, open the menu (by clicking on the arrow), then  Connect apps , and click on send via Gmail or Outlook.

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