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List of gaming issues on Windows 10 v1903

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Microsoft officially rolled out Windows 10 v1903 (May 2019 Update) a few days ago. This feature update came with many new features, improvements as well as a ton of issues for Windows 10 PCs.

Some reports on Reddit and other social media platforms suggest that this Windows 10 update is causing problems for the gaming community as well.

One Windows 10 user even created a thread on Reddit to learn more about potential gaming issues.

Windows 10 v1903 gaming issues

1. Stream login issues

One Reddit user who installed the latest version of Windows 10 reported a serious issue. The update is apparently causing login issues for many users.

My steam client can’t keep login. 🙁

However, there is no official patch from Microsoft and the company hasn’t acknowledge the issue yet.

2. Anti-cheat software bugs

Another user reported problems with Battleye anti-cheat software. This anti-cheat software blocks the Windows 10 May 2019 update for some users. 

I heard there are problems with the Battleye anticheat and it blocking the update. Do you have it and did anything happen during updating?

Users had to uninstall Battleye anti-cheat to install the update on their systems.

3. Installation issues

Although this issue is not directly related to performance, still the upgrade didn’t go well for some gamers. Some users reported that the update stucks at 65%.

how much time this update will take? stucking in 65%

Thankfully, there were some Windows 10 users who confirmed that Windows 10 version 1903 works fine on their systems.  In fact, the update boosted game performance for them.

I’ve actually only gotten performance boosts from the update. Gaming is the exact same for me. I’ve seen no downsides to this update so far. 

Comment down below if you are experiencing any of these issues. Microsoft recommends its users to report issues on its feedback Feedback Hub and other platforms. 



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