The best Chrome extensions to view, edit and save PDF files online

Radu Tyrsina
by Radu Tyrsina
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Chrome offers various extensions that simplify dealing with PDF documents. Some simplify PDF reading in your Gmail account, for instance. These tools directly add PDF documents to the Cloud and use GViewer to display PDF forms so that you don’t have to download and view them.

Other extensions allow you to save a webpage in PDF format after editing, while the third category of extensions allows direct online PDF form filling. This is much more convenient in comparison to filling a PDF form offline.

Another interesting extension category for Chrome is PDF bookmarking. This type of extension is essential when you’re reading a lengthy PDF and you have to stop in the middle of it. In this case, you can save the bookmark and then open the PDF in Google Docs later and start reading from where you left off.

The extensions that allow you to download web pages in PDF format will save you the trouble of opening the page in your browser. Instead, pages will be opened in the PDF viewer and then you can edit them using the extension.

The extensions which put the PDF in the Cloud allows you to edit your documents with ease. Check out some of our favorites below.

Kami – PDF and Document Markup


Kami is a reliable PDF tool that allows users to view, share, annotate, and collaborate on PDFs. This is an extension for Chrome as well as an app, and you’ll see that this particular tool works well with Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer.

Begin by dragging and dropping a file from your desktop or importing one from Google Drive, Dropbox, or Box. After that, take advantage of annotation features which include highlight, strikethrough, and underline, Add comments, Add or select text, Draw and erase, Split or merge, and Share, export, or print.

Kami is a fantastic tool for working with PDF files and offers more features if you upgrade to a premium plan. The free version of the tool will provide you all the basics that you need for viewing and for editing your PDFs.

Docs Online Viewer


This tool automatically previews PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, and other documents and with it, you won’t need to download third-party apps to view your documents. In this manner, you’ll use less resources and reduce the risk of downloading malicious documents. Docs Online Viewer is lightweight and tightly packed, and doesn’t slow down your browser.

You can download this extension for free from the Chrome Store.

PDF Buddy


PDF Buddy is perfect for viewing and editing PDF files online. After you upload a file from your computer, you’ll be presented with editing options similar to Microsoft Word’s editor.

You can change the font size and style, use bold and italics, align your paragraphs, and pick font colors. It also includes the following features: highlight, whiteout, transform, pen support, customizable shapes and symbols, and more.

With some neat features and a clean workspace, PDF Buddy is an excellent choice for viewing, editing and annotating your PDFs.

You can download PDF Buddy for free from the Chrome Store.

Xodo PDF Viewer & Editor

Xodo PDF Viewer & Editor is a great tool for viewing, editing and annotating PDFs through an extension and an application for Chrome. You have to drag and drop a file, or you can also import one from your local drive, from Dropbox or Google Drive.

You can then use the following features: Highlight, strikethrough, and underline, add comments and collaborate, add text, a shape, or a callout, add a signature, print, or save, merge and organize pages.

You can download the Xodo PDF Viewer & Editor for free from the Chrome Store.

PDFescape Free PDF Editor

This tool enables you to open and edit PDF files and forms online without any cost. You can automatically open PDF files you discover online in PDFescape and to do so, will not need additional software or any kind of registration.

You can download PDFescape Free PDF Editor for free from the Chrome Store.

Merge PDF – Split PDF

This Chrome extension allows you to upload files to your machine, Dropbox or Google Drive. To merge files, all you have to do is drag and drop the documents in the order you want them or you can sort them alphabetically. The tool offers options for bookmarks, pages and a table of contents based on your documentss.

To split, you just have to upload your docs the same way and then choose how to split the files. You can also compress, crop and rotate the documents.

You can download Merge PDF – Split PDF for free from the Chrome Store.


This is the most convenient tool available if you only want to split some PDF files. You can drop a document on the page or you can upload one from Dropbox, Google Drive or your PC and either choose a range of pages or extract them toseparate files. You can also customize the name of each file. For more security, you can click the link to enable a more secure connection.

You can download PDFSplit! from the Chrome Store.

PDF Converter

This is quite a nice extension if you need to convert documents to PDF real quickly. The converter supports HTML, Word, images, Excel, PowerPoint, Open Office, postscript, and text files. You just have to drag a document into the box, or you can simply upload it from your local drive, you can grab it from Google Drive, and you can also choose to enter the URL for it.

You can convert the document and then send it via email, as well. After converting it, you can also download the document and be redirected to Xodo where you can save it or work on it.

You can download PDF Converter from the Chrome Store.

Print Friendly & PDF

This easy-to-use tool allows you to download a web page as PDF. You can then adjust text size, remove images, and select page size between letter or A4. If you want to eliminate some parts of the page, you can delete them. This Chrome application offers an email feature to send the page digitally that also happens to be print-friendly. For something as simple as downloading a web page as a PDF, Print Friendly & PDF gets the job done.

PDF Compressor

If you have to compress a PDF before sending or sharing it, this is a great tool for you. To use it, you have to upload a document from your computer, drag and drop it into the box or import it from a cloud service. You can see the original size and the new size of the document, as well. You can download it just by clicking the button, and you’ll be redirected to Xodo. You can also use the tool to merge, split, and to protect a document.

You can download PDF Compressor from the Chrome Store.

PDF Viewer

This is a popular tool for viewing a PDF on a website without downloading it. You just have to enter the URL of the PDF and it will display within the browser menu without needing to use a reader. If you also want to download the file after reading it, you can do so as well. PDF Viewer also supports Word and Excel docs, text files, and images that can all be viewed without the need for more software.

This tool also allows you to upload a file from your computer OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, or Box. But the tool’s convenience mostly comes in when all you need to do is just view an online file.

You can download PDF Viewer from the Chrome Store.

PDF Mergy

The extension allows you to merge PDF files with an interface that uses the simple drag and drop option. This WebApp provides an easy way of merging files, and you can select the files that you plan on merging from your computer, or you can drop them on the app using the drag and drop option.

After you arrange the files in the desired order, you will notice that the resulting merged PDF file will contain all the documents in the order as they appear on your screen. When you are done with everything, you just have to press merge for initiating the merging process. This tool is still in its beta phase and therefore you might discover some flaws when using it. You should report them in that case.

You can download PDF Mergy from the Chrome Store.

Working with PDF files can be pretty difficult if you lack the proper software. If you’re a Chrome user, you can install one of the extensions listed above and your work will be much simpler.