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  • Point-of-Sale software is essential for anyone that wants to sell products.
  • We've created a list of the best Point-of-Sales software that works on Windows 10.
  • The list contains both downloadable software as well as online web apps.
  • The POS software included on this list also offer some form of a free trial or subscription model.
best pos software for windows

A noteworthy trend with point of sales software vendors is that most have tweaked their programs to fit different operating systems.

Competition has also been heating up and with windows still dominating, small businesses looking for the best POS software for Windows are increasingly spoilt for choice.

There are also further improvements and most pos systems now accommodate advanced requirements such as customer loyalty programs, intelligent real-time reporting, and email marketing.

Windows users are in more luck because most POS easily integrate with numerous Windows’ compatible business programs and spreadsheets like Microsoft Excel.

This allows users to add extra capabilities such as complex data filtering.

How do POS systems work?

A POS captures products or services ordered and automatically sum up the amount due including sales tax.

The system then accepts payment and issues a neat receipt. The best POS software for Windows tends to do more.

For instance, they calculate customer rewards, track inventory sale-by-sale, and accepts a host of payments methods such as credit /debit cards.

They also protect business owners and their clients by supporting fool-proof data security technologies including encryption.

Windows users can revolutionize their businesses by installing any one of the dozens of contemporary point-of-system software. Here are some recommendations.

Which are the best Point-of-Sales tools for Windows 10?


Topping off our list of best POS software for Windows 10 is a Squarespace, a software service that makes it easy to keep your inventory and customer data in sync, whether you sell online or in person.

Unlike a lot of the other entries on our list, this POS tool not only lets you sell your merchandise online, but you can also do it in person thanks to the Squarespace Commerce app.

Squarespace partnered up with Squire, and this allows the service to accept credit cards, mobile payments, and cash simply by connecting your Square account and pair a reader to compatible mobile device.

As of now, the service currently supports iPhone, iPad or Android device, so hardware limitations will not prevent your from selling your products.

With large websites, inventories and customer lists are hard to keep track of, but Squarespace allows you to keep both of these parameters in sync constantly, all within your online store.

Besides, Squarespace improves the way you relate to your customers by allowing you to have in-person discounts, so you’ll make more sales by offering your customers one-off deals once they’re at the checkout page.

Lastly, you can get in touch with your customers and potential customers better thanks to the mailing list feature, so your target demographic will always be just one click away, and they’ll always know of your latest products and deals.

Get Squarespace

Copper from NCH

Copper from NCH

Copper POS adopts the tried and tested cash-register approach to managing sales to huge success. Businesses can store their product information, record sales quickly, assess tax, give discounts, print professional receipts, and even process refunds.

The interface is straightforward and needs very little training. It additionally works with all popular barcode scanners and touch screen terminals so cashiers work faster than when using a mouse or keyboard.

Its powerful reporting includes incisive sales by salesperson reports to help nab non-performing employees.

At the same time, it integrates with NCH’s powerful stock management software, Inventoria to help track stock movement.

Business owners who want to streamline customer checkout, save time used ringing up sales, and cut out costly cashier errors have a sure bet in this program.

This impressive collection of abilities will, however, cost a couple of bucks per month but going by the rave reviews from its current subscribers, users have a reason to be optimistic.

Download Copper from NCH

Poster POS

Poster POS

Poster POS is another Windows POS to hold its own against market leaders like copper.

It’s a cloud POS  and even topples some of the giants by offering some intriguing features remotely.

For instance, it still captures revenue details accurately offline in the event the Internet connection is disrupted.

Taking orders, printing tickets and receipts is a breeze while the reliable backup system serves as a useful fallback in case of data loss.

Incredibly, Poster POS incorporates practically all the software needed to run a business efficiently.

It’s has a complete front-office solution, inventory manager, finance controller, analyst, and an amazing CRM (customer relationship management) system. Set up takes just about 15 minutes while prices start from as low as $19 per month.

In Poster POS, business owners running restaurants, cafes, and stores have a tool to help run their businesses from anywhere!

Try Poster POS for free

QuickBooks Desktop POS

quickbooks pos

Intuit has used their many years of experience in the highly competitive business software niche to build QuickBooks POS, one of the most comprehensive POS’s in the business.

Indeed, its abilities are top notch.

For instance, the salesperson can create orders as they serve clients around the store from a tablet/laptop and even check the bestsellers.

Another interesting option is to connect a mobile scanner to a tablet like Microsoft Surface® Pro 4 to help ring sales faster.

Furthermore, the POS updates the accounts in the main QuickBooks software to help business owners’ access accurate tax obligation details on time.

The system also integrates with online stores such as Amazon and will easily process gift and credit cards or email receipts to online shoppers.

QuickBooks desktop point of sale is fully flexible meaning users can print analysis reports from their laptops while on the move.

Though the priciest, the multistore version presents results by store location and traces inter-store inventory transfers.

There’s also the basic version for a startup and the more advanced QuickBooks POS pro for fast-growing businesses.

Download QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale

Square POS

square POS

Not one to be left behind, Square POS engineers have been working in overdrive towards their goal of becoming the world’s best retail POS.

The end result is a dynamic POS that effortlessly sells, manages, reports and grows retail businesses in way competitors can only dream of.

Among the most standout features is the customer directory. From here, sales agents can check purchase history, send digital receipts, on top of collecting useful feedback from buyers to improve service.

The Square POS’ dashboard is also phenomenal. It not only makes ordering and payments flow smoother but also displays quick insights, for example, of top items by sales.

Decision makers will benefit from real-time sales reports, discounts summaries, refunds history, inventory dispatch, and smart charts. Even better, all the reports can be filtered by employees, store, and terminal.

Conveniently, the pos rings up items from any device and accept payments fast without needing extra phones, tablets, or apps.

Other Square POS inventions include a solid payroll, digital rewards program, and email/social marketing assistants.

Square doesn’t charge a monthly fee so charges are super flexible.

Try Square POS

The best POS software for Windows can jumpstart a sluggish business by improving efficiency and cutting down on expensive human errors.

Users profit from elaborate analytics and can take action to correct performance deviations before it’s too late.

On the other hand, customers are happier because of the well-organized checkout process and keep returning.

In other words, point of sale systems are a win-win.

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