Slim, sleek, and packed full of competitive functionalities, the Razer Book 13 is a productivity powerhouse catering to results-driven professionals as well as vetted gamers with a soft spot for performance enhancements.

In fact, it’s one of the best ultraportable gaming laptops for Windows 11 and that says a lot about it. The Razer Book 13 is built to maximize visual accuracy and it flaunts in-built state-of-the-art features such as Gorilla Glass 6 protection as well as Touch Screen support in FHD as well as UHD versions.

But does that mean you don’t need a Razer Book 13 screen protector? Far from it. In fact, Razer itself recommends using a screen guard for laptops, a skin, or a wrap for airtight protection.

Are screen protectors really necessary?

If it’s any good, a Razer Book 13 screen protector should not sabotage this laptop’s superb default features, but compliment them.

In fact, adding a screen guard for your laptop will protect your display from smudges, scratches, and other physical damage such as keyboard markings that can occur while the lid is closed.

Of course, high-quality products that go the extra mile have even more to offer such as anti-blue light and radiation protection for your eyes, unobstructed views even in the poorest lighting conditions, and so on.

Some are more focused on confidentiality and if the lack of it is a deal-breaker for you, you might want to focus your searching efforts on a privacy screen protector for laptops.

Speaking of that, we tried to anticipate your needs in this department and came up with a useful list of criteria to consider when choosing the best Razer Book 13 screen protector.

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Here are the main points that guided us in choosing the best screen cover for Razer Book 13 laptops:

➡ High quality, shock, and scuff-resistant materials (tempered glass is a good example, but it is not exhaustive)
➡ Transparency and lightness to make sure your view is not obstructed in any way
➡ Touch screen sensitivity-compliant that allows for a smooth and highly responsive control (smudge or fingerprint protection is preferred)
➡ Flexibility that ensures an easy installation
➡ Anti-glare, and anti-blue light protection for your eyes (enhanced comfort)
➡ Privacy features are a welcomed addition

Which screen guard is best for Razer Book 13 laptops?

Screen Protector For Razer Book 13 2020 13.4 Inch Laptop

  • Anti-glare and anti-blue screen protection
  • Crease-resistant high-grade nano-PET film material
  • The package includes 2 screen protectors
  • Repels glue residues and oil stains
  • Thin, transparent, and flexible
  • Even though it advertises a precise cut for 13.4-inch screens, it is a bit tricky to fit the film in the right position.

Designed by Xusi, this excellent Razer Book 13 screen protector has a lot to offer, starting with its praised anti-glare and anti-blue light filters specifically conceived to relieve ocular fatigue and provide enhanced visual comfort.

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Now, we were saying earlier that a sturdy and resistant material such as tempered glass is essential for this type of accessory.

But there are plenty of other materials that provide the same endurance, without being so fragile themselves.

Such is the case with the Xusi screen cover for laptops. Polyethylene Terephthalate-based, this high-quality nano-PET film is resistant to scratches, glue retention, and oil stains, but it’s also more flexible than tempered glass, which makes it less likely to crease.

To further enhance your visual acuity, this best anti-glare screen protector boasts a matte finish that makes it perfect for Screen Touch-enabled Razer models.

As far as we are concerned, the only downside has to do with its installation. While the package includes all the necessary tools as well as comprehensive installation indications, the cut makes it a bit tricky for fitting on a Razer Book.

Do bear in mind that this particular screen guard for laptops is only suitable for 13.4-inch screens and it caters to Touch Screen models exclusively.

Screen protector compatible with Razer Book 13 13.4 inch screen

  • Bubble-free fit, easy to apply + residue-free removal
  • Antireflection coating for a dazzle-free effect
  • Robust shock-absorbing TPU layers
  • Matte finish to repel dirt and stains
  • We did not identify any major drawbacks.

Unlike the previous product, this AtFoliX screen protector is super easy to install. Fully compatible with the 13.4-inch screen Razer Book 13, the film can easily be applied and repositioned without leaving behind any residual traces.

Due to its optimized adhesive layer, you will enjoy a bubble-free mounting that guarantees the perfect hold.

The package contains a dedicated installation tool, a cleaning cloth, 2 films, and the most comprehensive and intuitive indications with both illustrated and video mounting instructions available in multiple languages.

This Razer Book 13 screen protector integrates an advanced antireflection coating that neutralizes the dreaded dazzle effect and improves readability even when your laptop screen is exposed to strong lighting sources.

The matte surface not only removes glare, but acts as a dirt repellent that keeps fingerprints, scratches, and impurities at bay.

As if it weren’t enough, the FX protector film flaunts impressive anti-shock capabilities and 4H-grade surface hardness to eliminate screen breakage risks.

Furthermore, this Razer Book 13 screen protector integrates TPU shock-absorber layers, making it a robust and safe screen guard for your laptop.

13.3-inch screen protector with blue light and anti-glare filter

  • Advanced blue light anti-glare filters
  • Radiation and UV400 protection
  • Ultra-high transparency
  • Anti-static and scracth protection
  • Unless your measurements are accurate, only the display area will be covered, leaving the edges exposed.

At the forefront of screen filter manufacturing, FORITO strives to constantly improve its products and high quality has been a company staple for quite a while.

They make a big deal of their eye protection-focused features and we dare say, they are entitled to a bit of an innocent bragging due to their excellent technology addition.

In their own words, it is not just a blue light screen filter. It’s an enhanced 7 layers anti-blue light filter with 100% UV400 and radiation protection that reduces eye strain and visual fatigue like no other.

You’re probably thinking that such a robust shield would take a toll on the natural colors and we cannot blame you for it.

Instead, we are happy to confirm that this Razer Book 13 screen protector preserves the original brightness, does not yellow the screen, and renders the intended colors superbly.

And we have its ultra-high (95%) transparency to thank for that. This is one nifty feature that not only neutralizes the annoying glare effect but also preserves your battery life. Win-win, right?

To top it all, it also includes anti-static and anti-scratch filters as well as a bubble absorption design to remove any installation flaws.

Speaking about the installation, Forito insists that you correctly measure your screen size and assess if the glass has a raised bezel or a flat front before proceeding with the purchase.

If you’re using a bezel glass, only the display area will be covered, while the edges remain exposed and this is also what we noticed.

Should I put a screen protector on my laptop?

We strongly advise you to do so. And it’s not just for the laptop’s wellbeing, but for yours as well. Blue light is harmful and repeated or constant exposure can irreversibly damage your retina in the long term.

Confort-wise, you are likely to feel much better, much sooner because an anti-blue light screen protector for laptops will relieve eye pressure and boost your overall experience pretty much in the same way as a curved monitor would for a gamer. So why not give it a try?

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