The Razer Book 13 is by default a good quality laptop with an impressively sturdy CNC anodized aluminum-made chassis that against all odds, manages to remain light, portable, and compact.

But just like you’d benefit from a Razer Book 13 screen protector neatly applied on top of the built-in Gorilla 6 glass, a protective sleeve would not hurt.

You probably already have a laptop bag, stacked in a dark corner of your desk. While there are also heavy-duty laptop cases that are worth paying for, we reckon a Razer Book 13 sleeve is more adapted for traveling.

What is the difference between a laptop case and a laptop sleeve? Sleeves are usually handleless and conceived to perfectly fit your laptop without any loose ends in order to prevent sliding.

Is it worth getting a laptop sleeve?

Owning a piece of robust equipment is a good start, but its in-built protective mechanisms are by no means exhaustive and do not cover unexpected events such as drops or other intense shocks.

This is where a good laptop sleeve comes in to protect not just against dust or minor debris but against spills and all kinds of accidents that are likely to occur especially when you’re on the move.

While there is no shortage of protective gear on the market, we know that finding the right Razer Book 13 sleeve can be a daunting task.

So, we made things simple for you with a useful checkpoint to keep close when searching for the best laptop sleeve out there.

How do I choose a laptop sleeve?

Tip icon Tip
➡ High-quality durable materials such as neoprene or polyester
➡ Protective mechanisms against knocks, bumps, drops, falls scratches, scuffs, dust, and debris
➡ Water-resistant capacities to repel spills
➡ Perfect fit (Remember that your Razer Book 13 is equipped with a 13.4-inch display with bezels on 4 sides, so your sleeve should be wider than that, but without too much spare space to prevent it from sliding. You will need to consider the laptop’s width for this, so don’t go any lower than 13.8 inches when it comes to the sleeve’s dimension.)
➡ Lightweight and flexible materials that are highly adaptable but hold their form well in time and easy to use accessories (such as zippers or velcro) that allow you to easily slip your laptop in and out

Which laptop sleeve is the best for Razer Book 13?

Protective Cover Case for Razer Book 13

  • High-quality PU leather (exterior) + soft cashmere microfiber (interior)
  • Special liner design to improve heat dissipation
  • Anti-scratch and anti-dust protection
  • Protection against mild collisions and impact
  • Unique and fashionable design with vibrant colors
  • The fixing corner straps partially overlap the screen.
  • For Dell XPS 9300 laptop models, the camera is also partially covered.

This Alapmk case is all about craftsmanship and high quality. Everything is hand-sewed and punctiliousness can be seen (and admired) in the slightest details from the handle, to the zipper and pocket.

Since it’s not produced on an industrial scale, this fashionable sleeve is by no means universal and only caters to a chosen few (laptop models) among which the Razer Book 13.

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First things first. Let’s talk materials. On the exterior, we have a high-quality synthetic leather, while the interior boasts a soft cashmere microfiber, making this Razer Book 13 sleeve not just a sight for sore eyes thanks to its appealing esthetics, but also a joy to touch with your hands.

Of course, looks are not everything. On the contrary, this premium PU leather has tons of functional advantages.

The liner has proved to be a cooling enhancer and its unique design improves the airflow and helps dissipate heat better.

What’s more, it also acts as a protective layer against scratches and dust, while the durable interior coating helps to protect your laptop against mild collision and impact.

Now, we all know that loose ends can be a problem when using the laptop and Alapmk tried to anticipate this by adding two elastic rubbers.

Unfortunately, it’s not a flawless solution as the bottom straps covered a bit of the screen for us.

Furthermore, there seems to be a bit of an issue with Dell XPS 9300 laptops even though they are listed as supported models. It turns out that this sleeve partially covers the camera. However, we had no such problem with the Razer Book 13.

Hand Made laptop sleeve for Razer Book 13

  • Improves heat dissipation
  • Made of high-quality waterproof leather
  • Equipped with a functional pocket for better organization
  • Portable and traveling-convenient design
  • Limited compatibility (requires accurate measurement and precise identification of the laptop model).

Just like our previous recommendation, this Razer Book 13 sleeve is part of a limited series and the attention to detail is easy to notice.

To begin with, it’s portable and super convenient to carry thanks to its attached handle and buttons. This 2-in-1 design makes it even more practical and you can easily use it as a comfortable carrying bag.

And speaking of comfort, we all know that accessories are just as important as the main equipment itself. That’s one of the reasons why cable management accessories are so useful for office space organization, for instance.

MAMA MOUTH’s sleeve includes a pocket as well as an additional front storage space to help you keep your items organized.

The sleeve is made of high-quality waterproof leather that protects your laptop against spills but also against dust, scratches, and collisions.

While the external coating is durable and resistant, the inner layer is made of soft microfiber to further protect your laptop.

To top it all, the entire design is built around the idea of improving air circulation to avoid overheating. This unique cooling feature will make sure your laptop’s temperature is always under control even under intense usage conditions.

Protective Sleeve V2 for 13.3 notebooks

  • Snag-free velcro for effortless usage
  • Protective layer against impact or scratches
  • Custom-fit for the Razer Book 13
  • Padded, ultra-slim interior lining
  • Impermeable and durable PVC coating
  • The mousepad is causing overheating and the surface is not generous enough.

The Razer Protective Sleeve V2 is custom-fit for 13.3 notebooks and it has Razer written all over it.

We mean that both in the literal sense (see the company’s staple holographic and chromatic wordmark) and figuratively due to the high-quality finishes that elevate the product and distinguish it from everything else on the market.

The exterior material is a combination of highly durable and robust PVC and polyester that seals your laptop against accidental spills, abrasions, and other potential damages.

Meanwhile, the padded interior lining is as smooth as they come and provides a slim layer of protection for your laptop.

Needless to say that there is a great advantage in owning a sleeve and laptop manufactured by the same company. From the very beginning, you can rule out potential incompatibility issues as this case is custom-fit for your Razer Book 13.

Its slim and sleek design guarantees flawless portability and you can easily slot this breezy laptop into your backpack or suitcase.

The snag-free velcro further contributes to the ease of use, making it easy to take the laptop out or to put back in and hold it securely in place.

While we salute the Razer Protective Sleeve V2’s superb features, it would not be fair to skip its flaws. The flip-out mousemat – advertised as a huge selling point – turned out to be a bit disappointing.

The flap is simply not big enough and the mousepad itself is causing the laptop to overheat.

There you have it, now you know which Razer Book 13 sleeve to pick in order to make the most of your productivity-focused workstation.

Unleash its true potential by pairing it with the sleeve that does it justice and enjoy it for years to come in pristine condition!

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