Windows 10 will support remote desktop access for multiple users

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Microsoft will most likely add a new Multi Session option to Windows 10 this fall. Such an opportunity would allow IT to offer multiple users remote access to desktops and apps without having to rely on the Windows Server. The company offered us some hints that such ways to help deliver virtual app/desktop capabilities in Windows 10 would be made available later on.

Microsoft improves Remote Desktop Services

Remote Desktop Services currently allows users to interact with apps that are hosted on servers and not on their systems. This approach is used by lots of businesses to offer access to apps for remote-working.

The Remote Desktop Modern infrastructure is planned for public availability in late 2018, according to Microsoft. The changes targeting RDS should make it more efficient for hosting the service in Azure, and it would offer security enhancements and more.

Windows 10 Redstone 5 brings multi-session support this fall

There’s a new multi-session feature rumored to come packed in Windows 10 Redstone 5/1809 this fall. Word is that IT developers have been asking more time to finish working on the feature. Microsoft just released a preview of Windows Server 2019, and this triggered speculation about how the company plans to deliver RDS.

Brian Madden stated on his blog that the Remote Desktop Session Host aka RDSH is not able to be installed on Windows Server 2019. He is the one who sparked rumors about Microsoft adding a multi-user option in Windows 10.

The companion rumor to Microsoft removing RDSH from Server is that they will be *adding* a multi-user, multiwin-based option to Windows 10. In other words, Microsoft is taking Terminal Server out of Windows Server and moving into Windows 10. If true, this is fantastic.

The multi-session feature should work with Win32, UWP apps, and Microsoft Edge

The new Windows 10 multi-session feature should work with UWP apps, Win32 and the Edge browser and it is expected to be included in the company’s solution for supporting Office apps via Office 365 Pro Plus. There are no more available details on this functionality or regarding its pricing/licensing.



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