Icecream Password Manager is a comprehensive password management tool for PC users

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One thing I have learnt from my life is to jot down things I consider important. Well until last couple of years I used to use a daily diary but later I found that a digital medium is not only convenient but it’s also seamless to use. Then came the mixture of Evernote and Google Keep, however all of the note taking apps had a glaring disadvantage, the absence of a Password management feature. Fast forward to today and I have used nearly all of the major Password Management programs including the LastKeep and Kaspersky. However, in the recent past, I have been hooked to Icecream Password Manager, a simplistic Password manager tool that scores high on the utilitarian front.

Why do you Need a Password Manager?

Many of us don’t realise the need of a Password Manager until its too late. Password Manager helps you generate and save strong passwords for any number of services on the Internet. The problem of Password confusion is sorted out since all the Passwords are encrypted and stored in the Icecream Password Manager. Additionally, it is tools like this that will safeguard your credentials from breaches or malware. The best part of it all is that Icecream password manager is a free tool for Windows and is capable of managing multiple accounts across different platforms.

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The Best Features of Icecream Password Managers

Icecream Password manager is apparently built keeping in mind the complexity of financial transactions that take place in the online space. Thanks to the AES-256 encryption Icecream Password Manager helps in securing your sensitive data like online bank accounts, website logins, credit cards and other identities safe from intruders and hackers. Thankfully multiple users will be able to use the Icecream Password Manager from the same computer.

The Icecream Password Manager adds another layer of security by offering a vault feature. Basically, the vault is just like a real life safe that stores all your valuable things. The program allows users to create multiple tools and manages all of them with a master password.

Installation and User Interface

Installation is pretty straight forward. One needs to download the software here. In the initiation page, the software will ask users to setup a vault and also name the same. Along with the name of the vault one also needs to enter a password and a hint for easy recovery. The installation will not proceed until and unless you create at least one vault. Thanks to the import option you will also be able to import the .ipm files from other password managers.

In the next step of installation, you will be given a choice to install a plugin for Chrome or Firefox. I personally recommend selecting the plugin for all your browsers so that the Icecream Password manager will be available on both of your browsers. In the vault home screen, you can click on the ‘safe key’ icon and add more vaults.

Adding Password details for every site is pretty simple, just click on the “Add Item button” and then choose login. The Icecream Password Manager will also display a save prompt whenever you log in to a service like Facebook or Twitter from the browser.

Under the settings tab, one will find General, Backup and Browsers. The Backup options include the way you want to fine tune your backups followed by the Browsers tab that allows you to manage passwords on the browsers. Other features include Secure Note, a vault to protect your ideas, Master Password and Dropbox sync. Moreover, the other functionalities like the auto lock are set to make your vault more secure.

The Bottomline

After having used other Password Managers like Avira and LastPass, one thing is for sure the Icecream Password Manager strikes the right balance between features and security. Moreover, the software is intuitive and easy to use. While most of the other Password Managers focus on only web plugin the Icecream Password manager also helps you maintain a copy of Passport, Drivers licenses and also Software licenses!


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