Roblox won’t let you move? Here’s what to do

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roblox won't let me move

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Even though Roblox is a fairly well-optimized game and works fine on low-spec systems, it’s not flawless. That’s the reason why the majority of errors are concerning either network or the browser in which you play the game. The perfect example is when the controls freeze suddenly, both on the loading screen or during the gameplay.

We enlisted some possible solutions, so make sure to go over them one by one. By the end, you should resolve the error at hand and unstuck your character.

Roblox controls froze? Fix it with these 6 steps

  1. Check the connection
  2. Disable background apps
  3. Check the server status
  4. Allow Roblox through Windows Firewall
  5. Check time and date
  6. Reduce the graphics quality

1: Check the connection

First things first. Since this is an obvious sign of possible connection issues, we’ll need you to confirm that everything is fine on your side. The easiest way to find out whether your network is working properly is to connect to an alternative website. If everything is fine, the server might be down.

On the other hand, if your internet is completely down or working slow, follow the steps we provided below. Try again after every new step and look for improvements.

  • Restart router and/or modem.
  • Restart your PC.
  • Disable VPN or proxy.
  • While in a browser, press Ctrl + Shift + Delete and clear the browsing data. Avoid clearing saved passwords.
  • Update Internet Explorer. For some reason, you’ll need the latest version of Internet Explorer, use it or not.
  • Update router’s firmware.
  • Check your Data package loss. The SpeedTest should be of use.
  • Check the cables. Stick with the wired connection instead of the wireless one. The latter has large packet loss and it’s unstable. Thus, not suitable for gaming.

2: Disable background apps

Another possible reason for Roblox stuttering is to be found in background apps. Especially the ones which integrate with the game itself, like the Discord client. Also, the emphasis is on the connection-dependent applications, like Skype and torrent clients. Lots of users resolved the issue at hand by simply disabling the apps from working in the background. At least, while playing the game.

Disabling background apps is simple, just follow the steps we provided below:

  1. Right-click Start and open Task Manager from the Power User menu.
  2. Open the Startup tab.roblox won't let me move
  3. Disable all programs and confirm changes.
  4. Restart your PC and try playing Roblox again.

3: Check the server status

Another important thing is to check the server status and confirm that’s up and running. There’s a chance that the issue is still somewhat on your side, but due to a sheer load of players playing, the server tends to go down. In addition, there are frequent maintenance sessions, so have that in mind as well. All of this can cause spikes and you won’t be able to move your character.

You can check the server status, here.

4: Allow Roblox through Windows Firewall

In order for Roblox to work in a seamless manner, it obviously requires unobstructed communication to its dedicated servers. But, there are reports about Firewall blocking it and you might need to configure this by hand. Firstly, you need to allow the program to communicate through Windows Firewall. In addition, if you have a third-party antivirus with the associated firewall, make sure to either disable it or add an exception for Roblox, as well.

Here’s how to allow Roblox through Windows Firewall:

  1. In the Windows Search bar, type Allow and open “Allow an app through Windows Firewall“.roblox won't let me move
  2. Click Change settings.roblox won't let me move
  3. Allow Roblox to freely communicate with Public and Private networks. It should be on the list.
  4. Confirm changes and restart the game.

5: Check time and date

Furthermore, similar issues can emerge due to a discrepancy between the server time and your system time. Therefore, we need you to double-check the time and date settings in Windows 10.

Here’s how to confirm that date and time are properly set:

  1. Right-click Start and open Settings from the Power menu.
  2. Select Time & Language.
  3. Under the Date & Time section, enable the ‘Set time automatically‘  and ‘Select time zone automatically‘.roblox won't let me move
  4. Close Settings and restart your PC.

6: Reduce the graphics quality

Finally, even though Roblox is far from a demanding game, you can try reducing the graphics settings. The processing load will reduce substantially and the issue with the character movement should be gone.

Just open Roblox Studio and navigate to Tools > Settings > Rendering. While there, select Rendering and reduce the QualityLevel option to lower values. Have in mind that this will affect the looks of the game and might downrate the overall experience.

That’s it. You’re free to post alternative solutions or confirm some of these we provided work. In addition, don’t forget to update your version timely, and, to share the extensive in-game issues with the developer. That way they’ll know what’s wrong and fix it timely.



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