Top 3 royalty free music software for Windows 10

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royalty free music software
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Do you want to create royalty free music? Today, we will be showing some of the top royalty free music software available.

Royalty free music enables the purchaser pay for a music license only once and is able to use the music more than once. For instance, if you buy a royalty free music license for a video on your blog or site, you pay only once, it does not matter if you have 100 or 10,000 visitors, or you make use of the music for 2 months or 12 years.

In addition, royalty free music does not mean you can get a music license for free. Royalty free Music is not also a stock music. It is not a copyright free music, neither is it a particular genre or music quality. However, there are several software’s available for making royalty free music.

Top royalty free music software to use in 2018

Music Maker

Music Maker software has various options which make music production much easier. Beginners find it very easy and intuitive to use right from the beginning. This royalty free music software has eight tracks and free loops, software instruments and sound packages.

In addition, this free software has a drag & drop workflow and comes with very good loops needed to make trap, hip-hop and techno beats which gives an authentic and professional sound.

Melodies and chords can easily be composed with the MIDI editor even if you lack the knowledge to read music. Music Maker software provides real creative freedom for creating any kind of music. You can produce songs in any genre trap, hip-hop, techno and EDM quickly.

Download Music Maker from Magix

Get Music Maker from the Microsoft Store

FL Studio


This software is also very good for making royalty free music. It has an enhanced interface which makes complex productions much easier.

FL Studio accepts several simultaneous inputs such as piano, guitar, drum, and several musical instruments. The mixer can be controlled directly with a touch screen notebook or tablet. The interface can fit automatically to any screen size.

Furthermore, beginners can find FL Studio easy to use compared to other royalty free music software.  It is fairly cheap and offers free upgrades to new editions.

Download FL Studio



This software was developed by Steinberg, a German musical software company. It combines a good sound quality and a range of advanced MIDI and audio tools for composition, recording, mixing and editing of music.

Cubase can create music projects, which enables the user to edit raw audio tracks, edit MIDI files, lyrics and present them in different formats such as musical scores, event lists and editing console. Hence, royalty free music can easily be created.

Various tracks can also be mixed by the operator into a stereo.wav file readily in place to be burnt into a compact disc in mp3 or Red Book format as files on CD or DVD or to be published online. Also, it is compatible with several Windows OS versions.

Download Cubase

In conclusion, any of the royalty free music software we mentioned in this post is ideal even for novice computer users. Your knowledge, skill and experience in music might come into play when making your choice of software.

However, it boils down to what you want and which software is preferable for you. Go for the royalty free music software which suits your interest the most and make good music.


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