10 Best Santa Claus PC Games to Play This Winter

Get into a holiday mood with the latest Santa Claus games

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  • Enjoy a fresh selection of Santa Claus games to enjoy this winter and get into the spirit of Christmas.
  • Selection includes both free and paid options which can be downloaded on Steam, Kinguin or G2A.
  • Some of the available games can be played on VR headsets for an immersive experience.
What are the best Santa Claus games to play this winter
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Christmas is coming and if you want to get into the holiday mood, start by playing some fun Santa Claus games. In this article, we’re going to list the best Santa games currently available — all you need to do is hit the play button.

What are the best Santa Claus games for PC?

Christmas Carol

Christmas Carol is a hidden objects game that is packed with gorgeous scenes and catchy mini-puzzles for guaranteed fun and a very nice story.

You will have to help a mother to find her children by exploring the Victorian age London. During your exciting adventure, you will meet the characters from the famous Charles Dickens’ novel and will even be talking to the Christmas Spirits.

You will finally change the future and turn it to your advantage by going through time portals and magical experiences.

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Santa Sling

How can Santa Claus deliver presents so fast?! It’s a highly discussed dilemma but one way is by using a big, magical sling and he’s aming for the chimneys.

In the Santa Sling VR game, you will be the great slinger of Santa and you will do the job of delivering presents right from Santa’s sleigh during its flight over a Christmas-themed town.

Unfortunately, this game is only for those who own a pretty powerful computer, and the HTCVive Headset and Controllers.

The computer requirements start from a configuration with an Intel i5-4590 equivalent or better CPU, 8 GB of memory, Windows 7 SP1 or later OS, Nvidia GeForce GTX 970, AMD Radeon R9 290 or equivalent graphics cards and 1 GB of free space.

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I Hate Santa

I hate Santa is a very cool VR snowball fight game that you can play with your VR goggles and a controller. Get ready for epic fights while you dodge, shoot against a lot of opponents from the winter realm.

We know you’re the best snowball fighter so you will definitely finish the game and then…you will finally discover Santa’s darkest secret.

The game also has a PVP mode so you can also compete with your friends. Let’s see who is going to own the leader board!

Santa Rockstar

If you like rock music, then Santa Rockstar is the right game for you. Guide Santa around the world and help him slay rock and metal versions of classic Christmas carols together with a reindeer always ready to lend you a helping hand.

In this game, you’ll play Christmas songs such as: Jingle Bells, Carol of the Bells, March of the Nutcracker, Silent Night, God Rest ye Gentlemen, We Wish You A Merry Christmas, Joy to the World, Santa is in Trouble, Little Bells for You, Hark the Herald, Snowball Fight, Three Wise Men, and Santa’s Journey Begins.

You can use your keyboard as a guitar or use a guitar controller to play this budget Guitar Hero for Christmas.

Get Santa Rockstar from Steam

Santa’s Special Delivery

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In this title, you’ll track those who have been naughty or nice. As expected, good boys and girls get gifts but bad boys and girls get poop from Santa. Yes, this game may not be appropriate for all ages, but it’s quite fun to play.

The gameplay is quite simple: You can take control of Santa’s sleigh and steer the twelve exploding reindeer to deliver Christmas presents. In each city, there’s someone who has been so naughty that the only gift they deserve is a load of poop down their chimney.

Get Santa’s Special Delivery from Steam

Secret Santa

Secret Santa allows you to sneak into people’s houses to deliver Christmas presents. Your task is to complete the list of deliveries and snatch some cookies. This sounds like a pretty easy job to do, right?

The catch is that, paradoxically, everybody’s out to get you so you need to avoid being seen. If they see you, they’ll shot, chop, or blow you up.

Get Secret Santa from Steam

New Yankee in Santa’s Service

You are Santa’s last hope. Find his missing reindeer to avoid Christmas being cancelled before Christmas eve. Your task is to guide the heroes and a band of elves to complete the tasks that appear on the screen.

Manage your time and resources and plan well because you also need to defend your ground when evil Snowmen and Ice Witches attack.

Get New Yankee in Santa’s Service from Steam

Santa’s Christmas Solitaire

If you’re a Solitaire fan, you’ll definitely enjoy playing Santa’s Christmas Solitaire. In this title, you’ll help Santa solve some strange mysteries. You will visit many locations at the North Pole and Santa’s Village as you collect Santa hats to complete levels and earn Santa coins to progress through the game.

Santa’s Christmas Solitaire is actually a basic Solitaire game with a Christmas user interface.

Get Santa’s Christmas Solitaire from Steam

Christmas Bingo Santa’s Gifts

Christmas Bingo Santa's Gifts

If you love playing Bingo, here’s a nice Santa-themed game that you can play this winter: Christmas Bingo Santa’s Gifts.

You can play bingo tournaments and enjoy hours of fun with classic bingo rules. There are also multiplayer bingo challenges available and many Santa gifts waiting to be unwrapped.

The game also features impressive Xmas animations, Christmas-themed bingo cards, gifts, Xmas holiday music and many skins and themes like Biker Santa, Shiny nose Rudolph that are available as soon as you’ve unlocked particular levels.

Get Christmas Bingo Santa’s Gifts from Microsoft

Play with Santa Claus at Christmas

Play with Santa Claus at Christmas

Play with Santa Claus at Christmas is a collection of Santa-themed mini games that will put your memory and dexterity to the test.

Here’s what you’ll find in this collection of games:

  • Help Santa find his elves. They hid in the house and are now throwing snowballs at you.
  • Forest animals have gathered together to sing Christmas songs and you’ll be their conductor.
  • Train your memory and find pairs of matching cards in an amazing memory game.

Get Play with Santa Claus at Christmas from Microsoft

Are you ready to push the play button?

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