5 best security badge maker software to design ID cards

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  • Modern buildings have automated access control points that grant people access based on security badges.
  • Both small and large companies give employees security badges to make sure they only access the areas they are allowed to enter.
  • Adobe Photoshop is an excellent tool to design and create security badges and ID cards as are all the other tools which we will be covering in this guide.
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Badges are similar to identity cards, but with advanced security features. It’s like another emblem for the organization, worn by the employees. As implied, the designing of security badges involves an intricate process keeping the company security in mind.

Moreover, they give access to different premises of the company and are hence, designed by security badge software programs. Having said that, these badges are also useful for new hires and members for quick access.

Unlike a usual card printing tool, an id card design software is capable of adding security features like holography, etching, MicroText, and more. Therefore, it’s important to choose the right ID card software that guides users step by step to design the desired security badge.

Here’s a list of some of the best security badge software programs that can do justice to security needs.


What are the best ID card design software to use?

Adobe Photoshop

photoshop badge design software

Adobe Photoshop is an excellent tool that companies can use to design the security badges of their employees. A security badge is not only a means to identify the holder and restrict employee access to the areas they are not allowed to enter. It’s also an emblem for the organization itself.

Photoshop puts a large collection of badge templates at users’ disposal. Of course, if you don’t like the design of the ready-made templates, you can create your own.

A security badge or identification card with a nice design will make employees feel proud when wearing it. In other words, Photoshop will help companies foster belonging at the workplace through unique badge designs.

Interested in seeing what Photoshop can do?

Download Adobe Photoshop


ID Card Design Sofftware

Badge making has witnessed a major upheaval in the past few years with the modern security badge software by AlphaCard. The software is the brainpower behind the card-printing process that enables users to design their own badges.

It also helps them handle and save any details of the cardholder, make contact with databases, and insert features.

The software comes equipped with pre-set templates that can be used to design the badges. It includes features like text editing, and also conditional layers and objects to help design badges in layers. The software allows users to import images in various formats.

Moreover, users can add encoding in form of barcodes, proximity encoding, magnetic strips, etc. using the tool. Among its major advantages is its security feature with password protection, accounts for individuals and groups, and more.

These features help prevent any unauthorized access to the design documents. Attendance and time tracking feature of the software helps smoothen the process of controlling employee data in a centralized spot.

⇒ Price: free trial available; starts from $175.

Asure ID Software by HID Global

id card design software

HID Global comes with a complete range of Asure ID card design software. From plain, preliminary type software to enterprise level software it has a lot to offer. HID Assure ID Exchange is the product that focuses more secure password-based applications with avant-garde smart card features. It also includes laser engraving for added security.

It includes robust integration along with modules for encoding and enrollment. This feature makes sure of fast and smooth access to other database sources. Users can also personalize the badge both graphically and electronically in a single consistent method using iDirector management module. Besides, it also features the laser configuration module for easy setup and upkeep of the engraver.

Best of all, it boasts an advanced user interface that’s perfect even for the beginners. Moreover, it allows users to sort, filter, and assemble data to create custom reports.

Compatibility with Fargo laser engraver and firm integration with more than 25 top id card systems, are some of its other major features.

⇒ Price: 30-day free trial available; starts from $250.


ID Card Design Software

IDSecurityOnline prints professional security badges just like the other applications. It also helps manage employee data and syncing with the current database while inserting encoding features to the badges.

The range of software offered by the brand makes the entire ID designing process much easier with a professional outcome. These are not just easy to upgrade but are also easy on the pocket with availability in different prices based on needs.

Pre-defined templates, edit view for text data, magnetic encoding option, creating and editing facility for the database table, or signature acquisition are some of the other significant features of the basic software.

Advanced features like “Guru Peedy” that provides a chance to communicate with the software, or signature capturing are available in pro versions. Easy four click interfaces or Twain image acquiring are among the other notable features of the advanced versions.

⇒ Price: starts from $63.75.

Jolly ID Badge Software

ID Card Design Software

Jolly ID Badge Software brings the ID creation solution for users that helps them track their employees, easily. It can create even the most intricate or simple layouts, based on the needs. Whether users make templates using the designs or implement them to any preferred profile, it gets easy to print the desired number of cards with company emblem. Users can also consider the advanced versions for employee tracking and visitor management. Moreover, the pro versions help integrate the new badges with the access control system.

This ID card printing software helps make photo IDs that are fully featured. Using this software, users can allocate security badges to employees, visitors, and even members, easily.

What’s more? It also blends with the existing software to print Badges straight from the current personal records of the user. In addition, it helps reprint replacement badges fast and effortlessly.

Best of all, it makes the ID cards more secure by adding barcodes, magnetic strips, and RFID encoding.

⇒ Price: starts from $250.


A company badge or an identity card is critical for the organization’s security and also for its employees. Therefore, it’s important to get it printed using a professional security badge software that ensures the complete security of the credentials.

So, choose from the best software programs from the above list and secure your employee’s data.

FAQ: Learn more about security badges

  • What is a security badge?

A security badge is a card used for accessing areas secured with automated access control entry points. Their main role is to identify the holder and grant them access to the areas they are authorized to enter.

  • Can you refuse to wear a name badge at work?

If your employer stipulated in your employment contract that you are required to wear a badge at work, you cannot refuse to wear one.

  • Why should employees wear ID badges?

Employees should wear ID badges for security reasons as they server to identify the holder and restrict access to areas where the holder is not authorized to enter.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in February 2019 and has since been updated for freshness and accuracy.