6 best web design software for WordPress [2021 Guide]

Milan Stanojevic
by Milan Stanojevic
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  • Putting SEO above people is far from your idea, so finding the best web design software for WordPress seems to be your challenge for today.
  • Adobe Dreamweaver meets the needs of those who accept no compromises. GoDaddy, Artisteer, and Pinegrow are also top choices in that regard.
  • Keep in mind that there are a few great website design software tools that require no coding skills.
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A decade ago, website creation was an area reserved only for those of us who had solid programming skills. Nowadays, anybody can build their own website.

There are a variety of website builders online – Wix, GoDaddy – that offer a wide range of options and templates, both free and paid, for your online businesses, galleries, blogs, etc.

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WordPress is used by more than 60 million websites and it offers a free and open-source content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL.

It includes plugin architecture, a template system, and it’s used even in domains such as pervasive display systems (PDS).

Using WordPress‘s themes allows any user to change the look and functionality of a WordPress website without altering the site‘s core code or site content which comes in very handy.

WordPress also offers a wide range of plug-ins (over 55,000 available), allowing you to extend the features of any website or blog with ease.

Using these plug-ins, the customization ability of your website is almost unlimited and you can use them for search engine optimization (SEO), client portals, content management, features of content displaying, and more.

Because of WordPress‘s popularity, most website builders let you set up your WordPress site easily and usually give you a more visually pleasing experience with some added features.

So, let’s see what are the best website building software for WordPress.

Which is the best website design software for WordPress?

Adobe Dreamweaver

try out Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe Dreamweaver is the go-to web design software for WordPress. Creating and publishing web pages can be a hassle-free task with the help of this tool as it packs outstanding features.

If you happen to like the idea of flexible coding, then you need to know more about its smart coding engine. With access to useful code hints, mastering HTML, CSS, and other web standards will become possible.

Even beginners are helped to better understand what the coding does for their website. Apart from that, your coding is instantly checked.

To be more precise, Dreamweaver will highlight every single mistake you make, even if it’s just a typo.

Some of the key features you’ll most likely appreciate:

  • Countless incorporated templates at your disposal
  • Live View editing accessible with just a click of the mouse
  • Word processing interface to make quick text changes
  • Incorporated tab functionality to make switching between files incredibly easy
  • Multi-monitor support for an extended workspace that meets your demands
  • New features are constantly added to Adobe Dreamweaver
Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe Dreamweaver

Websites of all kinds will be easy to create from scratch with the help of this amazing tool, so get Dreamweaver today!
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GoDaddy - webdesign for WordPress

GoDaddy Inc. is one of the world’s largest ‘web services’ companies. They were founded as a domain registrar but today they provide an entire range of services from web hosting to website builders.

Like many other companies, because of the popularity of using WordPress for setting up websites, GoDaddy created their own ”WordPress Hosting” product.

Even though GoDaddy’s specialty is not hosting (they started as a domain registrar) – their Website Builder for WordPress product competes with other companies on the market.

One of the biggest hurdles for new website owners is the learning curve of a new setup – dealing with drop-downs, settings and jargon.

Their WordPress Hosting product has back end design, usability and ‘onboarding’ to help you with these issues.

GoDaddy provides SFTP ( Secure File Transfer Protocol) and staging areas on their upper plans and also provide WordPress specific support.

The simplicity of setting everything up takes away some of the stress of actually running your website and makes the WordPress installation ‘a one-click experience’ while offering plenty of web designs to get you inspired.

Go Daddy website builder for WordPress gives you the opportunity to choose the best visual setup whether you’re using it for your business or passion.

GoDaddy website builder key features:

  • Professional imagery -great library of royalty-free photography and option to upload your own
  • Swipe-to-style interface – easy to create and update the look of your site
  • The ability to customize every part of your website’s pages with easily editable templates
  • Professionally designed styles and beautifully coordinated color sets
  • Easy set up to start selling online
  • Easy to manage inventory – supports adding over 5000 products with a few clicks
  • Support for all major credit cards, PayPal and even Apple Pay
  • Flexible shipping
  • Purchase e-mail reminders for customers that left something in their cart
  • Easy blog creation without the need to install plug-ins


WordPress-based websites need services that focus on WordPress, and GoDaddy is one such tool that will surely deliver.
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Elementor Web Design

Elementor is a very powerful and easy to use option for WordPress web designing. You can use this tool to create beautiful landing pages, design blogs, customize your online store, and more.

You can easily customize every part of your WordPress website using the build-in Theme Builder and create custom headers, footers, etc.

Elementor has over 80 design elements and other dedicated tools to help you easily generate more traffic, leads, and conversions without the use of any plug-ins.

It works perfectly with any theme & plugin in WordPress and it’s available in over 50 languages. The tool offers complete RTL (register-transfer level) and is fully compatible with translation plugins like WPML.

It offers pixel perfect design in WordPress producing 100% clean code allowing you to take your design vision and turn it into a stunning custom-made website

Elementor key features:

  • Drag & drop feature to create the perfect layout
  • Thousands of font options or ability to upload your own custom font
  • CSS filters
  • 18 different shape dividers
  • Hover & scroll animations to increase site interactivity
  • Text shadow
  • Custom color picker
  • Background gradient (BG)
  • Mobile visibility
  • 100+ free and Pro WordPress templates

Elementor is available in 3 versions:

  • The ‘Personal‘ version can be used for only one site with features that include theme builder, premium support, WooCommerce Builder, 50+ Pro Widgets, 300+ Pro Templates and 1 year of updates
  • The ‘Business‘ edition offers all the ‘Personal’ features but can be used for 3 sites
  • The ‘Unlimited‘ version, as the name suggests, can be used for an unlimited number of sites.

You can find more information about how to get started, video tutorials, documentation, and FAQ’s here.



Elemetor provides you with all the tools you may ever need to build a website from the grounds up, so try it today!
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Pinegrow - WordPress design

Pinegrow is a Windows web editor that offers a quick solution for building responsive websites with live multi-page editing, CSS, SASS styling, CSS Grid Editor, and smart components for WordPress.

Pinegrow key features:

  • Visual control for CSS gradients and an entire library dedicated to gradient presets
  • Smart drag & drop features
  • Page libraries
  • Element code edit support
  • Page code editor
  • Live editor for SASS and LESS without any external tools
  • Active rules
  • You can edit your pages for multiple device sizes
  • Custom breakpoints which Pinegrow can detect by analyzing stylesheets
  • Media queries
  • You can define templates by using ‘master pages’ feature (Pro edition)
  • Static CMS (Pro edition)

Pinegrow lets you create production-ready WordPress themes, and also exports the standard PHP WordPress files. You can preview PHP code, import WP content, and add 200+ WP actions.

Pinegrow comes in 3 types of licenses suiting different types of users – individuals, companies, and students with three subcategories for each one of them.

The ‘Standard‘ version of any of these 3 options is suitable for building one-page websites, the ‘Pro’ version allows you to create multi-page websites with other added features like CMS.

The ‘Pro with WordPress‘ version can be used to easily create production-ready WordPress themes and all the futures included in the Pro edition.

Download Pinegrow


Artisteer Web Design

Artisteer 4.3 is an easy-to-use web design generator for Windows that offers hundreds of design options and the ability to export them to WordPress.

You can easily design awesome blogs and cool web templates in minutes without the need to learn Photoshop, CSS, or HTML, with the ability to include images and buttons to your newly created WordPress template.

Its powerful tools allow you to automatically solve any problems with image aliasing, web browser capability, and other details enabling you to learn how to create professional HTML and CSS codes.

Artisteer can help you instantly create professional WordPress themes without struggling with Photoshop, Dreamweaver, HTML, or CSS.

It’s a powerful option even for people without any artistic talent or technical skills.

Download Artisteer

You can find a step by step guide on how to use Artisteer on the tool’s support page.

Editor’s Note: If you’re interested in other website software and tools, check out our wide collection of guides.

Bold Grid

BoldGrid Website Designer

Bold Grid makes it easier than ever for you to start using WordPress by making the experience intuitive, adding features like drag & drop design, free built themes, and more.

Bold Grid works as a suite of plugins for WordPress adding to its limited design choices and templates and offers more freedom regarding where you want your site to be hosted at a more accessible price.

Its built-in theme customizer makes it simple to change your layout or color scheme by using either pre-set color palettes or customize your own.

The tool also allows you to choose background images and patterns to fit your taste.

The WordPress SEO plugin by BoldGrid analyzes the content on your page in real-time and makes recommendations in order for you to maintain the best SEO practices while writing content.

BoldGrid is compatible with almost any web host that works with WordPress and also offers a list of supporting hosting companies in order for you to choose the best option for your needs.

One of the best features BoldGrid has to offer is the ability to access Cloud WordPress without using your computer storage space.

You can use it to try new plugins, create temporary sites, and customize themes without modifying your primary WordPress website.

Bold Grid key features:

  • Drag and drop editor
  • Themes customizer
  • Mobile-friendly themes
  • Built-in, real-time SEO analysis
  • Support on 1000 + hosts and full hosting support
  • Free WordPress themes and content
  • Complete ownership of websites
  • Limitless website features

Download BoldGrid

This article offers you an overview of the best options on the market to design custom web pages in WordPress.

We tried to cover all your creation needs no matter if you’re an experienced web designer or if you just started using WordPress.

Let us know what your opinion is about the options listed here. If you have any other suggestions, feel free to use the comment section below.

FAQ: Learn more about web design

  • What skills do you need for web design?

HTML/CSS, JavaScript, SEO, and analytical skills are all required for web design.

  • Can web design be self-taught?

Finding a professional to teach you is recommended. However, web design may be self-taught when having background skills and using the best web design software tools.

  • Is web design a dying career?

No, it certainly isn’t. However, candidates with a great portfolio and a degree in graphic arts have higher chances to get selected.

Editor's Note: This article was originally published in November 2018 and was revamped and updated in December 2020 for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.