Fix OneDrive Not Syncing Issues on Windows 10, 8

Milan Stanojevic
by Milan Stanojevic
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A good number of Windows 10, 8 users are being affected by SkyDrive OneDrive not syncing issues; and some of them have reported the very same issue after updating to Windows 10, 8.1. Read below to find some working fixes and solutions for this problem.

Many SkyDrive, OneDrive users have complained that Microsoft’s cloud storage has some problems when trying to sync files across multiple devices. Even if Microsoft is upgrading their platform constantly, as we saw with Windows 8.1 and SkyDrive Pro, some problems still have remained unresolved.

While we wait for Microsoft to resolve the issues with SkyDrive, OneDrive syncing, some users have managed to find some solutions to make it work. Even though these will not guarantee that SkyDrive, OneDrive will sync properly, they do deserve a chance, as they have proven to be useful in a number of situations.

Usual SkyDrive, OneDrive synchronization issues

There are lots of SkyDrive, OneDrive users out there that have had problems with their client. I myself had some issues with SkyDrive, OneDrive a while back, where files did not upload on my Android device. While my problem was solved with an Android and SkyDrive, OneDrive update, others haven’t been so lucky.

Some users have reported an issue where a Microsoft Word document won’t sync to OneDrive, SkyDrive after it has been updated. This usually occurs when the user has a document on SkyDrive OneDrive and modifies it. Upon saving the document, the updated version should sync across all devices that the user is logged on, only it doesn’t.

Other users have reported OneDrive SkyDrive not syncing any new files that they add to the service. In this scenario, OneDrive SkyDrive works properly for a period of time and then stops syncing any new files that the user adds.

SkyDrive OneDrive users have also noted partial synchronization of their data. This type of OneDrive SkyDrive sync error is usually characterized by  only a fraction of the data being synced or in some cases, where only the folder trees were copied, but the actual content of them.

Here are some of the most common causes of SkyDrive OneDrive synchronization problems:

  • SkyDrive OneDrive client is out of date
  • Internet connectivity is poor
  • You have selected “Selective Sync”
  • Windows version out of date/corrupt
  • Names of files and folders in the SkyDrive OneDrive folder are longer than the supported maximum (256)
  • Files and photos that have wrong timestamps

OneDrive not syncing between devices [FIX]

skydrive-not-syncing-fix (3)

There are a few simple fixes that you can try out before you seek out specialized support. These first steps will be recommended by any tech support team, and so, it is better to try them out first, as they are simple and will solve the majority of issues:

  1. Try closing and reopening SkyDrive OneDrive
  2. Verify your Internet connectivity
  3. Reboot your computer
  4. Check your firewall to see if it has blocked SkyDrive OneDrive
  5. Uninstall SkyDrive OneDrive and install the latest version
  6. Check to see if you are using Selective Sync
  7. Check your client with another account or computer
  8. Check the size of the file and make sure it’s less than 10GB. Keep in mind that files larger than 10GB won’t sync with OneDrive. As a quick workaround, you can use a ZIP folder to compress the respective file.
  9. Install the latest Windows updates on your computer. OneDrive sync issues are very common when running outdated Windows 10 versions. Check for updates to make sure that you’re running the latest Windows 10 OS version on your machine.check for updates

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