Skype verification code not received? We got fixes for that

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  • Skype is a great instant messaging application, but many users reported that they didn’t receive their Skype security code.
  • If you missed the security code, be sure to check your Junk or Spam section in your email client.
  • In case that doesn’t work, you might have to use Skype’s recovery form to recover your account.
  • Are you having other Skype issues? Head over to our Skype hub for more useful guides.
skype unable to send confirmation code
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Skype is an app that provides voice calls and video chat features. The app runs on a multitude of devices: computers, mobile phones, tablets, smartwatches, and even Xbox One consoles.

You can use Skype for instant messaging as well. Not all Skype users need the app on a daily basis, therefore some forget their login details.

In order to retrieve forgotten information, a 6 digit verification code is sent to the registered account email. While trying to perform the account recovery, some users reported not receiving the verification code at all.

This issue becomes very annoying as users are not able to access their Skype accounts anymore. In order to fix this issue, we came up with a few solutions that we’ll list below.

What do I do if Skype verification code isn’t received?

  1. Verify Spam/Junk
  2. Try a different browser
  3. Make sure to check the primary email address
  4. Check your email service provider
  5. Use the recovery form

1. Verify Spam/Junk

check spam emails

Try looking into the Spam/Junk folder and see if you have any email messages from the Microsoft verification team. Sometimes, your code may land in your junk folder, not your inbox.

2. Try a different browser

Some users reported receiving the recovery code after logging on to their email through another internet browser.

There are plenty of browsers to choose from. If you’re interested in a secure, fast, and private browsing experience, we recommend installing Opera.

The browser has a very lightweight feel to it, and it is based on the Chromium engine, just like Google Chrome, or Microsoft Edge.

This means it is optimized to run on Windows 10 while maintaining a low memory footprint, even when you have 20 tabs opened at once.

As for email recovery and management, Opera is extremely customizable via plug-ins and extensions, allowing you to build it in a way that optimizes email correspondence.



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3. Make sure to check the primary email address

If you have more than one email address linked to your Microsoft account, make sure to check the primary email address.

The recovery code is not sent to all the linked email addresses, so checking the correct address is imperative.

4. Check your email service provider

Sometimes, the email service providers encounter server issues. Therefore it is important to make sure that their servers are up and running.

Try sending emails or ask people to send you an email/force an email request from another website.

If you notice that you still aren’t receiving emails with a fully working internet connection, you might have to wait a while for the service to start working again.

5. Use the recovery formrecover microsoft account

If performing the regular account recovery doesn’t work, try completing the recovery form on the Microsoft website.

There, you need to provide the required account information. Answer specific questions in order to help Microsoft to identify you.

The verification form is sent to an agent that will review your account and provide an answer as quickly as possible. This will not take longer than 48 hours.

We hope that our solutions helped you to fix your Skype security code issues.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Skype will ask you for a code if you try to login from a new device or location. This is just a security measure that is designed to protect your account.

  • To enable this feature, you need to link your Skype account to your Microsoft account.

  • Yes, Skype is safe from hackers and all your conversations and calls will remain private as long as you or your caller don’t have any malware that can record conversations on your PC.

  • Yes, Skype is safe from hackers and all your conversations and calls will remain private as long as you or your caller don’t have any malware that can record conversations on your PC.

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