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Trello is a handy software solution that could help you organize just about everything. You can use it to manage projects, keep track of tasks, and even enhance collaboration with your colleagues.

You may know Trello as a web service, but you can also use it without a web browser. It’s possible to download the Windows app and enjoy Trello straight on your desktop, with added functionality such as shortcuts and notifications.

Trello’s system requirements

One thing that’s not exactly convenient for everyone is that the Trello desktop app has some requirements. When you use Trello’s web version, all you need is a web browser and a stable Internet connection.

However, if you want to deploy it on your PC and use it as a desktop app, your computer must meet a bunch of requirements. Namely:

  • Operating system: Windows 10 version 14316.0 or later
  • Architecture: works on 64-bit systems only
  • Internet connection: needed for the program to function accordingly

You can tell by yourself that it doesn’t have an absurd list of requirements. However, the fact that it only runs on 64-bit versions of Windows 10 restricts the possibilities of installing it on a lower-end PC that runs on an earlier edition of Windows.


Our Review

Easy to use
The desktop app offers enhanced accessibility
The free version is still powerful, despite the limitations

Trello app free download

If you prefer the vanilla experience, you can download and use the free Trello version without a hiccup. However, if you want more, you’ll be probably glad to know that you can pay for extra features. You can find a comparison between Trello’s different versions at the end of the review.

But before you jump to any conclusions or get to see the comparison itself, you should know that even the free version of Trello is quite capable of helping you achieve great things. It can also help you make a decision if you’re not exactly thrilled about purchasing a subscription.

Trello is a Windows Store app

As you might have figured from the requirements section, Trello is a Windows 10 Store app. This means that you won’t have to waste time downloading installers and performing traditional setups in order to deploy it to your PC.

All you have to do is locate the Trello Windows Store app page, hit the Get button to acquire the program, then the Install one to begin the setup process. After a few moments it should be done, and you can access it quickly by clicking Launch. You can also find it in your Start menu.

Trello desktop app vs web version

Although you can spare yourself the trouble of downloading and installing Trello on your PC and use the web service, the desktop app has a bunch of perks that the web version lacks. Namely:

  • The desktop app uses far less memory than keeping Trello in a browser tab
  • You can bring the desktop version of Trello into view by using a global, customizable keyboard shortcut
  • Receive Trello notifications straight from your operating systems (web version supports browser notifications)
  • Quick Add keyboard shortcut lets you create a new card easily, regardless of what you were doing on your PC
  • Includes a menu bar that comes with customizable shortcuts for its menus
  • You can define a default board that will open whenever you launch the Trello desktop app
  • Encompasses a list of additional custom keyboard shortcuts for greater accessibility

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to opt for the desktop app. Mainly because the desktop app can provide you with enhanced accessibility, but it’s also more convenient not to launch your web browser every time you need to access Trello.

User-friendly interface

If you’ve ever used a kanban board before, you’ll have no trouble understanding Trello. However, that’s not a requirement, since there’s no complicated matter at all. You have a board that’s made up of lists, each list can be populated with cards, and each card can hold a broad variety of information, ranging from descriptions and images to document attachments, checklists, and labels.

Whether you’re the one trying to organize things or just receive instructions from your leaders through Trello, interacting with it will be a piece of cake. It might require a little getting-used-to at first, but you’ll surely be able to master it in no time.

How to use Trello

As we’ve casually mentioned above, Trello is great for organizing, and not just business-related stuff. While it does work wonders if used right within a company, you can use it even for menial tasks such as keeping track of chores.

Once you create a board you can start creating lists, which will act like large containers, and add cards to these lists. Cards will display activity so that you’ll always know which member did what modification to your content.

It’s possible to add descriptions, labels, checklists, due dates, and attachments to the lists. Additionally, you get to assign members to certain cards. Last, but not least, you can move, copy, watch, or archive cards, and even turn them into templates.

What is Trello?

All things considered, if you ever had trouble with keeping things organized, Trello can lend a helpful hand. You can use its intuitive features to keep a tidy operation regardless of whether your purposes are business-related or personal.

Trello has a web version, which you can use straight from your browser, but there are several benefits linked to using the desktop app. Also, there’s a free version of Trello that’s somewhat limited, but you can purchase a subscription plan if you’re looking for extra features.

FAQ: Learn more about Trello

  • Is Trello good for personal use?

Despite that many companies rely on Trello for helping them organize info, this product can be a trustworthy assistant even for home users. If you need some decluttering in your daily routine, Trello can easily help you achieve it.

  • Is Trello free?

Trello provides you with three versions: free, business, and enterprise. The first one is obviously free to use, while the last two ones require paid subscriptions to be used. However, even the free version offers you a wide variety of organization tools.

  • Can you turn a checklist item into a card?

Yes, if you have a checklist and you want to create a card based on an item in that list, just select the item, hit the “…” button and select “Convert to Card.” Congratulations, you turned the item into a card without breaking a sweat.

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