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Windows 10’s File Explorer doesn’t include any split file options. A split file option would be handy as that gives you a way to a cut a file down into smaller pieces. This can come in handy for backing up and sending larger files, and there are numerous third-party software packages available for Windows 10 that enable you to split files into smaller parts. 

Splitting Files with File Splitter and Joiner

1.) First, check out the File Splitter and Joiner program for Windows 10. You can add the software to Windows by clicking FileSplitterJoiner.exe on this page. Then run through the setup to open the window below.

split files

2.) With this software you can split text documents, videos and audio files. Click the Split tab and press the Input File button to select a file to split (or select the File Splitter Joiner option from file context menus). Note that file sizes must eclipse one megabyte.

3.) Next, press the Output Folder button to choose a folder to save the split files in.

4.) Then choose how to split the file. Click Split Equal Parts to split the file into equal sized parts. Enter how many files to split the file to.

5.) Alternatively, you could select the Split Volume option. With that you can specify the approximate size of each of the split files. For example, a 10 megabyte video would split into 10 files if you entered 1 MB there.

6.) Press the Split button to cut up the file.

7.) The split files will save to the selected output folder. Open that folder in File Explorer

8.) Open one of the file segments by right-clicking it and selecting Open with from the context menu. Then select to open it with a suitable software package. For example, you can play audio and video files with Windows Media Player.

Splitting Text Documents with HJ-Split

1.) If you need to split text documents less than one megabyte, add HJ-Split to Windows 10 from this page. Unzip its zipped folder by opening it in File Explorer and selecting Extract all. Enter a path for the extracted folder. You can open the window shown below from the extracted folder.

split documets2

2.) Click Split to open the options below.

split documents3

3.) Press the Input File button to select a text document to split.

4.) Press the Output button to select where the split files will save to.

5.) Enter a value in the Split file size text box. For example, to split a 4KB file in two exactly you would enter 2 there.

6.) Then press the Start button to cut the file up. Note that the software works best with TXT files, so if you can’t open the split files in a word processor convert the original document’s format to TXT before splitting it.

7.) Open the split documents by right-clicking them and selecting Open with. Choose suitable software to open the document with. It’s best to select the default file format packages.

Splitting PDFs with PDF Shaper

1.) If you need to split a PDF document, add PDF shaper to Windows 10 from the software’s website. Click the Download button under PDF Shaper Free to save the setup wizard and install the software. Open the program’s window below.

split documents5

2.) Click Content > Split to open the window in the snapshot below.

split documents4

3.) Click the Files tab and press Add to select a PDF to split.

4.) Select the Options tab, and enter a value in the Split by number of files box. That’s the number of split files you’ll get.

5.) Then press the Process button to split the PDF.

So those are three freeware software packages you can split files up with. Those programs enable you to split up audio, video, text documents and PDFs. Then you can also join files together with HJ-Split and File Splitter and Joiner. 


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