Change your Steam Client’s language in just a few steps

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There’s not a PC gamer out there that can say that they never head of Valve’s Steam.

Steam is currently the world’s biggest video game digital distribution platform, holding somewhere around 75% of the world’s market.

With growing success in America, Europe, and Asia, it goes without saying that their client is multilingual too.

The problem is that unless you need to specify your country on the website when downloading it.

If you don’t, you’ll receive the English version by default.

If that happens, you’ll need to manually change the display language from the settings menu.

Follow this step-by-step guide if you accidentally downloaded and installed the English version.

How to change your Steam Client’s language easily

  1. Open the Steam client
  2. Go to Steam (upper left corner)
  3. Select Settings
  4. Go to the Interface tab
  5. Go to Select the language you want Steam to use (Requires Steam to restart)
  6. Select your desired language from the drop-down menu
  7. Restart  your Steam client

How to change steam language Interface settings

These steps stay the same regardless of whether you use the classic Steam client or the new Beta version.

Keep not that these changes can be reverted at any time, and will also affect certain in-game assets.

This includes game description languages, and news (where available)

You should also know that changing the language of the Steam client doesn’t also mean the language within games will change as well.

In order to change the language in-game, you’ll have to do it manually, with each game at a time.

If you’re not much of a Steam fan, you could try some other digital game distribution platforms, such as the Epic Games or GOG.

Both these sites come with their own client, similarly to Steam‘s, but with a much simpler interface.

More so, all of them have weekly sales, as well as massive Summer and Winter Sales where you can get discounted games, DLCs and OSTs.

There are also options for dedicated fans of certain game publishers, such as Electronic ArtsUbisoft or Rockstar Games.

If you’re one of them, you could try their proprietary clients, namely Origin, Uplay, and the Rockstar Games Launcher.


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