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Having access to a dedicated database from where to download your favorite games is great, though not all the users are currently familiar with the Steam platform. So, if you haven’t tried Steam on your Windows 8 / Windows 8.1, 10 system until now, you should download and install the software on your device right away – also check the lines from below for further steam windows 8
If you are a game addict, or if you just want to stay in touch with the latest news related to the video games field, Steam should be the perfect platform for you. Basically, Steam is a dedicated website from where you can learn everything about the latest online games, read reviews, get in touch with an active community with members from all over the world, buy games on great prices, receive automatic updates for your installed programs, play various games with your friends and lot more.

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Steam can be anytime installed on your Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, 10 device, whether we are talking about your laptop, tablet, desktop or smartphone. Of course, in order to receive the best user experience you need to use the latest version of Steam – else your platform might run with lags, you might experience incompatibility problems between your Windows 8 OS and the software, or you won’t be able to connect to the Steam community.

Get the most recent Steam version on Windows 8.1, 10

Installing Steam on Windows 8.1, 10 is easy as all you have to do is to download the client from its official web page (navigate to this page in that matter). Then, once the download process completed, just follow the on screen prompts and within a minute Steam will be features on your Windows 8, 10 based device.

If you are having troubles in downloading the software on your computer, or if you need some extra info related to Steam, point that out by using the comments section from below and we will try to help you as soon as possible.

December 10, 2015 update for Steam 

dowload steam windows

The most recent update for Steam brought a couple of new important features and updates, as follows

  • Updated the web browser component to Chromium version 47.0.2526.49
  • Improved error messages for some unusual login failure cases
  • Improved UI navigation when using the mouse in several areas
  • Changed the default ambient music volume to off, this setting can be configured under the Audio Settings page
  • Expanded the Resume and Explore part of Library, adding more rows based on friend activity and recent game updates
  • Added a new option to control how the left Steam Controller touchpad scrolls Web pages (see “Web Browser” settings) 
  • Added a new option to the system menu, “Minimize Big Picture”
  • Improved zooming in web browser

There are many fixes that have been issued, as well, for Windows 7, 8.1 and Windows 10 users:

  • Fixed a crash when launching games for the first time while Steam is offline
  • Fixed going back to the main menu when selecting some pages inside of settings 
  • Fixed Steam Community landing page not loading in Italian 
  • Fixed being unable to navigate to the right column of Friends settings 
  • Fixed some Steam/XInput controller buttons showing up as “UNKNOWN” when binding shortcuts (ie., taking a screenshot)
  • Fixed Exit menu popping up when just tapping the Guide button on a controller, not only on a long hold
  • Fixed watching DOTA 2 broadcasts
  • Fixed several crashes

Download Steam version from 29.05.2014

Steam is the ultimate online game platform that enables dozens of mullions of PC gamers from all around the world easy access to the most popular video games ever created. With the core of the service being one of the most popular video-game themed e-stores that featues both top of the ine games from the most popular PC developers and newly discovered hits from indie creators, steam managed to undergo though incredible evolution, managing to become the true beacon of the PC gaming community, and causing large expansion of PC gaming user base that is today enjoying games not only on their PC monitors but also their large HDTVs in their living rooms.

Eventful history of Steam is full of examples how its developers from the gaming company Valve have managed to expand the functionality of this service, enabling both developers and gamers alike to have much better experience in world’s most popular video game store. Developers can craft their games to have full supports for Steam’s API for achievements, cloud save support, automatic download of updates, and support for gamepad that extents form standard client into fully-fledged full screen dashboard mode called “Steam Big Picture”. In this mode, users who are accessing Steam via their HDTV can have full access to game store, their personal library of purchased games and ability to access community options such as game pages, groups, discussions, sharing of screenshots, videos and more.

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