Can OneDrive sync to an external drive? Find out now

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We are now in an age where keeping things stored on your personal hard drive is no longer feasible. Cloud storage services are becoming to become better, faster cheaper, and more secure, and more and more people are rushing towards them.

One of the biggest cloud storage services out there is OneDrive, and it is extremely safe and reliable.

Of course, not everyone is such a big fan of cloud storage and still rely on the good old external hard drive as the go-to solution for backups.

Plenty of people have been wondering whether or not you can sync your OneDrive with an external hard drive. The short answer would be “yes“, and this step-by-step guide will show just how you can do this.

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How can I sync my OneDrive to my external hard drive?

As long as the hard drive is connected to your PC or laptop, OneDrive will treat it as if it is just a regular part of your local storage.

Because of this, you can sync OneDrive with an external hard drive just like with any other folder:

  1. Right-click the OneDrive icon in the System Tray
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Select Account
  4. Choose Unlink this PC
  5. Navigate to your original OneDrive sync folder
  6. Cut and paste the folder to your external hard drive
  7. Go back to the OneDrive set up window
  8. Sign in with your account
  9. Select Change location to select your sync folder in your external hard drive

change location

By following these steps, OneDrive should now be able to sync with that particular folder from within your external hard drive.

As a side note, you can select the entire external hard drive for OneDrive to sync, just as long as your OneDrive subscription can handle all the necessary storage space.

Syncing goes as with any other folder, although you should disable OneDrive whenever you plan on disconnecting the external hard drive first. This is because OneDrive will treat the missing files and folders as deleted, and may result in error messages.

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