5 best time tracking tools with screenshots to boost your results

by Ivan Jenic
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In need of suitable time tracking software for your Windows PC? This article got you covered! Herein, we’ll be looking at some of the most reliable time tracking software with screenshot support for Windows, which are affordable and readily available in the market.

Time management is an essential element in the effective conduct of every business. In fact, it is usually the fine line between successful businesses and not-so-successful ones.

This is because, most times, business owners spend most of their time handling core business operations, with little or no time spared to strategize on how to grow their respective businesses.

In this case, mediocrity is encouraged and such businesses stagnate (or regress), with little or no tangible progress to speak of.

However, today, with the advent of time tracking tools, business owners, freelancers, and even employees are able to optimize the use of their time, towards achieving optimum productivity and sustained business growth.

Hence, in the next section of this piece, we’ll be reviewing five of the most reliable time tracking software for Windows. That is time tracking software that is compatible with the Windows operating system.

Best time tracking software with screenshot support


DeskTime is widely regarded as the best alternative to Hubstaff. In fact, most of its users believe it is the best time tracking software out there.

The software hosts extended support for both mobile and desktop/laptop platforms, which include Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS and so on.

In addition, DeskTime is designed to provide employers unfettered access to their employees’ activities during work hours.

The software’s design provides a dynamic – customizable – dashboard, where team leaders can easily monitor the progress of their team members, as well as time spent on individual projects. This would encourage every team to sit up and work strictly against assigned deadlines.

Some of the core features of DeskTime time tracking software include Windows title tracking, productivity analysis, absentee & vacation calendar, custom reports, screenshots, open API, secure database, free trial and more.

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Hubstaff is a versatile time tracking software for Windows. It is optimized to facilitate your firm’s time management and ensure you attain optimum productivity in due time.

The software is a web-based platform, which is compatible with virtually all operating systems. There is also dedicated support for Windows and a host of other OS.

Hubstaff’s functionality is not limited to time tracking; it is also designed to track employees’ progress and prepare payment invoices, based on logged time.

In light of this, Hubstaff is an essential tool for freelancers and business owners whose staff work remotely. In a nutshell, the software is able to identify productive team members and projects, as well as the less productive ones.

Notable features of Hubstaff include advanced time tracking, online timesheet, location (GPS) tracker, comprehensive reports, API screenshots, cross-platform compatibility, free trial and many more.

Hubstaff is available in three pricing flavors: Premium, Basic and Solo Lite(free) al the paid plans are subject to an initial 14-day free trial.

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Time Doctor

Time Doctor is an optimized time tracking tool, designed to provide near-perfect time management functions. The software is flexibly built to support all types of devices, including Windows/Mac/Linux computer systems and Android/iOS mobile platforms.

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Time Doctor is a cloud-based software that offers you a highly customizable platform, which can easily be tailored to suit your dynamic operational pattern, as a small/medium/large scale business owner or freelancer.

To facilitate transparency, especially for off-site or remote employees, Time Doctor provides you an avenue (as an employer) to get screen grabs of all employees’ activities. This way, you are able to track the project’s progress, and time spent in real-time.

Other notable features of Time Doctor include simplified time tracking, auto-payroll, GPS tracking, URL tracking/monitoring, productivity analysis, data encryption, free trial, and more.

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TimeCamp is another popular time tracking software for Windows, with a huge global client base. It is cross-platform compatible, designed for all classes of operating systems.

Also, it is flexibly built to adapt to any business, irrespective of size; be it a small, medium, or large enterprise.

TimeCamp is an all-rounder, providing you with dynamic sets of time tracking and management, invoicing & client billing, and report-generating features. These sets of features work in sync to expedite your operational efficiency and improve productivity.

Key features of TimeCamp include online timesheets, off-time detection, staff billing rate, dynamic reporting, roles and permission, online payment, project timer, to-do lists, project synching and management, invoice synching, online/offline time tracking, custom taxing, time entry notes, keywords, multiple currency support (for billing clients), reminders, free trial, technical/customer support, screenshots, API integrations and more.

TimeCamp offers a free trial version to all new users, albeit for a limited period of one month. There is also a Solo version, which is offered for free. 

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Toggl is a simple, yet powerful, time tracking software for Windows. It is a cloud-hosted platform, with support for all web-enabled devices. Also, the software has dedicated apps for Windows, Android, and iOS.

It provides you a comprehensive overview of time spent by each employee, as well as the total time spent on each project. This enables you to have a clear, unbiased, view of productive employees and tasks, as well as the less productive ones.

And you can easily use this to bill clients, promote staff, set remuneration, assign queries (where and when necessary), set up training and so on.

Basically, Toggl assists you in optimizing your time usage, with the ultimate aim of increasing productivity to facilitate business growth.

This app hosts a powerful set of features, which are hosted on a simple, easy-to-navigate, interface. Some of these features include time charts, data backup (twice a day), time management, in-depth reports, online/offline time tracking, free trial and more.

Toggl is available in three license variants: Starter, Premium and Enterprise. All plans are subject to a first-time free trial.

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Time management is obviously one of the key drivers of growth in every business, especially businesses associated with service delivery.

However, more often than not, quality man-hour is wasted on mundane tasks, which contribute little or nothing to a company’s growth. To bypass this inadequacy, and improve the efficiency and productivity of businesses, time tracking tools were invented.

In this article, we have reviewed, briefly, five of the most widely used time tracking software for Windows. Hence, if you are in need, the above-reviewed tools are the recommended software for you.

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