Best trading software for Windows [2020 Guide]

Ivan Jenic
by Ivan Jenic
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trading software pc

Computer programs that facilitate financial products (stocks and currencies) trading is known as ‘’trading software’’. Brokerage firms usually provide this software’s, enabling clients to trade their stocks and currencies, and also manage their accounts.

In this post, we will be looking at the six best trading software for Windows PC.

Best trading software for PCs


TradingView (recommended)

trading software pcTradingView is a social/trader network where anyone is allowed to publish a trade idea. It is the ideal trading software for PC and accessible even on mobile phones.


  • Users are allowed to draw anything on any chart. TradingView pen allows you to draw freely any line or shape.
  • You can effectively split your screen into many synced up charts. It makes looking at the time frames much easier by enabling you to view multiple charts on the same screen.
  • Accountability by sharing or publishing your trade ideas.


  • Some basics features have to be paid for. A fraction of its amazing features is reserved for paid members. For instance, you are required to purchase a Pro subscription for a screen with several charts.
  • You are required to have two platforms at all times. TradingView is not actually a trading platform through which trades can be placed. You will be required to use your broker’s platform in addition to TradingView. It is usually confusing.
  • Synchronization of charts is almost impossible.

Visit Tradingview now



mintbroker trating softwareMintbroker is a great platform that will help you access US markets while paying a fair fee. It is based in UK. The platform is free to use and cares about the prices their clients have to pay. It doesn’t matter if you are new to this domain or already a billionaire – Mintbroker is your friend.

From all major features that this trading platform prepared for you, these are the most important that will make your daily activity easier:

  • Safe mobile app trading
  • Real-time news
  • No trade limits
  • No hidden trade fees
  • Access multiple US shares
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) used for maximum security
  • Live charting

These are just some of the features Mintbroker provides to you. If you are are interested in this platform, you can always try it for free with a $100 000 demo by accessing the official website (link below).


MetaTrader 4


trading software pcMetaTrader 4 is a platform specifically designed for trading foreign exchange, financial markets analysis and expert Advisors use. It is compatible with major Windows OS.

Trading Signal, Mobile trading and the Market are the integral parts of MetaTrader 4 that improves your Forex trading experience.

Furthermore, this software offers lot of opportunities to traders of all skill levels.


  • Advanced technical analysis.
  • Flexible trading system,
  • Algorithmic trading
  • Expert Advisors, as well as mobile trading applications.
  • Its signal and market additional services extend the frontiers of MetaTrader 4.It allows you to copy the trades of other traders, while providing you with several expert advisors and technical indicators that you can purchase.
  • Ability to check if there is still money available in your account.
  • You can easily access history data by using the predefined arrays of Time, Open, Low, High, Close, and Volume.
  • Very easy to get the information about errors in the program.


  • Some methods fail to work when there are several incoming prices.

Download MetaTrader4 here




trading software pceSignal is one of the oldest and most reliable trading platforms in the market. On the retail side they are among the early innovators of the adaptive pattern recognition tools and advanced charting technology.

Their offerings and pricing categories can effectively accommodate casual investors to active traders and also provide 24 hour’s customer support Monday through Friday.

In addition, online trading capabilities can be integrated via plug-in directly to more than fifty partner brokerage firms.


  • eSignal has a smooth and stable charting with flexible scaling. eSignal charts scale can be easily linked to multiple windows no matter where they are moved to or how much they are resized.
  • Charts include a rich library of basic to advanced technical indicators.
  • Stable and seamless level 2, time and sales windows with the ability to add more depth with subscription agreements for ARCA book and Nasdaq Total View.
  • Great news feed with Dow Jones Headline news and COMTEX. Access to several third-party providers and subscription plans. Keywords are easily used by news traders to scan for catalysts several times daily.
  • The Market Screener Plus enables users to scan by technical, fundamental, or values. Scans can be created by users or selected from customized scans, predefined scans and purchased scans in the apps store.
  • The user-defined alert configures the eSignal platform based on pattern, price, metrics and several other parameters directly through the watch lists, scanner or on charts. This feature is very useful to traders, it gives them the ability to diversify their trades and optimize their focus.
  • Trades can be placed by users directly through the eSignal platform after connecting to their participating online broker. The platform does not enable trading functions for users in Middle East, Europe and Africa.
  • Over fifty online brokerages can be connected directly to the eSignal platform to trade futures, stocks, options and Forex.
  • Watch lists can be created by users up to the symbol limit which their subscription plan allows.
  • Several of educational videos and tutorials.


  • Exchange fees are usually expensive.
  • Expansion of symbol limits.

Download here




trading software pcSierra Chart is one of the best charting/technical analysis software program for the financial markets. It has a large set of tools and indicators. Furthermore, its lightweight size makes it appealing on low resource PC.


  • It is lightweight and can easily be modified.
  • Simple, stable and offers helpful Support.
  • Very good trading software.
  • It is very appalling.


  • The built in backtesting is buggy and not very elegant when it comes to designing systems to backtest.

Download here




trading software pcNetTraderX is designed specifically for trading forex and CFD. It is compatible with the Windows OS.


  • It has colored chart schemes.
  • It has an option to select account currency while a new demo account is opened.
  • Quick registration of real and demo accounts.
  • Trading positions can be opened and closed easily.
  • Orders can effectively be placed or removed.
  • Trailing stop on server side.
  • Orders and trading history displayed.
  • Live quotations are displayed.
  • Real-time balance tracking and price charts.
  • It also encourages the monitoring of charts, price change,graphical objects, margin analysis and technical indicators.


  • It is exclusive to IFC Markets which explains its poor performance.
  • It lacks easily understood charts and readings and can make trading difficult. This is not surprising because when you view their website, it is extremely confusing and difficult to navigate.

Download here




trading software pcMultiChart is known for upholding the best practices in the industry by offering users a freedom of choice. Currently, in over 39 countries, traders make use of this software to provide their clients with precise information regarding stocks and other assets.


  • Users can obtain assistance via live chat, email, phone, remote desktop connection, video tutorials, discussion forum and wiki.
  • Access to optimized reports is very easy.
  • It provides data management, simulated trading chart analysis, automated trading, walk forward testing, global hotkeys, forex board, time and sales.
  • Chart analysis.
  • Several trading and testing tools, as well as drawing tools.

Download here

In conclusion, the most important thing for every trade is time but with the trading software we mentioned in this post; trading can be carried out with ease, in addition to managing clients’ accounts.  Try any of the software’s listed above and share your experience with us by commenting below.