4 best browsers to stream Twitch effortlessly [2022 Guide]

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  • In case you were looking for the best browser for Twitch, you should pay attention to gaming-dedicated browsers.
  • These browsers include certain features such as resource controllers that improve your streaming experience.
  • Opera has such a niche utility which can account as the best browser to watch Twitch.
  • But there are other popular browsers that can offer a similarly good experience.
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Twitch TV is, without any doubt, the leading online platform for game streamers and their numerous public. Watching live gameplay slowly shifted from being a YouTube niche to being an industry by itself.

And, although Twitch offers a Windows 10 application, numbers don’t lie. A large majority of users stick to the web-based Twitch application. That’s where a good web browser comes into play.

On the first look, it seems insignificant what browser you use to watch famous streamers wreak havoc in Apex Legends, PUBG, or Fortnite or stream on your own.

However, there are nuances you, an avid follower and streamer, need to consider before choosing a browser.

That’s why we made sure to provide you with the list of top browsers for seamless streams. Check them out below.

What is the best browser for streaming Twitch?

Opera GX

Opera GX is a dedicated gaming browser that’s been specially optimized to offer you the best possible in-browser gaming and streaming experience.

GX comes with built-in Twitch integration so that you can keep up with all the live streams you’re interested in.

Twitch is placed in your sidebar displaying information on who’s online and the channels you follow. You can also set up notifications when your favorite streamers go live.

Of course, there’s a quick shortcut to the Twitch website which will load up quite fast since the browser engine is based on Chromium so you can expect full compatibility.

Live streaming shouldn’t be an issue as long as your Internet connection is fine.

Thanks to the GX Control feature, you can control just how much CPU power, RAM, and bandwidth your browser can access. In this manner, you can direct all your computer resources to Opera while playing games so as to enjoy smooth, lag-free gaming sessions.

You know that sound quality is crucial for an immersive and entertaining gaming experience. GX Sound brings you top-notch sound effects at the tip of your fingers.

What are you waiting for? It’s pretty clear by now that Opera is the best Twitch browser out there. It manages to offer enough options that you can take advantage of to get the most out of your browsing sessions and gaming experience.

Opera GX

Opera GX

Every gamer should use Opera GX for its performance and Twitch integration right in the sidebar.

UR Browser

UR Browser is a freeware web browser that is created by AdaptiveBee. Barely two years after it was launched, it reached over 3 million downloads. It is a web browser that has an interface that is clean and modern. As with Opera, it is also based on the Chromium engine.

UR Browser makes various security checks so you will not fall prey to phishing attacks. It also performs HTTPS redirection whenever possible and it can easily stream 1080p quality videos.

With the UR browser, you can view different tabs simultaneously, hide every element of the browser, and load the browser within seconds.

Besides, UR browser does not take much of the computer resources when on Twitch.

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The built-in VPN might help you with ISP throttling your bandwidth, while supreme privacy features will ensure that you are anonymous while enjoying your favorite content.

Download UR Browser

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a free web browser available on any platform you can think of. Since it was revamped, like a phoenix from the ashes, it raised to challenge Chrome for the throne.

And with more than a few things going in its favor. Especially when it comes to lower resource usage and a larger focus on privacy.

When it comes to streaming content on Twitch, Firefox does rather well. With a few tweaks, you can do no wrong.

You can stream Twitch in 1080p on Firefox, albeit some users have issues with buffering on higher quality settings.

With a few add-ons, like Alternate Player or Twitch Live, you can make streaming Twitch content on Firefox even better.

Download Mozilla Firefox

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is a web browser created by Microsoft. After Microsoft launched Windows 10, Microsoft Edge was included as a default browser.

It got so many ups and downs along the way that Microsoft decided to switch to the Chromium-platform and remodel Edge.

If it was a bit subpar when compared to the competition, this new kind of architecture should work much better.

Edge Chromium is quite well-suited for streaming, with a clean interface and overall good stability.

It’s similar to Chrome (remotely similar), but it doesn’t take as many resources as does Google’s browser.

It, obviously, support Chrome’s add-ons, so you’ll be able to add some 3rd-party flash players or content trackers and improve the experience.

You can take full advantage of the streaming quality provided (up to 1080p) and enjoy the uncluttered interface while doing so.

Try Microsoft Edge

Those were our top picks for the best browser to stream Twitch. What’s your weapon of choice?  Tell us in the comments section below.

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