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LOL login crash

When you wish to log in, you may get the error message saying that there was an unexpected error with the login session. League of Legends fans have complained about this error, as it shows up at times you don’t expect and ruins your planned gaming sessions.

It’s likely a bug, but the good news is that we have fixes that work for all users.

How do I repair the LoL login session error?

1. Sign out of the game before the error shows

  1. Load the League of Legends client as usual and log in to your account.
  2. Before you get the error message appears, click on the X button as if you want to close the game.
  3. On clicking X, LoL will ask if you wish to exit or sign out.
  4. Finally, hit Sign out.

League of Legends will restart, and this time without the unexpected error with login session.

If your League of Legends crashes, Here’s the guide to learn how to fix it

2. Sign out and close processes in Task Manager

  1. Launch the League of Legends client.
  2. Next, press ALTF4 to close the client. From the options, click on Sign out.
  3. After signing out, press CTRL SHIFT + ESC to bring up Task Manager.
  4. From Task Manager, locate and close every instance of RiotClientServices.exe and  LeageofLegends.exe.
  5. When you are sure that all is closed, load the client once again and attempt to log in.
  6. If you still get the there was an unexpected error with the login session League of Legends message, repeat the steps again, but on step 4, also close the KillerServiceNetwork.exe program.

Riot Games, the developer of League of Legends proffered the second solution to clear the there was an unexpected error with the login session League of Legends issue.

Try the first solution, and if it doesn’t help clear the error, then use the official method. Let me know in the comments which solution worked for you.

FAQ: Learn more about League of Legends

  • Is League of Legends dying?

At the moment of writing this article, League of Legends is certainly not dying. In fact, it is more popular than ever thanks to constant content updates.

  • Is League of Legends free?

Yes, League of Legends is completely free, and the only things you need to pay for are cosmetic items or things that will boost your leveling, but nothing that actually influences gameplay.

  • Why is League of Legends so popular?

League of Legends maintains its popularity thanks to the constant content updates, in-game events, as well as its prevalent presence in the E-Sports environment.